1. B

    Camping site wanted -1 night

    I wanted to see if anyone had a spot on their land that me, my brother and his wife could camp in on the weekend beginning Friday 8th September We are totally self-sufficient so no need for water, electricity etc. We are just looking for a secluded spot to pitch our tent in if possible with the...
  2. C

    Scottish Agricultural Landowners Needed!

    Hi there, I am currently undertaking a Masters in Land economy at the University of Aberdeen. For my dissertation I am researching Contract Farming Agreements as a land tenure option in Scotland. As part of my research I am carrying out an online survey to investigate Scottish landowners...
  3. Melchie

    Profit Maximisation with 5,000 acres fertile organic land

    I hope a don't get a good hiding for this post. Please forgive for stepping into a forum where I have close to zero knowledge of the subject area (farming). I've googled to try and get an idea of what I need to know but am not having much luck. I would very much appreciate any advice or...
  4. ChrisPCarter

    Land for Gundog Training Club - North Yorkshire

    I help run Harrogate Gundogs Club and we are always looking out for land to train on. Ideally we need a mix of ground, including a large grass field we can do basic training on but also some woodland and/or moorland where we can train their hunting and searching skills (on dummies not game) and...
  5. PeterM

    Farming in the U.K. vs the US

    I'm new to the farming industry, but out of curiosity is it more expensive to farm in the US or in the U.K.? I'm talking like all expenses.
  6. J

    Woodland wanted.

    A rather strange request to land owners, I am in need of woodland to practice bushcraft in, I'm a 25 year old family man, so I will be respectful of anywhere I am given permission to go, I'm even willing to help out on the land if need be, I just find it important to be able to use the skills of...
  7. L

    Army family wanting to introduce my children to livestock

    Hi, I'm from a farming background but my husband is in the army and my children are growing up in army accommodation. We move every two years and have no idea where we might be sent next (but it will be in the uk). I want my children to get a taste of my background. I am considering trying to...
  8. K

    Help me change my life? I want to move out of London, (amongst other things).

    Hi farming folks, I'm hoping someone can help me. In return for your help, I'm (naturally), willing to return the favour with helping you. My backstory is that I'm SICK to DEATH of living on benefits, I want to tell the Job Centre to stop my benefits - in order to pursue a life of being USEFUL...
  9. D

    Rabbit hunting land required for hawking.

    Good day all, My name is Dan. I fly Harris Hawks along side my friend, Steve. We are looking for access permission for rabbit laden land ideally in the Cheshire and Peak District areas to hunt rabbits. We are both fully insured (proof of insurance certificates can be seen if required). If you...
  10. Tropical

    Agriculture Land surveyor

    Hi Not sure if this is in the correct category, But looking at 20 acres of pasture land, who would be the best people to contact about its value but most of all the quality of land it is? Are there land agriculture surveryors ? Area Carmarthen, South Wales What should I be looking out for...
  11. B

    Wanted grazing

    Wanted grassland for cropping grazing in the Ledbury area good rates payed any acres considered
  12. G


    We are currently looking for 2+ acres of land to open a Glamping site, if you are a farmer with land you want to generate extra revenue from please get in touch.
  13. Hopley89

    Help around your farm/land

    Hi all it's me again.. i'm willing to help around your farm or land doing any jobs for abit of permission i'm a fully trainer and qualified plaster, roofer and game keeper. i'm very hands on and willing to help job 1st land permission 2nd with me doing your jobs first would hopefully help...
  14. Tropical

    Useful websites

    Is there a list of useful websites? 1, flood areas 2, land quality 3, conservation areas 4, national parks 5, tracks pathways 6, anything you can think off? any way do we have a page with list of useful sites
  15. Tropical

    Things to look out for? Farms or small holdings

    Property, I am trying to stay away from the following: 1, National parks 2, Conservation areas 3, Listed buildings 4, Flooding areas 5, Scientific areas (wouldn't want to step on ET)o_O 6, National Trust area What else should one consider before buying a farm? Whats the best way to find...
  16. Farmer996

    Stables & Land To Rent Near Newcastle upon Tyne / Northumberland

    My partner and I are fed up with running a livery yard for the usual reasons. Mainly the high turnover of people and the hassle! We're looking to rent out a block of 6 stables at £1,000 per month for the long term. Rent includes hay/haylage/straw, management of the fields, school, buildings...
  17. Tropical

    High Or Low Land

    Question I am interested to see, do you find it better to have land; 1, in a valley. 2, on a hill top. with regards to farming organic. a, chickens b, sheep c, growing trees Is it really bad on top of a hill, storms? Feed back time.
  18. N

    vermin help

    Hi all, New to this site, and will apologise in advance as my request has probably been posted previously by many others. My daughter (aged 21) and myself (aged 43) are seeking permission to shoot over land (mid/south Devon). This would be for the purpose of vermin control (rabbit, fox and...
  19. S

    Ex Serviceman looking for fields to metal detect on

    Hi, I am a 46 yr old ex service man and I am in need of some fields in southern Hampshire or within 100 miles of Southampton that a farmer / landowner will allow me to metal detect on. I am fully registered but having left the army I find it hard to now mix with people. I tried a club once but...
  20. G

    Land Hire for a weekend? (Yorkshire/Lancashire area)

    Hi All, I'm investigating the viability of running a small music festival over a weekend (Fri-Sun), and am looking for some suitable land to hire. The further away from residential areas the better really - we don't want to be annoying people nearby! We'd certainly be playing by all the rules...