1. G

    Large grain merchant gone under.

    Anyone else hearing this in scotland?
  2. J

    Spring drilling 2021

    Have I missed this thread or has no one started? Mucked 2 weeks ago. Soil loosening with topsoiler yesterday and today. Work with the carrier tomorrow and then wednesday.................. rain!!!? :rolleyes: This is for spring barley. How is everyone getting on, still to wet?
  3. R

    5.5t of Laureate spring barley seed for sale

    Selling purchased seed that we took delivery of 5.5t of (Laureate, spring barley) delivered in late February 2021. Please see attached photos for details, genuine reason for sale after a last minute cropping change as more maize land required to feed cows. Dry and secure barn stored seed...
  4. principal skinner

    Skyfall drilling this week

    Looks like we MAY get an opportunity to drill later this week, push on with Skyfall h/s and in stock or switch to sp barley or oats? All in stock and ready to go, I think stick with Wheat for another ten days max. Thoughts please
  5. Serup

    Spring wheat vs. spring barley

    How common is spring wheat in the UK? In Denmark it is almost non existant. I have to grow a lot of spring crops, because of cover crops. I can use wheat to feed my cows. Barley we would rather not feed in these amounts. My history with growing barley to malting specification, is not...
  6. S

    How much you paying for Seed Barley?

    Planet £430. Is that about what it is?
  7. Wynnstay

    Spring Seed Agronomy Advice

    Seed Rates A key consideration to increase spring cereal yields is choosing varieties with a greater tillering ability that can help improve final headcounts. Modern varieties such as RGT Planet, LG Diablo and Laureate on spring barley and the new spring wheat variety KWS Cochise are shown to do...
  8. Wynnstay

    Introducing Spring Seeds 2021

    What can we expect in 2021? After the challenge of harvest 2020, we go into 2021 hoping for an improved year not only in agriculture but that Covid-19 will slowly dissipate with the distribution of a vaccine. From a purely agricultural point of view, there is already more optimism that the...
  9. Case290

    Spring barley advice

    I’ve got a drill which will drill seed & fert. Should I drill all the fert In one go it’s what I want to do. They are metered separately but do go in the same place slot. Disc drill any thoughts. Probably going 120kg/n/ha solid fert either 34.5 or 24/8/8/8
  10. Jerry

    State of your crops?

    Given the late drilling date and the amount of rain that’s gone on them I’m pleasantly pleased with the state of my crops. I do have two small fields that are below par but most are looking well. How are others looking? Wheat and barley below, no rape this year but locally it looks well.
  11. Selectamatic

    Spring feed wheat - good idea?

    Hello! As the title asks really, what’s to look out for when growing spring wheat? I’m not after top quality milling stuff, just a bit of feed...
  12. H

    WN Lindsay sold to Simpsons Malt

    Just heard WN Lindsay have been sold to Simpsons Malt. Will be interesting to see how this develops...
  13. shakerator

    % winter cropping complete poll

    Simple poll , as I don’t believe certain surveys !
  14. Agriland RSS

    Researchers who can change DNA of animals win Nobel Prize

    Written by Agriland Team French researcher Emmanuelle Charpentier and US researcher Jennifer A. Doudna, who have discovered a tool which can change the DNA of animals or plants, have been awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. The award was announced today (Wednesday, October 7) by the Royal...
  15. Bald Rick

    By 2045, white America is a minority

    No wonder race relations are in turmoil in USA if the whites are to be in a minority by 2045. How will they react? Indeed, how would we react? Discuss
  16. Chae1

    Low N Malting Barley.

    What's everyone elses thoughts on the low N malting barley job? Spot price at moment £130/t. £5 premium over feed barley. Nov 20 futures at £175/t so malting barley discounted £45/t to feed wheat. Don't know about anyone else, but germination been a problem here. Sample barley in store, all...
  17. Syngenta UK

    Autumn Guide - How to get the most from your Spring Malting Barley

    Spring barley varieties will be growing quickly now. Attention needs to be paid to fungicide choice, PGR requirements and nitrogen as we move towards harvest. Nitrogen should be applied depending on which market you are growing for, and the contract specifications if growing for malt...
  18. A

    Planet or Laureate SB?

    How is experiance with those ? Quality and yield?
  19. bobk

    So how do you achieve low N in sb

    Asking for a friend as I'm never growing the shite again .
  20. Still Farming

    Universities and Colleges .

    Worrying times when all Children enrol and start their further education and travel from all around the Country?