1. I

    Teagle flail topper

    Hi, I was wondering what people's opinion was on Teagle flail toppers. I was thinking of either the TBM or maybe even the heavier duty TBM/S. It will be mainly topping grassland behind the cattle. But I would also have some marshland with reeds and similar thicker growth. Ive used a Kuhn...
  2. Farm Classifieds

    Kuhn GF8712

    Kuhn GF8712 Advert added by: Farol Ltd Machinery Details Category: Balers Wrapper Price: £11750 Condition: Used Description How to make contact with the Dealer Click here to read more about this listing and contact the dealer
  3. T

    Kuhn multi master 121

    Evening all. I have bought a Kuhn Multimaster 121.. Been out with it today which was an education!! The chap that owned it before me tried to use it as an on land plough so everything had been adjusted.. I’ve about got it somewhere near now, but something doesn’t seem quite right. In order to...
  4. zsnotdead

    Trailed Vs mounted mower

    What's the advantages/disadvantages of a mounted mower over a trailed, thinking of changing my trailed, mounted are cheaper,lighter weight but have they the same workmate,does a mounted have issues on the corners or just different .looking at a krone
  5. I

    Farmer moves parked car

    Well this went badly.
  6. James

    Front mower conditioner

    Can any of them spread the grass the full width like rear mowers can? And which use a spool to raise and lower and which use the linkage? May seem daft questions :banghead: but total front mower novice here Tia
  7. J

    Combination power Harrow seed drill

    Looking for modern Kuhn, amazone or Lemken 4 metre disc coulter combination drill. Must be v tidy. Pm please. Thanks
  8. snarling bee

    Bearing race loose in housing - ideas pls.

    We are changing all the bearings and seals in a Kuhn 6m power harrow splitter gearbox. One bearing race in the gearbox housing can be turned by hand, otherwise it is not loose, the old one was split. I'm not sure the old trick of centre punching the race is good enough for this job. Is there a...
  9. andybk

    New small drum mower ?

    Small farm here , been happy with our old PZ165 just one incident where we lost the saucer on a tree root , are all the new various copys , same design ie sealed gearbox bearings , removable cover (4 bolts ) or any to avoid for being cheaply made .thanks
  10. Smokey16

    New holland round baler

    Iv been and seen a new holland 548 round baler today whilst I was there the chap showed me a new holland 740a belt Baker what's people thoughts on them
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    Kuhn 153 varimaster

    Kuhn 153 varimaster Advert added by: HAMISH Millar @HAM135 Machinery Details Category: Tillage Ploughs Price: £10000 Condition: Good Description Kuhn 153 varimaster 2013 Auto reset Hyd variwidth Hyd front furrow Rear depth wheel Good working order How to...
  12. S

    Power Harrow - 3m

    Looking for a 3m power harrow with packer roller. Ideally Kuhn, Maschio or KRM but all makes considered. Sensible budget for a 15+ year old machine or thereabouts, but flexible for the right machine. Located in the South East but willing to travel for a good machine.
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    Kuhn extends large capacity diet feeder range

    Written by John Swire Kuhn Farm Machinery has extended its range of diet feeders with cross-conveyor feeding with the addition of triple vertical auger models. The Euromix 3 CL series includes four models with hopper capacities of 28m3, 33m3, 39m3 and 45m3. The three vertical augers, along...
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    Kuhn cross conveyor feeder range extended

    Written by Justin Roberts Kuhn has increased its range of diet feeders capable of feeding to either side with a further four models. Known as the the Euromix 3 CL series, they have hopper capacities of 28, 33, 39 and 45 cubic metres. Each are equipped with three vertical augers, which, along...
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    DM000042 - Kuhn Axera H-EMC Fertiliser Spreader

    DM000042 - Kuhn Axera H-EMC Fertiliser Spreader Advert added by: Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd Machinery Details Category: Applicators Fertiliser spreader / broadcaster Price: £4000 Condition: Used Description Kuhn Axera H-EMC Fertiliser Spreader, Hydraulic...
  16. Manney

    Bigger rear moco or stick with smaller front/rear combo

    Bit of a mower dilemma. Currenlty run a 2.8m kuhn rear moco and an ancient 3m claas front moco on my Fendt 711 which is about 140hp on the shaft. Front mower has died as it has a large crack in the bed. This combination on the 711 works ok but is slow uphill and is on the limit in our usually...
  17. Greythundercloudys

    Vicon 235?

    Are these balers any good.?
  18. V

    Krone 32cv front

    Following in from my previous thread in a Kuhn front mower I have seen a good looking krone 32cv. Are they much good they don’t look like they have the same flexibility as a Kuhn , they look quite rigid . My fields are undulating in parts nothing major but not flat . Would make sense running a...
  19. fiat 9090

    whats the best 4 row tedder

    hi,im just wondering what is the best 4 row tedder fo tedding out heavy ten ft silage swards ,a sh one and 4000 of a budget and about 200 acres max over ten weeks 30 acres per day will be the max we will need its just a few of our customers have asked
  20. V

    Kuhn 313 front mower

    I’m thinking of going for a front mower it will be secondhand. Found a good looking Kuhn fc313. Any good or bad points to look out for ? Or should I look for different makes. Currently run a 10ft Krone mounted rear