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    ‘Our livestock sector is not up for sale’ – Chestnutt

    Written by Agriland Team from Agriland Ulster Farmers Union (UFU) president Victor Chestnutt has said that farmers are part of the climate change solution and it’s important that we all increase our environmental responsibility. As part of his New Years message Chestnutt said: “There...
  2. A

    White painted underground clay pipes?

    For the past 3 days I've been trying to trace a leak in the farm water supply. Digging down at a suspected source of the leak I found a section of 6" clay pipe which is painted white all around the pipe - or at least the 15 or so inches I've so far unearthed. None of the other drains I've come...
  3. tr250

    Mig welder power supply

    I’ve just bought myself a mig welder having never had one before I’ve bought an Rtech 250 amp single phase machine and running it off a 16amp blue socket my trouble is it keeps tripping out if I turn it up much more than half or weld for prolonged periods I’ve been trying to do continuous welds...
  4. twizzel

    Navel ill prevention

    Having trouble this year with suckler calves getting navel ill. I iodine spray them at birth religiously and try to again a few hours later. Calving pens are deep bedded and they go out into a big shed with outside loafing area at a week old, which is bedded every other day. Doing nothing...
  5. F

    Are All Water Companies Not Fit For Purpose?

    A week ago today a water main burst alongside the "B" road where we have some land. It was a significant leak and would have been losing around a thousand gallons an hour (4,500 litres). The leak ran down the road and into the road drains and went into our fields, these have now become totally...
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    Potash and nitrogen interactions are key to crop growth

    Written by Richard Halleron from Agriland Potash and nitrogen (N) interactions have been shown, over many years, to be key determinants of crop growth and final yields. According to the Potash Development Association (PDA), a response by a crop to one nutrient being dependent on an adequate...
  7. Granite Farmer

    Slatts, am I mad!

    I'm thinking about getting a quote for a 15ft by 75ft slatted shed. Just wondering if that is a good size for young stock. One of the main reasons I'm considering slatts is that I'm concerned about future availability of bedding materials. TIA James
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    New Vogelsang press screw separator could benefit dairy farmers

    Written by Justin Roberts from Agriland Vogelsang have long recognised the importance of retaining and evenly reapplying nutrients that have passed through livestock during feeding. This focus is especially welcome during a period of inflated fertiliser prices. To this end, the company has...
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    York’s Lendal Arch reopens following flood defence works

    Written by William Kellett from Agriland Work to install improved flood gates under the arch of Lendal Bridge, which started five months ago, is now complete, reducing the risk of flooding to 39 homes and businesses between Scarborough Bridge and Ouse Bridge. Wellington Row (part of the Trans...
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    NI farming organisations to host on-farm meetings for politicians

    Written by Richard Halleron from Agriland Northern Ireland’s two largest farm organisations have joined forces to host on-farm meetings for politicians. MLAs in rural constituencies will be invited by the Ulster Farmers’ Union (UFU) and the Northern Ireland Agricultural Producers Association...
  11. P

    Replacing underground water pipe below concrete

    Got 10 meters of galvanised pipe that has burst under concrete, can dig a pit in either side, just was thinking of pulling old pipe out at one end with new pipe connected to old pipe, so new pipe is pulled in behind old pipe. Has anyone done this before and any advice on how to do it ? Would...
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    Vogelsang launches separator for processing of digestate and liquid manure

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business Vogelsang GmbH & Co. KG is launching an innovative press screw separator. The XSplit separator is easy to maintain and enables a dry matter content of up to 40 percent for liquid manure and digestate processing. “It’s becoming increasingly important to...
  13. D

    someone writing in the Farmers Weekly has FINALLY got it

    Courtesy of the Farmers Weekly obvs: Joe Stanley Opinion: Blaming livestock for global warming is ill-informed As some 400 private jets carrying the world’s climate-conscious business and political elite – plus the prerequisite sprinkling of actors – touched down in Glasgow, and a chap with a...
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    Slurry storage and spreading – rule changes announced by Scottish government

    Written by William Kellett from Agriland The Scottish government has announced changes to its slurry rules following amendments to the Water Environment (Controlled Activities) (Scotland) Regulations 2011 after a 12-week consultation, which took place earlier this year. The rule changes...
  15. Bald Rick

    “The animal agriculture industry is not long for this world”

    That is the stated aim of Patrick Brown, CEO of Impossible Foods which creates meat substitutes using genetically engineered yeasts. He is quoted in today’s Times as ”If we eliminated animal agriculture in the next 15 years it causes a pause in emissions that lasts 30 year. Biomass recovery...
  16. W

    New Water main across and drainage ditch

    Hi all, Does anyone have any experience of having a new water supply put in from the mains which enter your field or property across a drainage ditch? Our mains pipe is parallel to the road, in the grass verge which is parallel to our drainage ditch which we'll need to cross. We could cross...
  17. LandPowerTV

    JCB Leccy Loadall (525-60E) on-test

    Now then everybody. This week (Oct 2021), we are trying out JCB's new electric-powered Loadall, the 525-60E. But before we get stuck into the machine, have you got any questions, or would like to know anything about the machine? As you can imagine, we've got a shed load of questions with this...
  18. W

    Infertile tups

    I was at an AI day last week with a few of us getting work done and one young guy had 3 tups from the same farm all infertile ! What is wrong is it something in the feeding or just the amount they are fed ? They were BFL and from a top breeder !!
  19. onthehoof

    A little knowledge is a dangerous thing

  20. S

    JFC pellet store, green, 3 tonne, including wood pellets

    Wood pellet store including approx 60% full of wood pellets. Has suffered a crack in the top half currently held with gaffer to stop leakage but no doubt reaparible (see picture). Resides in south east London, residential. No longer required due to boiler fuel change. The fuel is sound but...