1. Anymulewilldo

    “Intelligent” sheep dogs

    Just had all 3 of my collies out gathering store lambs. The old girl, main bitch & the pup. Now I’ve always been told that collies are very intelligent. Despite the evidence I’ve seen I still believe it! This morning the main bitch spotted a grey squirrel just as we got into the right field...
  2. Clive

    Fert prices vs fallow ?

    So at what price point for N do you fallow your farm ? early bought N which seemed expensive at the time now looks cheap, how about selling it on and taking a year out ?
  3. B

    Home mix feeding for sheep.

    What home mixes are people mixing for feeding to ewes pre and post lambing?
  4. tr250

    Nissan navara D22 pickup engine

    We’ve got an old Nissan pickup that the engine has blown up on. I know it’s 18 years old and only been a matter of time before it went and it’s out lasted most by about 10 years but does anyone know of a complete engine or something that fits? It seems a shame to scrap it
  5. Smokey16

    Ewe minerals

    Last year was my first year sheep farming I bought 110 ewes in and I grazed them all on nice regrowth grass and I put out the rumenco high energy plus fish oil biscuit blocks out for then about 3week before tupping and all through tupping when it came to scanning the ewes we had 36singles...
  6. CopperBeech

    200 cross bred ewes for sale.

    200 cross bred ewes, mostly bred out of exlana ewes originally, with nz texel, suftex and Charmoise rams over them. Have been run as an April outdoor lambing flock. Never seen feed, a shed, a foot bath etc etc. Culled hard for everything. Flock ages from shearlings to full mouth. Will split...
  7. Bald Rick

    Lord Deben / Selwyn Gummer is ....

    ... a tosser. Unbelievable. His latest wheeze to combat climate change is to suggest that villages don't need street lighting as we are country folk so can use a torch. Just demonstrates how "they" don't give a toss about those of us who...
  8. F

    Suffolk mules

    I normally buy texel type mules but am considering some Suffolk mule ewe lambs out of north country mules. Any views good, bad or indifferent welcome .I wouldn't be tupping them as lambs but would run them on.
  9. newhollandcruzr

    Seagulls !!!

    Hi guys just wondering if anyone has a good way of stopping the bloody things eating my little soil conditioners !! ??
  10. Andrew.j

    Looking For Work Assistant Shepherd/Lamber/Cattle Stockman Position Wanted (Scotland Area)

    Hi I am available and seeking a mixed varied farm estates position, undertaking assistant shepherd- lambing shepherd, assistant cattleman beef sucklers, any other aspects of general mixed livestock husbandry, aspects of farmed- wild deer management husbandry, gamebirds- wildfowl husbandry...
  11. S

    Tupping indoors

    Anyone tried it? We’ve a flock of several Lleyn ewes, we single sire mate about 800-900 ewes and don’t physically have enough fields, nor enough grass wintering available on other local farms. So thought I might try tupping them indoors on good silage and a little feed. Then turn them back out...
  12. crazy_bull

    Is a lumpy bag a reason to Cull?

    I’m not talking about the udders that are like a bag of spanner’s, they are an obvious red stripe (red means dead). what about the young ewes with the odd ping pong ball sized lump in the bag or one ‘tenticle’ feeling hard in the bag. Not really sure what to do with those. seem to have a lot...
  13. M

    Ewe with urin stains around her back end.

    Sorting through some gimmer shearlings to keep. I noticed ewe with really bad orange/brown urine stains around her back end? Is this something of concern? should I keep her??
  14. G

    Guy Smith's response to FW article on AIC rules.

    What's he talking about. I don't get his argument. We say we want AIC to allow UK grain to have same intake requirements as imports. Guy is waffling on about government, neonics, and watering down RT rules to lowest common denominator is bad. We're not talking about lowering RT rules, we're...
  15. Farm Business RSS

    How to body condition score ewes ahead of tupping

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business As tupping time approaches, sheep farmers can optimise their flock performance using body condition scoring (BCS), says Emily Hall, technical specialist for Net-Tex. “Body condition scoring is an easy to implement and valuable tool to evaluate what...
  16. Greythundercloudys

    Who is going to kelso.

    I'm not, to soft for my place, but who's going and what's on the shopping list, supposed to be all outside no big tents this year. Should be a good sale, cabbage feed Suffolks anyone.
  17. S

    Glyphosate again I am not sure what to make of this piece, does it have any merit or is based on nothing? I like most use it but worry there may be more downsides than we've been made aware of...
  18. S

    Why can't wind fallen trees be cleared?

    I know of 2 estates where wind fallen trees cannot be cleared but I don't know why
  19. J

    Can I remove sponges on day 13?

    Just a quick question, can I remove sponges and give them their PMSG on day 13. if anyone knows that answer. Thanks
  20. M

    Best (simple) CCTV system

    I know the question has been asked before but wanting some up to date info. Any recommendations for a simple but effective farm CCTV system. Around 6 cameras dotted around the farm, viewable on phone or pc, ideally recording anything untoward. I'm not a total tech novice but am a bit of a...