1. Jerry

    Tupping-rate ewes go on

    Probably not, but is there any correlation between rates ewes go to the ram and scanning levels? Only ask as ewes went to rams on Thursday pm and 20% already marked. Going to be a busy start to lambing!!
  2. T

    Which mule is best?

    NCM vs welsh mule vs scotch mule. Are they all fairly similar or is one particularly better?
  3. Macsky

    Best oil for raddle?

    As above, what’s best to mix with raddle powder? Used olive oil last year and looking at the tups a week later I was really questioning whether I had done it at all, not a trace left.
  4. I

    Teaser ram

    Never used 1 before scanning is good just wanting lambing over quicker only got 70ewes. Looking at putting rams out on 6th November been told 2 put him 14days before the rams. Other people saying put him asap and take him out 10 to 7days before rams go in. Any advice Thanks
  5. Exfarmer

    Applicants for an unadvertised job

    Would you consider an application for a job on an intensive livestock farm, from an email out of the blue?
  6. E

    Farming family's anguish as 220 lambs taken by sea eagles
  7. R

    Rapi injector and sheep

    Wondering how people manage subcutaneous injections using rapid injectors on sheep? Most injections seem to be required under the skin. Even with my newly built race it is a real challenge to hold a ewes head (as they know what is about to happen), lift the skin on the neck, and inject with the...
  8. J

    Winter Sheep Grazing

    What is the current price for winter clean lowland grazing for lambs or ewes please?
  9. spark_28

    beltex x texel onto mule ewes

    Yes or no. Would some of the lambs end up being slightly on the smaller side come August/September to be sold live Been having a debate with a friend of mine, his lambs off a texel were more than good and ready to go in August, I’m not sure he will achieve anything by putting the beltex in...
  10. A

    Going to have a Swale of a time! (I hope)

    So, rightly or wrongly, I've bought (well on behalf of my boss) 195 Swale ewes to replace a portion of my NCC flock. Gathered up next to the loading banks at Kendal yesterday. Had a grand day down south, prices up about £20 on the year but managed to get some that I liked for for an average of...
  11. D

    Clements offering £30 per hour for field workers

    Looked up the Clements website & they are offering upto £30 per hour if piece rate can be acheived. As a small veg grower, I may as well plough mine in and apply. For the long term sucess of my business I shall harvest my own. We are having a decent year, but no way acheiving prices to be...
  12. Jockers84

    NZ Romney over mule x tex & suffolk ewe lambs? Yae or nae?

    Hi as per the title, would a NZ Romney tup lamb be an easy lamber over Scottish mule x tex or suffolk ewe lambs? My other option is a few char x beltex tup lambs. From experience what’s the best tup to put over these. All +50kg atm. My current beltex is reserved for charollais ewes, possibly...
  13. Agriland RSS

    ‘Don’t let worms hinder the fertility of ewe lambs ahead of breeding’

    Written by Michael Geary from Agriland Independent UK sheep consultant Dr. Liz Genever is warning of poor conception rates in ewe lambs this autumn if worms are not monitored and managed correctly, after 2020 data revealed the highest yearly worm egg counts were in October and November...
  14. K

    New Honda bike delay!

    Hi, I’ve been waiting on a new Honda 420 fm2 for about 2 months and nobody I speak to can tell me when It’s going to arrive!! My bike just now is needing tyres and serviced but I’m not really wanting to spend any money on it. Just wondering if anyone else can shed any light on what happening or...
  15. T

    indespension livestock trailers

    looking for a new 3500 kg cattle trailer has anyone got one of these, what are your thoughts
  16. P

    problem with an Electric Fence

    Hi. I've been using an electric fence for many decades with out any significant problems. Using 240 volt PEL with 2.5mm high tensile wire for about 1.5 Kilometers. Recently my new neighbour installed an electric fence on our boundary using good quality standoffs and connectors. However he has...
  17. Massey675

    A sheep enterprise partnership?

    Hi all… So I have about 130 acres of grass all pretty decent fenced no running water but I deal with that Now it’s not mowable accept from a few acres that happens to be mowable now does anyone know how to go about striking up some kind of partnership? Maybe; where a farmer supplies xxxx...
  18. Buffalo

    Tru-test stick reader

    Tru-test srs2 stick eid reader, it’s all as new comes with everything and still in the original box. Only selling as I’m changing my recording system, bought new in March and only used for 1 lambing
  19. P

    16 year old on phone constantly!!

    Looking for advice as got 16 year old lad coming 2 days a week as part of agricultural course. But he is constantly on his phone!! No interest in in learning the basics. He is quite good and careful tractor driving,we were both carting straw the other day through our local town which is very...
  20. Brid @ ADAS

    Mating sheep on red clover swards field lab

    We're investigating if grazing ewes on grass leys containing red clover affects their fertility as part of a new field lab with Innovative Farmers. After an initial meeting, one of our trial farmers could no longer participate so we are looking for another (preferably someone based in the West...