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    Cereals 2021 WILL go ahead

    Written by Charlotte Cunningham The organisers of the Cereals Event have confirmed this year’s event will go ahead – in the flesh – as lockdown restrictions in England continue to be relaxed. Charlotte Cunningham reports. After more than a year of online events, Cereals 2021 will be ditching...
  2. F

    Secondhand Toyota Landcruiser buying.

    Been looking at Landcruisers to replace a TD5 Disco who’s chassis is having to be welded up again. Swayed towards a 100 series 4.2 diesel owing to its higher 3.5 ton towing capacity, are these a good buy and is there anything to be careful of, mindful these are now approaching 20 years old?
  3. Foregoneconclusion

    Changing my Puma. For 140 hp with Loader recommendations!

    As title says. Its time to change out to fresher machine and would like to get a tractor with a loader. My puma is my front line tractor doing anything from trailer work through to primary and seconday cultivation and grass seeding. So don't want a big lump of a machine but would like to try...
  4. Chae1

    What van, farm vehicle?

    Had a 08 fiesta van up till now. It failed its Mot due to knackered steering rack, so looking for a replacement. It's just basically a farm runaround, to go for spares. Or If working away from home will leave tractors and take it home. Staff member gets it home in summer when doesn't have...
  5. icanshootwell

    Ring dealer again or "feck em"

    Getting prices for trailers, was only interested in a couple of brands, both sold close by. Got one price which seems a little higher than i would like, so though i would try another dealer who i did purchase a machine off last year. Rang Wednesday morning, spoke to girl on phone, chap you want...
  6. M

    New Defender Commercial

    Am I missing something? I’ve specced a Defender commercial S with the stuff you really want in a car, and to match the spec of a Wildtrack Ranger. Tow bar, metallic paint, mudflaps, 3 seats in the front, alloy wheels. And that’s about it, not gone too mad with it. It’s come out at £62,000+VAT...
  7. B

    Hilux 2.8 2021, has anyone got one yet?

    Sorry this is another pickup thread! Being unwilling to replace my Navara with another due to really poor service and back up from both the Nissan dealers I have tried added to the fact that they will soon not be available I am looking at alternatives. Went and looked at the new Isuzu and drove...
  8. K

    Jimny Conversion - Anyone done one?

    Anyone done a suzuki jimny conversion to a pick up themselves. Thinking of doing one, anyone got any pictures, hints, tips etc. The good, bad and the ugly please!!! Also anything to avoid when buying a suitable jimny to convert ?
  9. reboot

    Isuzu d-max 2.5.

    What are peoples opinions. Reliability, easy to service, mpg etc etc
  10. Henery

    Anyone swapped a 3.2 Ranger fora biturbo 10 speed?

    At risk of starting a Pickup debate ...... as the title says, is the 2 litre 10 speed a step forward?
  11. N

    Another what livestock trailer to buy!

    Ok I know Gamic or Houghton are the best,can't wait for a Gamic and can't afford a Houghton,what's the best 3 axle wheels outside trailer (must have sheep decks) that's strong and most importantly got the best loading system for sheep?will be used for both cattle and sheep.tia.
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    Isuzu Trooper Duty LWB 2999cc diesel

    Isuzu Trooper Duty LWB 2999cc diesel Advert added by: Colin Bayles @[email protected] Machinery Details Category: Farm Vehicles 4x4 Vehicles Price: £1750 Condition: Used Description For sale in East Herts - Blue - 111,000 miles - One lady owner /driver...
  13. S

    Towing vehicles

    Just wondering if I should swap my defender 90 for a better towing truck the 90 is wobbly when towing cattle trailer was thinking maybe buy a defender 110 utility or go for a pickup maybe Toyota or Mitsubishi any advice
  14. Clive

    Canno. Pick-up

    A Rivan electric pickup alternative?
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    Cereals 2021 changes date in line with lockdown exit roadmap

    Written by William Kellett The Cereals Event has moved to June 30 – July 1 to accommodate the maximum number of visitors and exhibitors following the government’s announcement of its lockdown exit strategy. The Cereals Event is the key occasion in the UK arable calendar. Visitors get the...
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    Cereals put back to end of June

    Written by John Swire The Cereals Event has moved to 30 June – 1 July to accommodate the maximum number of visitors and exhibitors following the Government’s announcement of its lockdown exit strategy. After extensive consultation with both exhibitors and visitors the event team decided it was...
  17. S

    Double cab/extended cab pickup

    Looking for something: - Less than 10-11 years old - Sub 90,000 miles - Good condition - Preferably Ford, Isuzu or Mitsubishi. - Sub £9k Cheers
  18. le bon paysan

    Goodbye Britannia!

    Boris Johnson- The Inveterate Liar.! The then French ambassador to the UK, Sylvie Bermann, with Boris Johnson in 2016. Boris Johnson is “an unrepentant and inveterate liar” who feels he is not subject to the same rules as others, Sylvie Bermann, the former French ambassador to the UK during...
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    Free early bird tickets on offer for Cereals 2021

    Written by William Kellett Cereals 2021 is offering free early bird tickets for visitors who register before the end of March, enabling people to finally look forward to a physical event. “Times are uncertain, and we wanted to provide farmers with a no-risk way to put the event in the diary...
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    Cereals offering free early bird tickets

    Written by Lydia Turner Cereals 2021 is offering free early bird tickets to those who register before the end of March, in the hope of enabling people to look forward to a physical event. Event organiser, Alli McEntryre, explained the reasoning behind the free tickets: “Times are uncertain...