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  1. DanielF

    John Deere R Series Cab

    So i just bought a nearly new 6145r with autopower. First venture into vario tractors but was wanting to see what ways people have mounted control boxes and phones etc into their cabs? Is it easier to just get a bracket from the dealer and put everything on that?
  2. F

    John Deere 342 Knotter Issue

    Hello all, We have recently been trying to get a JD 342 working that has been laying in a shed for 20+ years. Most things seem to be going well, however she can be quite temperamental when it comes to tying knots. It will tie them most of the time but every now and then it will get a knot...
  3. 6

    John Deere 3050 Front Linkage

    I bought a John Deere 3050 a few months ago and it came with the remains of a front linkage, no arms and rams to be found. As seen from the attached pictures, the front linkage was bolted to the side rails, as far back as the two battery boxes. Does anyone know what brand it may be or who...
  4. E

    John deere 6410 tie rod end

    Hi there, replaced a tie rod end on my jd 6410p. Wheel alignment etc ok but the shaft that the lock nut goes onto in the hub keeps coming loose and causing play in the front wheel. Have the tractor jacked up and prying the tie rod end down into the hub and buzzing nut up with gun, seems to be...
  5. L

    ‘07 JD 6930 (name the part)

    ‘07 Jd6930 premium Scottish Borders Pick up hitch bit has bent. now can’t quite lift high enough to lock/unlock and click into place. ive had it welded before I’m looking to price up the part.. but don’t know what to call it. Any
  6. E

    John deere 6410 electrical issues

    Hi there, recently bought a 6410 premium 1999. Since i got it the left hand indicator has always came on with the sidelight and stays on with them no blinks. Now the sidelights and indicator have started coming on sometimes with the brakelght and now come on everytime the brake is applied. Have...
  7. T

    6310SE/6410SE vs 6310/6410 premium

    I’ve got a John Deere 6410SE which I’m putting a loader on in the coming weeks. Was curious as to whether the left side bonnet exhaust can be converted to a right side cab pillar exhaust like the one on the premium model?
  8. T

    Loader to fit John Deere 6410

    Looking for a loader to fit a John Deere 6410 SE. Non-self levelling preferred. Brand not important. Brackets and controls to fit would be ideal. West of Scotland.
  9. F

    John Deere 6620

    Hello, I’ve bought a John Deere 6620 premium tractor. It’s the first JD we have owned and the buttons/lights are not what we’re used too and wondered if anyone had any snapshots of the manual showing what all the buttons/lights are for? Appreciate any help with this
  10. H

    Gen 4 JD GPS Painting where driven

    Hi I just wonder if it is possible to make the screen paint where u have driven without activete the "GPS-line"? Example if i drive on the turntable and dont want to record it with GPS can i still make i painted in yellow? //Lasse (New owner of a SF 3000)
  11. coxrb13

    Rtk subscription

    Good evening all I’ve been using gps on tractors for just over a year now so I’ve got the gist of it now but I’m looking a purchasing either a jd 6215r or massey 8s.225 and was wondering how much rtk subscriptions are as a rough guide Many thanks
  12. 6

    R24 equivalent to 13.6 R28

    Hi all, I'm after buying a 3050 John deere. It has the original width rubber still on it - 13.6 R28 on front (340/85 R28) and 18.4 R38 (460/85 R38) on the rear. I would like to put wider rubber on both the front and the back. I was thinking of 600/65/38s on the rear. Looking at the attached...
  13. M

    Tractor wanted.

    Evening, Im looking for a tractor. Preferably a massey, but would consider anything. Ideally needs to be between 80 and 100hp 4wd , 40k , with a loader A left hand shuttle preferred Would prefere tidy with good history than low hours Doesn't need to do much in the way of work, only have 50...
  14. farmflix

    FarmFLiX - John Deere 7810

    John's new 7810 has finally arrived and he already has a job for it! It's time to see what the new machine is made of. Want to know more about John McClean? Subscribe to our Youtube channel to follow behind the scenes with the founder of FarmFLiX
  15. jpn

    John Deere 6175 premium radio Bluetooth disconnects

    We've got a 2019 6175r with the 4600 display and premium radio. 2 or 3 times a day during use the Bluetooth disconnects and it switches back to the radio, it doesn't say 'bluetooth disconnected' it just jumps over to the radio and won't automatically reconnect as if it briefly loses power?? I...
  16. UTV Products

    LED lights for John Deere R series

    UTV Products LED lighting UTV359 60w 4500 lumen John Deere R series LED worklights: These lights produce over twice the effective lumen output of the OEM John...
  17. L

    John Deere 6310

    Hi, just wondering if someone can help me, my front left wheel hub is leaking oil and I’m wondering is there much trouble in replacing the seal. Thanks
  18. H

    Installing a turbo on a John Deere 6520

    Hi all, I am considering installing a turbo on my 2002 JD 6520. My tractor is a 2 valve non-turbo with a mechanical injector pump. I am just looking for some knowledge on which turbo to use. What other parts would i need to change, Exhaust manifold?, ECU? etc. Would a turbo work with the...
  19. H

    John Deere 6910 PTO Gear Change

    Hi all, Recently purchased a John Deere 6910. There seems to be a problem when changing from 540 to 1000 in the PTO gears. The hand lever won’t move. The linkage going into the PTO housing will only move a few millimeters. It looks as if the PTO shaft has been changed recently. Any ideas on...
  20. Joe S

    Air brakes

    has anyone ever retro fitted air brakes to a older tractor? tractors in question would most likely be a 6000 series deere and a 50 series If so how did you go about doing it? Please don't bother being the person to say just go buy one with air brakes not really a option.