1. J

    Which tedder

    In the market for a 30ft Tedder atm what do folk get on with best krone and class dealers aren’t far away Kuhn and malone wouldn’t be that much further has Massey/Fent started making Lely ones again. Thanks
  2. S

    SPFH Acres Per Hour

    SPFH Acres Per Hour Just wondering how many acres people are getting done per hour and with what machine.
  3. J

    mower conditioners pros and cons

    thinking of changing my 8ft kuhn mower conditioner for a9ft or 10ft one. any thoughts on sizes and makes.
  4. Speedstar

    How long should a machine last

    I was talking with a guy today & he was telling of a problem he has with a new machine,He bought a new machine in 2015 , full dealer service history record to date on it & it is now needing a complete new engine & has only done 2500 hours, the machine is out of warranty now & the manufacturer...
  5. rusty

    Triple Mowers

    I am looking for users experiences of triple mower conditioners. local dealers to me cover Class, Pottinger, SIP and John Deere. I have a 3.2m Lely front that I intend to keep and will be PX'ing a Lely 3.2 M mounted and a 3.2m Lely trailed or selling privately depending on what I am offered for...
  6. Will 1594

    Operation game

    @yellowbelly found a donor at Dave A at scawby Get fire going and have a day or two swapping bits . then weld all worn shafts into gears. Put it back together and sell donor as good runner 🤦‍♂️In Cheffins
  7. Danllan

    'Modern' Heston weights (barley straw)

    I've not had anything to do with large square bales for a long time. Last time I bought some they were, from memory, around the 500kg mark. I'll be getting some in the New Year, so had a chat with a friend last night about price etc. and, when I said it was a bit steep, I discovered my current...
  8. D

    Vacuum Silage

    Are there any livestock farmers still making Vacuum Compressed Silage? It is a system that produces very high quality grass silage and used to be used in the 1960's and 1970's, but I may have been the last to use it in the UK when I retired in 2002.
  9. D

    What size mower for Massey 3070

    Hi all, Looking at upgrading my old two drum mower for a wider disc mower to be able to cover more ground (Krone Activemow or similar) What sort of size would folks recommend behind a Massey 3070? Not wanting to stress it too much, don't want to break the rear casing/cross arms at all! Was...
  10. steveR

    Will a disc mower cut and leave a long stubble?

    Something of a long title, but needed to get it right :) I am going to have fair few ha of herbal leys in two years time with a % being cut for conservation every year, probs as wrapped haylage for cattle. All the guidance seems to say leaving a long stubble is paramount to preserve the...
  11. P

    Krone Hay Tedder

    4 rotor Krone Hay Tedder wanted. Postal Code CO9
  12. will_mck

    Moving Small Square bales

    I usually make 15000 square bales of straw at harvest time and it's pretty slow and stressful, next year I'm hoping to make 20000 and can't think how to speed things up much more without forking out £40k+ for a second hand balepacker. There's only 3 of us, one man on the baler and flat 8 sledge...
  13. bobk

    French ban all winter skiing

    Won't bother me
  14. Rick.banks

    Mchale f5500 or kuhn fb3130?

    Anybody any experience with both? On paper very similar balers, kuhn works out less with a drawbar on for the wrapper and mchale don't make a drawbar any more [emoji85]
  15. C

    Which Tedder

    Hi I am looking to get a Tedder in the offseason. I saw an add on Done Deal for a Lely Lotus Stabilo 520 I think (could be 600 4 rotor) and I was just wondering if they are any good. I would only be doing about 25 acres a year and I’m not sure is it worth it to but a new malone for €8,900. Can...
  16. Horn&corn

    Used 4 rotor rake

    Looking for a tidy 4 rotor rake this winter. £10-15k budget any suggestions On what to look out for or avoid? Anyone looking to move one on?
  17. H


    Looking at replacing our 6 star krone Tedder, a 7.82 i believe. we’ve had it 20 years, served us very well with little problems. We’ve recently moved from a 8ft cut to a 10ft and it doesn’t cover the swath as well or make as tidy finish. We’re looking for a newer, wider machine that would cover...
  18. J

    What size rake?!?

    What are people best size rake to go in front of a forage wagon and a round baler. We do all sorts of cuts from a multi cut system to a one big cut. Just like to know how what they use thank you
  19. S

    Big square baler

    Looking for a used 120x70 big square bale, I have been offered a Massey Ferguson or a New Holland which one would be the best to go for?
  20. M

    Hours versus wear and tear

    Hi , I've been an looked at a massey 6265 today 13000 hours. Very tidy unit but the high hours worry me. I am on a budget of 18k and the the smaller units I've looked at so for that price have been abused and I think that worries me more. What do folks think about high hours versus high abuse?