1. holwellcourtfarm

    Hardtop for mk5 Toyota Hilux double cab wanted

    As per title, looking for a hard top for our 2004 Hilux double cab. Prefer Truckman type to alloy one but don't mind whether low-line or hi-line. Any useable condition considered, I'm happy to make my own tailgate if necessary.
  2. beardface

    Gamic trailer

    Anyone any pics or videos of there gic lifting deck in action? How many sheep can you get in a 14ft one?
  3. Tonka

    More money isn't always the answer - so how do you attract staff to work for you

    We all need them, we all want them to work for us. Huge amount of choice for anyone looking for a job with stock or land work. So what works for you - money is not a motivator. Joss Haynes, HAAC, 1980's. Please share your success stories, as majority of us are very poor man managers😉
  4. Phil P

    Best way of paying for a new Pickup

    Ok, so as of May next year some of our land will be in a Low Emition Zone as well as some of the local towns. The zone will actually start about a mile up the road so this means it will cost me around £9 every time I go that way in my old 2002 Ranger! I don’t really want to part with the old...
  5. ridger

    Land-rover discovery td5

    Asking for a uncle, what to replace it with? He dislikes having to put a pickup into 4wd to pull a trailer out the end of the road then try and get out of 4wd again, he likes the fact that the old discovery holds nearly a ton of meal and it's dry and low for throwing it in and pulling it out
  6. Stags Agri

    South West November Online Timed Sale of 50+ Tractors, Vehicles etc (850 Lots) - Closing on 5th December 2021

  7. MX7

    Mice chewing electric cables on “21 reg Volvo”!!

    I took a load of logs to a customer this evening, who has mice chewing cables in the engine compartment of his 21 reg Hybrid Volvo, which is used nearly every day. I was quite amazed when he told me the above.Has anyone heard of such a thing happening on a new vehicle, any suggestions what to...
  8. Dman2

    Ford ranger candle power

    Headlights on my 66 plate ranger are pathetic What`s best to replace them with?? Cheers
  9. B

    Best 4x4 pickup

    I'm looking for a replacement for my transit custom van. I would like a 4x4 pickup , it needs to be capable of towing a horse box catering trailer and will need to pull a 2.7 ton digger for my work also ! Budget will be around £14-15 K . I know they drink a bit of fuel but what be the most...
  10. Jim G

    Ford Ranger - Oil dilution

    Hi all, I was just after a few opinions regarding a problem I've got with my Ford Ranger. I feel like the dealer and Ford are taking the mick, but I aren't getting anywhere. It came up with a "Powertrain malfunction / reduced power" message in July, so took it to the dealer who said it needed...
  11. Boysground

    JD not up to standard

    I am very disappointed according to this nice letter from Transport for London my 6250R is not going to be clean enough for the ULEZ Mrs Bg was going to use it to go and see her dad. JD buck your ideas up…., Bg
  12. P

    Returning a pickup

    Ordered a new pickup dec 2020, arrived 30th June, electrical problem and air bag fault on way home from dealership. They came to collect the pickup after 3 or 4 calls, they wanted me to book the car in rather than come to collect it. They left me with a car not a pick-up and kept mine for 3 or 4...
  13. Farm Classifieds

    Mitsubishi l200 space cab 2006

    Mitsubishi l200 space cab 2006 Advert added by: Andrew Mason @Sosb79 Machinery Details Category: Farm Vehicles Pickups and Vans Price: £1800 Condition: Good Description Mitsubishi l200 space cab. 2006. 137000 miles. MOT until January. Mechanically sound...
  14. Greythundercloudys

    100 grand defender,

    Not a footballer, a landrover, there as ugly as sin anyway, only mule ewe lmb boys can afford that price.
  15. G

    DPF filter

    The DPF light has come on on my wagon dashboard still drives ok can you bl ow these filters out ive not a clue im useless with mechanics
  16. Nukemall

    Hilux 2013 3.0d died while driving

    As above, will turn over but won't fire. Have put more diesel in in case gauge is faulty. Any ideas, no symptoms before it died. Fuel pump in tank maybe?
  17. B

    Connix wireless lights problem.

    I have just purchased a set of connix wireless light for use on my scotpen race trailer but when use them on my 2016 ford ranger they work with just the brake lights fine but as soon as use indicators or side lights they start of ok then quickly start to flash rapidly. Truck is fine on the ivfor...
  18. H

    Stopping red fading

    Have what is supposed to be a red l200 2013. Didnt want a red car again after having one years ago but the price was right. Anyway last week was the second time I spent a whole day t cutting it to get rid of all the oxidised paint. I only had a bottle of the original turtle wax so I applied...
  19. michael N123

    No need for a trailer test anymore?

    Is this true or fake news
  20. Euan Byers

    Cattle trailer

    Looking to buy either a Nugent or indespension cattle trailer 12x6 twin axle. Pulling with a L200. It's only for cattle. Any thoughts on which is best?