1. Joseba

    Is this WMD?

    Healthy one month old lamb (14kg) started limping on one back leg a week ago. Thought it was a bad knock or possibly a fracture so bandaged it up with a splint. After a couple of days the foot had swollen and her temperature was 40.7C so took it to the vet. He sold us 6ml of anti-inflammatories...
  2. S

    Help! Lamb squatting multiple times.

    Hi, My lamb is now 2 weeks old and has been very healthy. I had to take care of her as her mother rejected her after birth. She and her brother have been fine however noticed she has been squatting multiple times and attempting to wee. Small amounts come out but not a proper wee then she tries...
  3. OaksBarnFarm

    British Lamb

    When you help bring lamb into the world, see it take its first breath look after its welfare every day take it to the abattoir, eat it in the knowledge that it had the best life in your care, then you are qualified to make comments on the meat industry.
  4. Loadabullocks

    POLL... Is there money in livestock farming?

    Select all that apply
  5. K

    Pasteurella Pneumonia in lambs

    Lost a third lamb suddenly with no signs yesterday, 11 weeks old and was fine the night before. This is the third one I've found in the last 3 weeks, got a post mortem done and got concluded that it was pasteurella pneumonia that caused the death, so guessing the other 2 had been the same. Lambs...
  6. E

    ORF in lambs treatment

    Hi guys I have a orf brake out in my lambs , going to treat them with a old fashioned method of a formalin solution but not sure on the ratio can any one help ??
  7. L

    green crust around lamb rams eye?

    Hi everyone, I have a lamb ram who is 8 months old and in the cold weather he gets a bit bright green eye crust around his eye. Kind of like what a human would get if they had a load of green sleep around their eyes. Anyone know what it is? it usually only lasts a day and goes away by the...
  8. E

    Ram advice

    I have 1000 Romney ewes down on the Kent marshes , currently the 230 replacement tegs go to a Southdown ram for easy lambing and the ewes go to a Romney ram but we seem to be 5kg short each year off the lambs . Any suggestions on a different ram to improve lamb weight? Bearing in mind must be...
  9. B

    Calling all sheep farmers!

    To all sheep farmers!! I am a Harper Adams student and for my research project, I am looking at the factors which affect farmer adoption of precision livestock farming within the sheep sector! All responses are anonymous and opinions and sharing of experiences would be greatly appreciated! It...
  10. T

    Farmers interaction with their vet in the South West

    Good Morning, I am still looking for quite a few responses from farmers in the South West of England. I am looking at the interaction between sheep farmers and vets, and what the primary reasons are for using a vet and how the level of communication has changed, suggested strategies to improve...
  11. Ellie@Rumenco

    Optimise your lambing routine

    With rising feed costs this season and a challenging economic environment, profitability is more important than ever. Lamb mortality has a massive impact on the season’s performance. As 10-25% of lamb deaths occur within the first 48 hours of life, attention after birth is vital and improving...
  12. Ellie@Rumenco

    Lamb Colostrum Management

    If preparing for lambing isn’t challenging enough, this year’s weather and the impact on feed and fodder costs means good productivity and therefore profitability is more significant than ever. It all starts with a successful and healthy lambing and ensuring that a new-born lamb gets a...
  13. L

    Using BFL Tups

    Hello everyone! Totally new to this but I was looking for other people’s ideas, thoughts and past experiences I have been offered the chance to use 3 pure bred BFL tups for this years lambing I mainly have 3/4 Suffolk, 3/4 Texels and Mules. I was going to use Suffolk or Lleyn tups...
  14. L

    Selling Lamb Fat

    Lamb fat for sale around Yorkshire area. Contact number : 0746 682 9539.
  15. H

    Terminal Sire

    What would people suggest as a terminal sire on a Lleyn? Most likely to be sold live.
  16. Dan Ai

    Market Trends in UK Farming by Danai Data

    Danai data, specialise in data science in farming, healthcare, facilities management and more. Our mission is to bring together human knowledge and data science to achieve sustainable farming (Improve profit margins up to 30%). We are running a series of analytics to share knowledge about the...
  17. bijousheep

    First Lambs Taken to Slaughter

    So I've always loved animals and I got my first orphan lambs 3 years ago and they have grown into a flock of 12 sheep which I'm very proud of. But... this year we had our first lambs that we'd bred ourselves and today we took three of them off to Slaughter. I was dreading it anyway but I didn't...
  18. Wicks

    What might be wrong with my lamb?

    I have a lamb, who has never done any good (he is thin and daydreams), but just recently started scouring badly, so wormed him, gave him some Imodium and a vit and min drench, kept him in so he could just eat hay and he dried up. A few days later turned him out onto some poorer grazing, and he...
  19. Beer

    Looking For Work Farm hand, to increase and grow existing knowledge and experience

  20. RosieHarperAdams

    Dissertation Help - Welsh lamb

    Hello, If you have any involvement with the Welsh lamb industry i would really appreciate it if you could spare 5 minutes and complete this questionnaire for my dissertation! All opinions are more than welcome! All results are completely confidential so please feel free to be as honest as...