1. V

    Begging bowls again…

    Reading a thread about high fert prices and some farmers are asking for the government to step in and subsidies the price. Then another thread suggesting the government should help subsidies fuel prices. Farmers must get more government hand outs then a black single mother in a council flat with...
  2. Cowgirl

    Help in time of trouble.

    A friend who has quite a large herd of cattle and looks after them himself, with some help from his wife, and is calving at present, has just had a heart attack and now his wife has COVID. He has a daughter but she lives some distance away. Fortunately he has several good farming friends who are...
  3. T

    Bedding in the shed

    I have a small shed for lambing. One side is free range for expectant ewes and the other is pens for when they’ve lambed. It has a concrete floor so I lime it and then straw it out. I pick up what poop I can and restraw over the top as needed. What do you do when you have an empty pen after...
  4. T

    Bedding in the shed

    I have a small shed for lambing. One side is free range for expectant ewes and the other is pens for when they’ve lambed. How do you bed it for the sheep? Mine has a concrete floor so I lime it and straw it. Then I top up straw. I pick up any poop I can. What do you do when you have an empty...
  5. Northumberland

    Will sheep eat fodder beet in the feild with grass

    600 ewes on beet up till lambing then on to grass to lamb. Lifting excess to sell atm. Is it worth keeping some back to spread in lambing paddocks. Or will they ignore it to eat grass. 4-5cm of grass atm but sheep will get on top of it by the end of lambing

    EW18 - Scottish Borders - 600 Easycare In lamb Home Bred Ewes

    FOR SALE EW18 - Scottish Borders - 600 Easycare In lamb Home Bred Ewes - Young Ages ( 1 to 3 crop ) - Farm Assured - Lambing from 1st May onwards - Home Bred wool shedding sire ( Wiltshire Horn cross Lairg Cheviot ) - Scanned at 150 % - On the Heptivac P System , Wormed and fluke dozed up to...
  7. I

    Maxx energy tubs

    Just wondering how people are getting on with these this season, I have just bought my ewes home on Thursday and put out 4 80kg tubs out with them (260 ewes) . According to my calculations with the recommended daily intake they should have lasted about 2 weeks. They were pretty much gone by...
  8. will6910

    Few lambing issues

    Iv been lambing nearly 3 weeks now. Iv a range off issues cropping up. I know a lot Is down to feeding issue but wanted to voice my worries as struggling abit. Iv had 2 sheep die with what looks like listeriosis. Have maybe 10 or 12 ewes with twins having to have 1 taken off as lack off milk...
  9. Benn

    Sole living from sheep ,Flock size

    Just been pondering, Anyone on here who's sole income is from sheep? what are youre flock size? going that the national average houshold income is around £30,000, Are you up around that level of income ? locally ,i know of only one family that solely live of the income from sheep.
  10. Paddington

    Galebreaker repair

    Noticed a 20cm tear in the edge of the fabric of our roller door today, we have a spare bit of fabric to cover it, but what adhesive is best ?
  11. F

    Toxo in vaccinated ewes

    We’ve had a very bad run up and start to lambing, about 30 out of 150 yearlings have aborted, none of the other ewes. Sent some lambs away to be tested and they have come back with the results that they both lambs had toxo. They have had both toxo and enzo vaccinations, as we had it very bad...
  12. andybk


    Had a 3 or 4 like this lambing this time ,soggy body , pointy head no eyes ,thought it might be ovivac reaction but unvaxed hogg lambed today with one ,all ewes have had a good lamb along with the dodgy one so not a disaster , wondering about schmallenberg ?though i think they both might be...
  13. Cowabunga

    Fertiliser price for those that miss it in Arable section

    Just had a price for Nitram. £955/ton for artic load and CF 24-8-8 plus sulphur at £905/ton, again artic loads. If you haven’t yet secured your Spring fertiliser needs, don’t leave too long. Delivery dates now stretch two to three weeks hence and there may not be any to order again soon. Yara...
  14. F

    Looking For Work Looking for Summer work

    Hi all, 20 year old agricultural science student (edinburgh) looking for summer work with beef or sheep/ general farmwork. Have worked on drystock farm in NZ, and have done a season in lambing, entering second season in a couple weeks and will have done a bit of calving by then. Have driven...
  15. G

    Historical Daily Electricity Demand Load/ Consumption Data

    Hi, I am a student at the University of Aberdeen, UK and working on a project about designing a Hybrid Renewable Energy System for a farm. I am looking for a realistic electricity demand load curve (daily) for a farm. That will help to design a realistic system. Please, can anyone help?
  16. Breckland Boy

    Beet '22

    Made a start drilling today. Direct into an ex 2 year ley. Reasonably confident that it won't blow.
  17. Jackov Altraids

    British Farmers to cut production by half ?

    Proposed headline: “In light of the massive rise in the cost of farm inputs, the confusion surrounding the phasing out of BPS and the Environment agency persecuting farmers with its wrong interpretation of legislation, the NFU have taken the unprecedented step of advising all farmers to cut...
  18. Norfolk Hill Farmer

    Crutching before lambing

    At my son’s insistence, we have crutched all the ewes this year before they lamb. Not too onerous a task with the combi clamp, but yet another job to do with the sheep. Do other people on the forum do this ? and do they think it is worthwhile ?
  19. CWS

    Ewes not doing at all.

    Looking for some advice. Wife's got a handful of zwartbles and this lambing has been a balls up. There's just no go about them, no intakes and not cleaning after lambing. There fit but wouldn't say fat. As soon as we brought them in they went off feed and haven't recovered. There adlib 1st cut...
  20. C

    Fuel Rationing and Prioritisation

    Maybe the Govt should wake up to the fuel crisis esp diesel Ration domestic fuel to Stop the public wasting fuel on days out at the seaside , holidays abroad etc Tell public to turn their heating down Prioritise military and farmers and haulage without food to eat , the means of getting food...