1. Classichay

    Ifor Williams trailer reverse lights

    Bought a new trailer and with it being an 18fter, i find its a pain in the arse in the dark with the standard Ifor lights behind the pickup (on 7 pin plug still). if i were to fit some 48w (guessing a 3.5A draw each) LED worklight style generic chinese lights onto the fog light circuit whats...
  2. Cowabunga

    Mansel Davies haulier.

    Mansel Davies whose milk tankers haul the vast majority of milk produced in South Wales has lost its Operator's License, commencing February 2021. This is due to a well known breech of statutory truck maintenance standards for which they were prosecuted some time ago. The report below is...
  3. Cmoran

    2006/7 jcb 130 digger

    Been looking for a digger a jcb 130 has cropped up at that age are they sumitumo or full jcb. If full jcb are they reliable?
  4. MX7

    Disconnecting day light running lights on pickup?

    Would it be illegal to disconnect daylight running lights on a pickup? I only ask as day light running lights on a dark coloured pickup let trespassers,poachers, hare coursers and thieves know you are about ,there by allowing them all to scarper before one has a chance to creep up on them to ask...
  5. T


    Has anyone usee this? If so what are your experiences? Would you recommend it for farm vehicles, tractors, machinery?
  6. MX7

    Which Microphone, Amplifier etc, to fit in vehicle to ask cyclists to move over?

    Would it be very easy to wire up a microphone to an amplifier/ loudspeaker in the front of ones pickup/ tractor , so one can ask cyclists who insist on riding double breasted along country lanes , “to please pull over”.
  7. CPF

    The new Nissan Navarra for 2021

    Nissan has done a new facelift to the Navara came out yesterday coming to Europe shortly
  8. Selectamatic

    Which 4x4...?

    Yes, I know, yet another 4x4 thread... I don't know what to buy, any ideas folks...? What I would really like is Dad's Daihatsu Fourtrak, but a bit fresher... Requirements... 1) Needs to be able to tow 3000kg ish without slogging and making hard work of it. 2) Needs to be 4x4, not mud...
  9. B

    Rocker arm

    Any old 2.8 isuzu engine s around I need 3 push rods and a rocker arm if possible
  10. Dave W

    Dad needs a new truck

    Ideas please. dads always run a 2wd single cab pick up. Suits him perfectly. He's retired now but still "potters about". A year ago his Nissan suffered the chassis rot and was scrapped. I persuaded him that a little 4x4 was the way forward as he no longer needed the load space so bought a swb...
  11. Clive

    Turbo rebuild / reconditioning ?

    We have a oil seal leaking on a Fendt 724 turbo Only option by dealer is a new turbo which is ££££ Can anyone recommend a turbo reconditioning company tat maybe able to help fitting new seals and bearing etc ? I "think" these turbo are variable geometry so will need to be someone who can...
  12. jamesy89

    New pick up deal

    Has anyone bought a brand new pick up very recently and would be kind enough to share what deal you managed to get? I’m not an nfu or any other buying group member. I’m particularly interested in the hilux invincible x and the navara n guard. Thanks.
  13. A

    Question for mechanics

    If you are fitting a manifold and a new turbo do you use new bolts or reuse the old ones, a good mechanic I know will only use the proper new bolts , says the old ones can be pulled and might not stay tight.
  14. Clive

    Guess the parts price thread ?

    A thread to guess the shocking price some manufacturers charge for parts !
  15. E

    Budget pickup £7k an under

    I know this has been done to death but son would like to change his Freelander for a pickup with a limited budget. Ideally a dual cab with canopy. Which if any are to be avoided and would an older say 10/12 year auto with 150k miles be a possibility. Thanks . ps I i were nearer I would get...
  16. Agriland RSS

    New McCormick dealer for east England

    Written by William Kellett Mark Weatherhead Ltd has been appointed by McCormick Tractors UK & Ireland to fill one of the few remaining gaps in its UK dealer network, covering the Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire area from the dealership’s Hardwick premises near Cambridge. The...
  17. 5

    Where to buy a decent used Isuzu D max???

    Struggling to find a decent used Isuzu D max blade anywhere in the north of England / south Scotland. Anyone know any dealers worth contacting or keeping an eye on? Cheers
  18. D

    vehicle purchase, is my thinking old fashioned and out of date.

    All of my life i have bought my new cars vans pickups either out right or as they have become more expensive hire purchase to own them after 3 to 4 years and we then generally run them for another 6 to 7 years some times even longer, we maintain and look after them well, usually by ourselves. We...
  19. jacobl741

    Best seat covers

    What do people find the best seat covers for their pick ups? For a dmax and would prefer to be leather
  20. Rob_AD

    Disco commerical converted?

    Seeing a few Disco 4 Commercials which have been converted to full interiors online. Are there any downsides to buying one; are they lower bhp? Do they need a psv rather than an mot? Do they have any insurance issues? Obvs the reason I am looking, is they are priced cheaper than an equivalent HSE!!