1. Boomerang

    When will everything stop going up ?.

    Are we heading for recession? House price crash? Where is the ceiling? or does everyone have a bottom less pocket ? Or just keep borrowing. Is financial armageddon around the corner ?
  2. Dave W

    Would you buy HVO diesel

    If it was the same price as regular. I've never figured out the point of HVO as it was always 20-30p dearer. But now it's virtually the same price. Considering giving it a go for a few weeks and see if mpg figures alter
  3. Lazy Sod

    Kero or Imersion Heater for Summer Hot Water

    When I was at the farm, I had an oil fired AGA which also provided the hot water and a separate oil boiler just for the central heating. We did have an imersion heater, but only used it if the AGA was turned off during very hot weather. When I bought my current house, I had it refurbished...
  4. Hereward

    500t grain store, current cost

    What will a 500t grain store cost now, erected, including concrete floor, panels, roller shutter doors etc. £60k?
  5. AHDB Cereals and Oilseeds

    Don’t let your profits dry out

    Don’t let your profits dry out We are facing a high price but high-cost climate currently, which we discussed in our recent Spring Grain Market Outlook. The inputs into making your crop saleable (such as the cost of drying) should not be overlooked. Gas oil and kerosene prices have risen...
  6. stroller

    Getting dry

    Anyone else think it's getting a bit dry? No rain for weeks, ground cracking, and no rain forecast.
  7. Clive

    Time to help yourself ! Tell us what you need ?

    I think most TFF users more than understand the levels of financial pressure we are likely to experience next season. Inputs prices are rising seemingly daily and the margins some suppliers have come to expect are no longer sustainable. Loads of threads over the years here have suggested...
  8. JP1

    Diesel's getting scarce

    Very noticeable in my local area just how many garages are out of diesel Same situation when out in the midlands today. Can't remember the last time I saw many forecourts either closed or diesel pumps covered
  9. PSQ

    New wood burning boiler stoves banned.

    Chased up a quote from a stove installer, to be informed that they can no longer install solid fuel ’boiler stoves’, as the government has yet to clarify the details of the European ‘EcoDesign Lot 20’ regulations. I rang the Arada Stoves factory and they confirmed that it is not possible to...
  10. Agriland RSS

    Gardaí detect smuggled kerosene and green diesel in rural crime sting

    Written by Stella Meehan from Agriland Working as part of the Joint Agency Task Force (JATF), An Garda Síochána conducted a number of operations along border counties with the aim of tackling rural crime. The high visibility operation took place on both sides of the border involving close...
  11. C

    Hvo fuel

    Is anyone using the hvo fuel?
  12. daveydiesel1

    Electric cars long term owners

    Any1 been runnin a ev for 7+years? Did u have any battery problems and is a full charge not doin as many miles as when it was new? Also how many kw does it require to fully charge it and what miles is that gettin you?
  13. MRT


    Really struggling to get fuel delivered West Wales. Promised oil and diesel weeks ago, never turned up. Spoke to managers etc who assured me it would be the next day etc. No show. Certas don't answer the phones at the St Clears branch which is the one I am meant to select. Who do you use?
  14. Farmdeals

    Check Your Tanks

    Are your tanks getting low ? Check your farm fuel & kerosene prices at Farmdeals today. See prices change and make your decision on when to buy. is free to join and requires no commitment. Powered by The Farming Forum & FutureFarm #farming #workinghard #inittogether
  15. P

    hydrotreated vegetable oil for boiler

    Has anyone converted their heating boiler from keosene to HVO, am looking for ways to reduce pollution without massive cost increase.
  16. S

    Renovation or new build

    Farmhouse is needing a bit of work. New roof, windows and probably strip the lath and plaster off and stud and insulate. Can be very cold. Or knock down and build a new timber frame. Comfort and warmth in my mind comes before architectural features and looks. Has anyone done this or has...
  17. Turnip

    Cleaning a chain, what products to use???

    So with my tractor as a package deal came a 3 point pallet lifter which work s great except for this single thing: it has trouble lowering fully when there is little to no weight on the forks. My bulk standing on the forks and reaching into the cab to move the hydraulic lever usually helps. From...
  18. Jerry

    Can air or ground source heat pumps work in old buildings?

    As above…. House is old, 1800’s. House is listed House is big, 7 double beds plus 5 reception rooms and kitchen. No double glazing but roofs completely redone in the last 2 years and plenty of insulation in roof space. House is stone built that are thick walls Current heating is oil, ans...
  19. melted welly

    Storm Arwen vs Net Zero…..nature vs arrogance??

    Our power has been out since 5pm Friday, estimated that will be back by 6pm tonight, but not holding our breath, there’s a lot of damage. Our house is old, draughty, inefficient insulation, single glazed windows, heated by a mixture of oil and wood. Everything about it is a black mark...
  20. S

    Anyone thinking of installing heat exchange pump for central heating...think again

    First this may not be correct section to put this but I am sure no one will object... a month ago our oil fired boiler was removed along with all the radiators and was replaced with heat exchange pump and efficient radiators solar panels were also fitted.. to cut a long story short Our...