land drain

  1. Flat 10

    Civils suppliers

    Any good ones to recommend? I was going to order with JDP as they looked reasonable to be put off by the delivery charge....
  2. S

    Drainage, Methods, tips, tricks etc

    We are at the point now that we are needing to start some reasonable schemes instead of just patching as we go. we probably need to drain the whole of a 30 acre field and then there are other wet spots that just need a pipe ran through. There are a few options such as getting a contractor with...
  3. H

    River Lugg, Herefordshire
  4. B'o'B

    FT get leaked speech...

    Link to a Finacial Times article about the government plans for subs over the next few years 😢 Apparently they have been leaked the speech George Eustice is going to give on Monday Click here -
  5. E

    Long-term data/document storage

    Is there any real alternative to hard paper copies for long term document storage? This came up yesterday - I needed a document relating to a planning decision from 1985. After an hour or so it came to light in a folder entitled 'useful bits to be kept' in a filing cabinet in the cellar - thanks...
  6. wellingtonfarmer

    Massey 8s

    Anyone tried one? Thoughts?
  7. Chris F

    Craig Bennett CEO of Wildlife Trusts getting an education on Twitter

    And rightly so. Has can someone in such a position know so little and say “facts” like this. He hasn’t even had the decency to delete his tweet. In fact he has doubled down and re-tweeted it. I just hope the farmer of that field comes forward and says it was direct drilled. i know...
  8. alomy75

    Subsoiling headlands yes/no

    New to DD and just wondering what people do with headlands/trafficked areas. I’m sure many will say that after a few seasons of DD soil will take it but I’m just starting and have beet in the rotation (which is going in 2 more years unless seed treatments come back). I’ll only DD 2nd wheat...
  9. Farm Xport

    Are water drainage solutions hard to come by?

    Hello there, We're an export company located in the United States and are wanting to help provide farmers in the UK with water drainage solutions. I'm doing some information gathering and would love to get opinions on water drainage in the UK. We currently carry Soil-Max plows that allow you...
  10. Wigeon

    Building resilience in heavy soils

    This autumn and last year have well and truly shown the value of soil structure, and highlighted in particular where problems exist. My farm is generally grade 3 heavy silty clay loam with flints, with a decent chunk at 55%- 60% forecast establishment rates, according to Soyl. It also has no...
  11. pycoed

    Ponds & Green slime/algae

    I have one pond that suffers badly from green slime/algae & is getting worse each year. Pond is groundwater filled i.e. no flow through it, roughly triangular & holds around 3000 cu.m at a guess. I can't believe this can be good for the water life, which is mainly sticklebacks, minnows & rudd...
  12. peewit

    Piping a ditch

    I have an open ditch running alongside a hedge and close to a building. I would like to pipe it underground, it is a wet area and needs to pick up water as it goes. I would like to use a perforated pipe but am concerned that growing roots may get in and block it, what do others think?
  13. Thick Farmer

    What’s the rate for large scale solar?

    What’s the going rent per acre for say 150 acres of solar these days? Anyone done it recently?
  14. W

    Stop and look !

    Stood on high point of the farm amongst the heifers this morning and had one of those all too rare moments when my mind was open and I “saw” where I live. Absolutely amazing and beautiful. The autumn colours starting, crystal clear air, a view for miles. Its so rare that I truly appreciate...
  15. Steevo

    Boundary ditches

    How do people usually deal with cleaning boundary ditches out? I’ve got quite a few that have not been cleaned out in 20-30yrs, my ditch but their side of the hedge (and sometimes half buried in the hedge!) Lots of spoil to come out, and probably quite a bit of timber or roots which I can’t...
  16. Flintstone

    Wheat drilling 2020

    Go on, someone must have started...
  17. S

    autumn re-seeding

    time has come, again, for autumn re-seeds. Interested to know what, farmers are planning variety wise. Had some interesting discussions, recently with seed reps. We have had an awful 3dry summers, on the trot, and grass, has been very short, both in quantity and life ! Rep in this morning...
  18. M

    Getting concerned part 2

    Thought I'd just leave this here Anyone seen my waterproof coat !!!!!!!
  19. British Farming Awards

    The finalists for the 2020 British Farming Awards are announced

    The British Farming Awards 2020 has welcomed a record number of registrations this year, a testament to the incredible work being done on farms throughout Britain. Fifty-six individuals will now battle it out for the 14 categories up for grabs which highlight the innovation and diversity of UK...

    Piping a natural spring

    Evening all, Having constantly more and more trouble with natural springs on my ground. As time is ticking on and I’m getting to other patches of ground to improve I’m finding more naturally occurring springs that seem to only effect a small area of the field and they lie wet. I have no idea...