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    Wetherby/ York - Yard space neded

    Hello all. I run a lawn care franchise and have reached a stage that i need space for 6 vans, Space for a Portacabin /Office and either some storage space for about 8 Pallets or space for chipping containers to create storage. Would anyone on here know how I can get in touch with Farmers / Land...
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    Looking for land in North Devon

    Hi, im new to the forum but was hoping that someone would be able to give me some information on land to rent or for sale in North Devon. Im initally looking for 5-10 acres and the land will have two purposes. Firstly it will be for storage of raw timber for a cabin building business so ideal...
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    Land to let/rent - Sussex

    Hi, I am looking to rent some land in the Sussex area. I am ideally looking for land that is currently unusable for farmers (ie woodland, fields, derelict buildings, etc). I am looking to setup an Airsoft training and events site (it’s a bit like paintball, but doesn’t leave messy paint...