1. LTH

    Will clover take well when direct drilled into permanent pasture.

    I was wanting to improve some of the permanent cow pastures and was wondering how well clover will take just direct drilled in, not the sort of field I want to turn over but would like to put more clover into it. Does it take well like this or not really?
  2. Loadabullocks

    Nitrogen Fertiliser - pros & cons?

    Nitrogen (granules) are on order at quite-a-bit over £200 / tonne. 🥴 I’m very curious to hear the collective opinions on using fertiliser. Pros, cons? Short / long term effects? Ultimately... how sustainable is it for the climate, the farmer, the accounts etc. For context of my situation...
  3. J

    Custom gs4 mix

    I'm after some opinions on what I've put together in my head after some thought on a herbal ley mix to hit the gs4 specification, I havent seen a mix that I'm 100% happy with and suits my needs, far too many seem insistent on adding crap like oxeye daisies into the mix. In my head I've come up...
  4. Sam myers

    Grass seed

    looking at re drilling some old grasses to make hay/haylage, what type of grass lay should i drill? what seed would you recommend and how much will the seed cost me for 10 acres worth? thanks in advance
  5. Tim G

    Herbal ley seed

    Looking to establish a field as a herbal ley. Cotswold Seeds seem to be the most 'marketed', are they good mixes or are others better?
  6. Direct Driller Magazine

    A Blank Canvass

    A Blank Canvass Written by Tom Chapman, Head of Regenerative at Innovation for Agriculture How would we design agriculture now, in the 21st Century, if we were starting from scratch? What would we do differently, given what we know about regenerative agriculture and about farming with, not...
  7. tr250

    Gs 4 mixes with nitrogen Hungary Italian ryegrass in

    I’ve some gs4 grass ley to go in for the first time. We have always had highly productive Italian ryegrass usually put 86kg of N on per cut. Looking at all the gs4 mixes they all have grasses that are less reliant on N and lower yielding. my questions are can I buy straights and mix them myself...
  8. S

    ELM Scheme

    Hello, I have just listened to a podcast featuring a regenerative livestock farming couple, and they were discussing the changes from BPS to the ELM scheme. What are everyone's thoughts on the ELM scheme? Will it make farming fairer? Will it change things for new entrants? Does anyone have any...
  9. S

    Red clover

    Looking to sow some red clover as a protein crop,any information on soil type,timing regards sowing and mowing would be helpful.Going to try direct drill to establish.:unsure:
  10. Great In Grass

    Barenbrug more than a century of knowledge and experience in grass innovation

    With more than a century of knowledge and experience in grass innovation, meaning you'll be dealing with a company that understands grass, so you can rest easy with the knowledge that a quality product will be delivered for you. About Barenbrug UK HISTORY Established in the UK in 1983...
  11. R

    Grazing Legumes before tupping

    I understand the issues with red clover before tupping. My question is do other Legumes cause similar isuues? I have a cover crop mix I want to graze to get some condition on ewes before tupping in April. It's a mix of rye, vetch, sainfoin, crimson clover and stubble turnip. Will this be safe...
  12. D

    Natural Regeneration - Does it fit anything?

    After some serious thought I have decided I would be willing to allow 40 acres out of 180 to go to natural regeneration. Its all extremes of soil types and would buffer and straightnen the edges of watersourses very nicely leaving me with the easier working land in nice square blocks, amenable...
  13. steveR

    Fertilising a "no fert" herbal ley?

    This sounds a bit contradiction, but bear with me... Got a new herbal ley that was DD'd in September into a WW stubble, that is looking a bit pinched and hungry after a tough winter on some wet clay. It'll be fine come June I am sure, and will grow on happily. However, I was chatting with a...
  14. Banana Bar

    Reduced N in no till

    It is widely reported and accepted that nitrogen fertiliser is damaging to soil biology. It is suggested that long term no tillers are reducing their N use ( I’ve been told of one estate now growing wheat with 100kg N where recently they were using 200 kg). Have any long term no tillers seen...
  15. Direct Driller Magazine

    Soil Health - applications and opportunities for climate-smart farming, food security and environmental integrity

    Soil Health - applications and opportunities for climate-smart farming, food security and environmental integrity Written by Neil Douglas Fuller of the Atlas Sustainable Soil Programme Soil health is a product of interactions between plant roots and the living fraction of the soil...
  16. Direct Driller Magazine

    Farmer Focus: Tom Sewell (Dec 2020)

    As I sit down to write my latest article, I’m reminded that 8 years ago today I was awarded a Nuffield Scholarship. I was selected as part of the #Nuffield13 year group to study “The long-term benefits of no-till farming”. I remember walking onto the stage at the Nuffield conference to be...
  17. Direct Driller Magazine

    Regenerative Agriculture: Another Passing Fad or a System Fit for the Future?

    Regenerative Agriculture: Another Passing Fad or a System Fit for the Future? Written by William Waterfield from The Farm Consultancy Group Open just about any agricultural journal and one is bombarded by stories about regenerative agriculture but why all this interest? The confusion...
  18. Direct Driller Magazine

    Rethinking Permanent Soil Cover

    Rethinking Permanent Soil Cover Written by Joel Williams Permanent soil cover! One of the three pillars of conservation agriculture and rightly so. There are numerous benefits to soil health and crop production that stem from this foundational soil protective principle. However, in recent...
  19. W

    East england dairy farming

    From the south west myself with a genuine interest, quite happy to be told asking silly questions. Is there any talk/interest in the sector developing across mid-east england (more dairies more cows)? Lot's of table talk here, just wondered!
  20. Farm Business RSS

    Harper Adams research reduces the environmental impact of milk production by feeding lower protein diets and forage legumes

    Written by John Swire There is considerable public and government interest in lowering the environmental cost and improving the sustainability of milk production. Researchers at Harper Adams University have been addressing this by focussing on areas such as nitrogen, carbon and phosphorus...