1. J

    Jcb parts for sale

    Hi Guys, thought this might be a better place to list some spare jcb parts that I’ve collected over time. If anyone’s interested I’ve got a 2nd hand vansco hyd ecu (long pin version) for a tier 4 load all onwards would just need re programming to current machine type. Part number 728/D2287...
  2. A

    Fastrac 155 won’t engage properly

    I have a 1996 fastrac 155 when you engage the shuttle to either forward or reverse in all gears it won’t engage properly will roll forward/reverse but when you rev it doesn’t speed up ,any ideas what could be the problem Thanks
  3. W

    Need help for JCB Telehandler fault codes.

    Good Day All. I Have JCB Telehandler 540-170 2014 year of manufacture fault code keeps coming up. P1104-00 P1106-00 P1108-00 P110A-00 B154A-68 can anyone please help me to solve the faults? Thanks for your help.
  4. dunkel

    Searching for JCB 4c info!

    Hello everybody! I try to find some info and details about my JCB 4c backhoe (1960's). Any idea where to find details or where I could ask more? All ideas welcome! Thanks in advance!
  5. T

    experience of New Manitou Telehandelers

    Close to buying a new Manitou 630 105 but would like to hear some experiences with them as I’ve heard very mixed reviews on reliability? Also Pricing, Kramer, New Holland and Massey, but liked the Manitou the best
  6. D

    JCB 1CX 2002 alternator not charging

    Hi everyone! I recently replaced the alternaton in my JCB 1CX, but it doesn't seem to be working. I may messed up some of the cables, does anyone have a manual or a picture how the cables should be plugged? They're all are yellow and there are 3 digit numbers on them.
  7. R

    Old JCB hydraulic valves / pipes replacement

    As you can see from the photos, I have a very old JCB, It's still incredibly useful and goes pretty well considering it's older than me! There's some leakage from some of the connectors at the back that feed the hydraulics to the arm. Has anyone have any experience of replacing or purchasing...
  8. Gemma@Gritting

    Snow Clearance

  9. D

    JCB160 _ electrical ghost problem

    Hi All, hope everyone is doing well. I wonder if I can find wisdom here to solve mystery in my JCB160. One day all lights on the dash turned up at the start, all of them and buzzer accompanied. As I turned the ignition off and repeat, same comes on. If I start the machine, it works as it should...
  10. Gemma@Gritting

    Winter Services Required!

    Snow Clearance Services required for Winter 2019-2020 Season! Contact [email protected] for further information.
  11. biggazzagti

    JCB 536-60 service light

    hello, we have a jcb 536-60 agri super 2017 tier 4, currently conducted a service on it and i dont know how to get rid of the service light! An suggestions?
  12. Gemma@Gritting

    Snow Clearance Providers

    Anyone offering a Snow Clearance Service? Looking for operated plant such as ploughs JCB's or similar. We may not have experienced much snow this Winter Season in comparison to last Winter, however we are always seeking extra Snow Clearance provisions for our database. Nationwide Winter...
  13. J

    JCB Mini Digger Engine Problems (Perkins 103.10)

    Hi All; I have a JCB Mini Digger (JCB 801.4) running a Perkins 103.10 Engine. All was running fine until one day when we went to turn the engine over, a spark sound was heard, all the lights on the panel went out, and the engine failed to start. After a further 4/5 attempts the engine started...
  14. B

    Jcb 145/ 80kmh gear box

    Looking for the rhs panels for a jcb 145 cab asap
  15. B

    What to replace a Merlo 32.6 plus with?

    As per title I’ve had the Merlo for 3 years and it’s been quite a unreliable machine with many breakdowns and replacements and has now developed a electrical problem. I picked the Merlo because it was the most compact machine for the lift. I am now looking for a seven metre machine but has to...
  16. G

    Jcb 541 Agripro

    We have 2 year old jcb 541agripro. We have found it to be very noisy and unpleasant to drive for long periods of time. Moving around yard requires huge revs(in red) movement at slow speeds (attaching a bucket etc) is jerky. Has anyone else any views on this? Top spec machine but am struggling ....
  17. F

    Fastrac engine conversion

    Has anyone fitted a cummins 6bt in to a fastrac 155 how hard of a job is it?
  18. F


    Anyone with a 13 to 20 ton excavator for sale. For farm use
  19. 2

    JCB 528 transmission

    hi, my recently purchased 528s makes a loud noise when it is freewheeling at high speed. Sounds to me like a bearing or differential problem. Just wondered if anyone else has had any problems similar to mine or if someone had any ideas what it might be. Hopefully it is not going to cost me a...
  20. C

    JCB 2cx gearbox problem

    I have chance of a 2cx at the right money but it has a gearbox fault. As soon as you start the engine it wants to go in reverse. Moving the shuttle lever forwards or backwards makes no difference it is also dropping oil onto the floor. Does anyone have any ideas what the problem with it might...

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