1. bobk

    Is 30k a big bale count ...

    For a round baler ? looking at a Case which appears tidy . tia
  2. MX7

    Combine telematics???

    How much extra approximately is a telematics package on a combine? How do combine telematics pay for themselves??? :scratchhead: :scratchhead: How do they increase the bottom line enough to just the cost of the telematics option?
  3. C

    Claas combine data card

    Hi, I have a Class Lexion 600 and have bought a card reader So I can download the data about yield etc but when I plug it in it doesn’t recognise the data. Do I need programme in order to read it? Thank you
  4. M

    Grain Drying

    Wondering what's general thoughts on DIY drying. 'If' someone were operating a 25 year old 12t/h continuous flow dryer for 900 acres, everything going through it. The intake is still from the 60s and microscopic and the handling and wet stora, is becoming unsustainable. The rape goes stright...
  5. C

    Farmers weekly yield reports 17t/ha wheat

    What a bunch of dicks https://www.fwi.co.uk/arable/harvest/early-start-to-wheat-harvest-yields-up-to-a-huge-17t-ha
  6. tr250

    New walker lexion 5000-6000

    Are there any of these around yet? Do they have much more capacity than the older walker lexions? https://www.claas-group.com/press-corporate-communications/press-releases/lexion-6000-and-5000--a-new-dimension-of-straw-walker-performance/2028160
  7. MX7

    First week in use NEW machinery dramas??

    Over the years what are the worst breakages you have had on brand new machines within their first week or so of use. I ask the above as main drive belt broke on the brand new combine at the small estate where my wife is secretary ,on the second day of use this season. Trouble was it cut through...
  8. F

    New holland CH combine

  9. czechmate

    CEBIS - reel speed

    I have a problem with the reel vario, so to stop it destroying itself by non stop adjusting I have disconnected the wires to the motor. It would be handy just to make very occasional adjustments to its speed by pressing a button. Is it possible to switch the automatic speed control off? I am...