1. H

    Land wanted for established scaffolding company

    We are looking for a new home as our current premises has been earmarked for development. Location wise, ideally Hertfordshire but we would also consider Beds or Bucks, to rent or to buy. Utilities and existing HGV use an advantage. Contact Pete on 01442 250885
  2. LandWanted

    Sell Your Land Without Paying Extortionate Estate Agent Fees

    If you've got a plot of land for sale, up to £30,000 in value, don't get stung by extortionate estate agent fees. Sell it directly to me instead and save a small fortune. I'm looking for a plot of agricultural land or woodland, a grass paddock or grazing land, in a beautiful area where I can...
  3. R

    Wanted land

    Hi all, I am looking for a plot of land around 3+ acres, for chickens and growing vegetables, fairly new to farming, if anyone knows of any available or put me in the right direction, there is an incentive in it for them as I have been looking for a while, thanks Rafael
  4. Y

    Looking for land in North Devon

    Hi, im new to the forum but was hoping that someone would be able to give me some information on land to rent or for sale in North Devon. Im initally looking for 5-10 acres and the land will have two purposes. Firstly it will be for storage of raw timber for a cabin building business so ideal...
  5. M

    2-3 acres wanted

    We are looking to purchase or rent a plot of land, we would even be interested in a profit share model where the renter could make from any bookings we get, it needs its own road access and have attractive views or on the edge of woodland/water for example, we only need 2-3 acres – does need to...
  6. P

    Land Wanted in Central England (or South East/West England) - for wildlife / tree planting project

    Hi! Hope you are all safe. My partner and I are looking to buy a woodland in Central England (or South East/West) for a wildlife / tree planting project. Looking for land larger than 8 acres. Preferably much, much larger than that. Preferably with vehicular access or nearby parking and no...
  7. P

    Cabin/Shepperd's Hut Airbnb

    Hello Everyone, I am an architect by training, I am running a small Airbnb business. I am are looking for a small plot of rural land, 0.05-0.1 acres around the West Midlands for rental so if anyone has such a small plot and would like to be involved in a profit share please do get in touch. I...
  8. T

    Searching for tiny plot of land to rent on your farm(tiny house) - previous farm fell through!

    Hi there everyone, Due to unfortunate circumstances the previous farm I was due to site my tiny house (a shipping container conversion) had some trouble with the land itself, making it unfit to site my property there. On top of that, my “backup” farm that was interested have now re-allocated...
  9. F

    Field/Arable land/Paddock wanted for rent in East/West Sussex

    I am looking to rent land near to the Lancing/Steyning/Worthing/Shoreham/Brighton/Hove area. The land would be used to grow a small (primarily organic) flower farm for commercial use. Roughly 2 acres would be ideal, however if there happened to be a plot up to 5 acres this would be considered. A...
  10. Heritage Defenders m.DC

    Business offer: Metal detecting events organiser looking for land 50/50 profit on all events

    Greetings everyone, I run a metal detecting club and organise metal detecting events across the southeast UK and beyond. I am searching for a mutual arrangement of 50/50 on all dig fees with the event fully managed and organised, I am also looking for land for my small club of retirees seeking...
  11. J

    Wanting 1 acre of land in Mansfield will pay legal costs

    Looking for 1 acre of land in Mansfeld or surrounding areas as close to warsop (NG20) as possible. Wanting to make a wildlife reserve and orchard, so grazing land/scrubland/woodland/pond or anything at all would be ideal. Have cash waiting and willing to pay the sellers reasonable legal costs...
  12. A


    15 to 50 acres of land wanted to purchase in Leicestershire, Northamptonshire or Warwickshire. Cash waiting. Please get in touch if you have anything suitable: [email protected]
  13. A

    Cost of rent per acre

    Hi I am looking to rent land for cattle and sheep and have very little clue about how much I should be paying per acre per year. I’ve been told I’m paying a lot at the moment and heard very contradicting things! I am based in Gloucestershire/ Wiltshire so was wondering if anyone could give me...
  14. D

    Looking to rent land for motocross use

    Hi all, I am looking to rent a small section of land that potentially isn’t being used by a land owner (approx 0.7 to 1 acre) this can be woodland or field around the West Midlands area for myself only to ride a motocross bike being used approximately 14 times a year so as not to change land...
  15. fabs

    Introducing Landbitz! It's new and it's free!

    Landbitz is the first platform that connects landowners and responsible metal detectorists and it’s now available in the UK. We are a group of responsible metal detectorists with the utmost respect for history, nature and the property of others and we are building solid relationships with...
  16. FutureKode

    HELP - dream to start a micro farm on a few acres

    Hello, I have 5 children and currently work in IT and live on the Isle of Wight. I'm sick of looking at a screen all day and would instead love to be outside growing organic food. I want to have a family business that my kids can get involved in. Access to land seems to be the biggest barrier. I...
  17. L

    Wanted Woodland, general land and old buildings for rent in worcestershire

    Hello, I have a prepared business plan for an airsoft site in worcestershire. I'm based around Evesham but don't mind traveling a bit for the right place. I would be after anything from woodland, mixtures of woodland and fields, old buildings, literally anything really. The larger the area...
  18. O

    Is this land a no go?

    Hello, I am looking at purchasing a small holding, where I am from they are few and far between so choice is restricted. One has come up locally however the paddocks are infested with rushes. I would intend to use this land for stocking alpacas. All I know about rushes are what I have managed...
  19. E

    shropshire, Bridgnorth

    Looking to buy a small parcel of land, under an acre, to plant a few trees and possibly keep a few chickens (depending on location) within Shrophire and preferably within Bridgnorth area. Thanks
  20. sanshields

    Small Parcel of Isolated Land Wanted to Purchase

    Hello there. We are looking to buy a small parcel of rural and isolated land (about half an acre), to camp in a motorhome and use as a retreat on an occasional basis to paint and write and enjoy peaceful and private surroundings. Would be delighted to hear from you. Shropshire/Welsh Marches...