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  1. A

    A place for metal detecting

    Hello all! We are a family with a passion for metal detecting. Its a hobby for us plus a great way of quality time together. We are looking for any piece of land (field, woods, etc.) to get permission to legally continue our little digs. We do it respectfully and appropriately by not leaving...
  2. skyfarer1

    Land for Innovative Delivery Drone Testing

  3. N

    Buying Land

    Hi there, Does anyone have any tips or advice for someone looking to buy some land to enter into farming? I understand there are the more conventional methods, ie estate agents etc but a lot of the land on those sites are priced to their maximum with little room to negotiate. Also, I have come...
  4. M

    Seeking Shooting land in Northern Ireland

    Hello. seeking land to shoot vermin, foxes, rabbits, crows etc, I live in Co Tyrone, willing to travel.
  5. P

    I pay you £250. Shooting permission

    I currently have land to shoot over, ive been controling pests for over 3 years but the farm is now for sale and land owner thanked me for my services but theyre no longer required after august. I pay this land owner £250.00 every 6 months and also help out with any repair work(welding) as a...
  6. The Business Barn

    Warning after developers off-load grid connection rights...

    Farmers and landowners should be cautious about any offers from developers who are looking to off-load grid connection rights for battery storage schemes. Independent power consultant, Roadnight Taylor, has issued the warning after a farmer contacted the firm for advice after being approached...
  7. Newfoundland

    Metal Detecting In Northern UK

    I am a disabled Army Veteran of 20 years service but was unfortunately disabled out with both physical and mental disabilities (CPTSD). My physical injuries have now healed after many operations and have taken up the hobby as a means to help with my mental health as recommended by the Help For...
  8. D

    Vermin/Pest control - Southampton Area

    Hi All, looking for land permission in the Southampton area. Fully insured BASC member who can help out with vermin troubles using PCP silenced air rifle. I am a very reliable and trustworthy individual who lives locally and would appreciate any help to gain a permission for my hobby, and to...
  9. searcherdean

    Metal detecting land wanted

    Hi, me and 3 others are looking for farm land to metal detect in Hampshire and surrounding areas. We are willing to pay £50 per day and are very respectful of the land we detect on and all holes will be properly filled and all scrap metal found will be taken away. Everything found of interest or...
  10. Dan1985


    Good morning everyone My name is Daniel Smith, I am a thirty one year old gentleman from Carlton Colville in Suffolk, I have taken a great interest with the history of the Suffolk and norfolk area, I am sure you are aware of the rich and varied past of this area and I was hoping that there is...