land drain

  1. S

    Which digger for farm work?

    l am looking for an older digger for land drainage and general farm work, have a couple of slatted tanks to dig out. I have looked at a komatsu pc 120 -5 from 1992 or 93, has1100 hours on the clock. Tracks and undercarriage have been fully overhauled lately. Perkins engine seems good...
  2. Classichay

    Weed wiper hire west mids / soft rush control

    Can anyone point me in the direction of a weed wiper service in the West Midlands ( south Shropshire ) or someone who hires them out we’ve a 5 acre field which this year has just exploded with them, it’s rented and long term pasture so can’t be ploughed up. how effective versus roundup spot...
  3. Bossfarmer

    Is the contract farming business model finished without sfp? poll

    the last 10-15 years has brought contract farming into mainstream uk farming, before that it wasnt anywhere near as common it seems that this has been largely due to guaranteed sfp for the landowner who can then use this to help pay the contractor/inputs and a certain profit % can be split at...
  4. teslacoils

    Fym or Digestate?

    This autumn I will be starting to rotate the grass on the farm. My nvz / organic manure year is 1st sept to 1st sept. If you were ploughing / cultivating out a grass ley, and had the option of 40t/ha fym ahead of the plough and bagged fert in spring, or Digestate and a bit of urea in the...
  5. ColinV6

    Water bubbling up in a gateway, whos issue is it?

    So it was made aware to me today that some water is surfacing outside of our field, in the gateway, but parallel to where the grass verge usually would be. So Definately clear of the fence line by a couple of feet. I called Scottish water who came out this evening and tested it. No chlorine...
  6. kiwi pom

    How to clear a flooded road?

    As the other thread was quite rightly deleted because of insults, I thought I'd ask. I assume there's drains and soakaways but a soakaway will just fill up won't it? As for drains where do they go, especially on older roads?
  7. Agriland RSS

    ‘We gave a clear warning that doing nothing was not an option’ – Llanfrothen flooding

    Written by William Kellett The Farmers’ Union of Wales (FUW) members in the northern area of Meirionnydd have expressed deep anger and frustration following the flooding of several hundred acres of land at Llanfrothen near Porthmadog over recent days. The flooding occurred as a result of the...
  8. N

    Farmland flooding

    Having just read that ADA ( my take on comment) that farmland should be flooded and used as water storage.Now I would not wish flooding in someone’s house even my own but at what point is the EA and IDB going to understand it’s our living wiped out for a year.We don’t get insurance .If they...
  9. D

    Land drainage Cost

    Any idea what currant Land drainage cost these days as we are looking to do 30 to 50 hectares
  10. A

    Mapping drains

    Got some fairly ancient (1970’s) drains here, most still work, I’ve got all the paper maps, would love to get them all on one plan and verify the outfalls by GPS as and when I go round doing the ditches. Has any one done anything like this and what software/system did you use? Even better if...
  11. Jockers84

    Regional words, terms and phrases.

    Good afternoon, I've been a long term follower of the farming forum, as a new start some of the things I've learnt have been truly priceless. One thing that has struck me though, is every so often I will find a word, term or phrase that I'm just not 100% on what it means. This isn't limited to...
  12. D

    How to unblock a 2ft culvert under an A road...

    Usual story, discharges on to neighbours land, its blocked reasonable solid, access good from upstream but not down. meeting neighbour and going to dig out a bit out down hill side to give us a chance later this week. visible from the road, so need to be careful. all suggestions welcome, I...
  13. lucas

    Bucks land drainage.

    We've taken some land on and found some headwalls with "bucks land drainage" on. Not a firm that myself or father have heard of. Does anyone know the history of this firm or where they are/were based? I'm told if a drainage firm closes another local drainage firm will take on their historic...
  14. Henarar

    How has farming been for you in 2020 ?

    Many reasons to forget 2020 but from a farming point of view its not been bad for us, Store cattle price has been good especially in the autumn and lamb price has been good the weather has been ok made plenty of silage and hay though it did get a bit dry for a while had a good back end its wet...
  15. RakeeyboE

    Field Drainage!

    What prices have you paid to have you're fields drained? We are wanting to get about an acre of land drained as it's soaking wet in the bottom of the field and useless, We have had some quotes with main drain installed and branches going into that What prices have you payed all in for...
  16. Feldspar

    How to mole & keep fields level in no-till?

    We are in a system now where we crop every other year with a fallow in between. The idea has been to no-till wheat into the fallowed fields because the surface will be completely free of black-grass (having had a spray before viable seed set). This year we started no-till wheat on 16th...
  17. Jerry

    State of your crops?

    Given the late drilling date and the amount of rain that’s gone on them I’m pleasantly pleased with the state of my crops. I do have two small fields that are below par but most are looking well. How are others looking? Wheat and barley below, no rape this year but locally it looks well.
  18. Ukjay

    Mole Catchers

    Hi I've never needed to start thinking about doing something about moles before, but we are now experiencing some issues with moles making a mess that I think I need to resolve before it gets too bad. Could anyone with experience in dealing with them help me understand how are mole catchers...
  19. Cowabunga

    Pushing their luck with pollution

    A new dairy farm outfit near me made me quite angry today. I passed a few field-widths from it on the A487 coast road today and on problem, although the cows are out in a sea of mud and look terrible. That wasn't what made me angry though. When I came back from Aberystwyth a large section of the...
  20. Flat 10

    Pipe in french drain in yard

    Classic bodge really, do I need twin wall given it will be driven on at times or can I use land drain as it’s cheaper and laying around? Stoned to surface