1. R

    Whisky from Metal Detecting

    Hello! I'm 31 guy who looking from permission to metal detecting in Heywood, Middleton,Rochdal,bury, ect aera .I'm member of National Council for metal detecting (NCMD) and as a member I got insurance. If I find something with very high value I will share 50-50. Any holes which I dig will...
  2. M

    Land Wanted for Storage Buildings

    I run a successful storage business, but we're completely out of space and need more buildings or land close to towns and cities to expand! It's a classic 'good problem to have'! Our planning consultant has suggested reaching out to farmers who might have suitable spaces to erect new steel...
  3. B

    Land to rent near Lapworth

    I'm not sure if this was the correct place to post this, or even if it was a thread aleady (but I couldn't find it if there was), so appoloiges if I'm in the wrong place. I have been looking for land and a building to rent around the Lapworth area in Warwickshire for 2 cattle (3yo bullock and...
  4. The Business Barn

    Could you diversify using your on-farm assets?

    Below are examples of the ‘assets’ that are worth considering before making the decision to diversify. Land availability Whether it’s owned or let, farmers are blessed with the land they have access to. Traditionally, land would have either been used for cropping, grazing or for countryside...
  5. Phil P

    To buy or not to buy, what would you do?

    We have been offered first refusal on a decent block of land, we already farm on 3 sides of the block so it makes sense to give us first chance. What I’m concerned about is I’ll have to borrow some money to buy this land and as most will know arable farming doesn’t really produce massive...
  6. The Business Barn

    Warning after developers off-load grid connection rights...

    Farmers and landowners should be cautious about any offers from developers who are looking to off-load grid connection rights for battery storage schemes. Independent power consultant, Roadnight Taylor, has issued the warning after a farmer contacted the firm for advice after being approached...
  7. F

    If a business put a shed up or bought land would the shed and the land then belong to the business?

    Posting in behalf of my partner. He’s worked on his mother’s farm for 23+ years without any sort of livable income. His mum made him a partner in the business 3/4 years ago (51% ownership to him 49% to her) and subsequently they built a new shed on the farm. His mother died last year and the...
  8. L

    Looking for land to rent

    Hi not sure if this is the right place. Could admin move it if not. I am looking for some woodland to rent around the Gloucestershire area. Around 8 acres or more if available.
  9. V

    Saddleworth Moor is on fire

    Saddleworth moor and the surrounding moorlands are currently on fire and have been for the last few days. They have just evacuated the first homes in Carrybrook, Stalybridge, as the fire is starting to reach some residential areas. The fire fighters are struggling to get it under control due to...
  10. Jo Corfield

    Cheap unfertilized grazing wanted in East of England

    Large acreage wanted for unique naturally kept herd of horses and ponies, working with the land, conservation and the environment. Preferably secured with fencing and with water. Suffolk, Norfolk, The East.
  11. OTR

    Advice for a new land owner regarding pasture management

    Hi All, I've recently bought 11 acres of good pasture land in West Oxfordshire with the idea of starting a farming project that I can dedicate 2 days/week (the land is 1:15hr away, and I work 5 days/week in an office job). I'm hoping to move closer in the next 18 months so I can spend more time...
  12. H

    Forest Pre School

    Hello My name is Hannah and I am currently an Early Years teacher in County Durham. My colleague and I are looking for some land to lease in which we could open a forest school nursery in the County Durham area. We are both very passionate about outdoor learning and connecting children with the...
  13. H

    Looking to Lease Land

    Hello My name is Hannah and I am currently an Early Years teacher in County Durham. My colleague and I are looking for some land to lease in which we could open a forest school nursery. We are both very passionate about outdoor learning and connecting children with the outdoors. We are looking...
  14. W

    Wanted land to buy or rent in North EAST

    Hi Im looking to rent or buy some land to small hold on, looking to raise a few different types of livestock on he land, looking to find 1-5 acres of land around Newcastle upon Tyne flexible in location can be north to Northumberland or south to County Durham. Been looking for a while, hoping...
  15. LittleGreyFergie

    Land to rent in Hampshire and southern counties - best rates paid

    Hi everyone I am the captain of an experienced game shooting syndicate (non-commercial). We have decided to try to establish a shoot of our own for 2018/2019 rather than taking days on other estates as a roving syndicate. We are looking for suitable land, ideally in Hampshire, Wiltshire...
  16. Farming_Lady

    Wanted: Land for sale 1 or 2 Acres

    Good day I am looking for a small piece of agricultural land for sale anywhere below London, between Kent and Bristol or South Wales. My areas of preference are, East and West Sussex, Avon, Somerset, Wiltshire and South Wales closer to the M4. Thank you for your time. Best
  17. D

    Wanted Suffolk&Norfolk (landowners please take the time to read this post)

    Good morning everyone I am a thirty two year old gentleman from Carlton Colville in Suffolk and I have lived in the area all of my life. I have been engaged in the hobby of metal detecting for the last few Years and find it a healthful, enjoyable pastime that allows me to meet many interesting...
  18. W

    Land Insurance for falling trees

    Hello guys, We have a non-commercial small holding with a mixture of grassland and woodlands and have recently been told that liability lies with us if any damages were caused by fallen trees. The problem is that the woodland run adjacent to a railway line and we also have a number of trees...
  19. R

    Cost of an acre?

    I'm located in the north yorks. How much would an acre of grazing land cost up 'ere? Rental & Buy prices..
  20. B

    Wild camping wanted - 1 night

    I wanted to see if anyone had a spot on their land that me, my brother and his wife could camp in on the weekend beginning Friday 8th September We are totally self-sufficient so no need for water, electricity etc. We are just looking for a secluded spot to pitch our tent in if possible with the...