1. M

    Thin grease

    Good morning chaps, my neighbor asked me if I knew what oils go into his tedder's gearboxes. He doesn't want to buy a drum of it, he just wants a small top up, but when he showed this to the local oil/grease guy, he wasn't sure either. TIA
  2. TFF

    AHDB Reccomended List: Winter Barley 2022/23

    The AHDB Recommended Lists for cereals and oilseeds (RL) publications provide variety-performance data. With information on yield and quality, agronomic features and market options, use these variety-specific highlights (alongside the main RL) to identify promising varieties for your farm...
  3. Old Tip

    Replacement Sheep Tags

    I hope some of you can shed light on the rules for replacing sheep tags, I don’t buy many breeding sheep in but was of the understanding that if one lost a tag you replaced both with new red tags and recorded the number. But the other day I was told that the red tags were only for home bred...
  4. A

    JD Boilersuit

    I can’t seem to find any of the usual black with the green arms JD boilersuits I wear everyday in stock anywhere! Anyone else notice this or are they taking out some fancy new design probably for more money! I swear by them but don’t like the almost fully green ones show up oil etc too much! I...
  5. N

    which antibiotic for footrot- sheep

    sheep with severe foot rot, generally clean, spray terramycin and inject with Pen & Strep. which injesction do others use?
  6. redsloe

    Desktop computer renewal.

    We've not had a desktop computer for a few years now, a tablet does my browsing for me but with more invoices being emailed our ancient laptop is annoying the hell out of the missus! I shall soon be told to F off and do it myself! Do people still use desktops for farmwork? I heard you can get an...
  7. CPM RSS

    High levels of germination in over-yeared hybrid barley seed

    Written by Charlotte Cunningham Testing of more than 300 samples of over-yeared hybrid barley seed, that wasn’t drilled last autumn, has shown high levels of germination have been retained – averaging 96% across all samples. Charlotte Cunningham reports. The free tests, carried out by Syngenta...
  8. Honest john

    Harvest/Yields 2020

    Very quite on here so far.
  9. Oscar

    Situation Vacant Farm teaching Technician - West Somerset

    The Libra School is seeking a person to join their team to develop an engaging therapeutic programme within the farm environment from August 2020
  10. Precision AG RSS

    How Blockchain Opens New Markets for Caribbean Farmers

    Written by David Frabotta Blockchain might be best-known for disrupting the financial sector, thanks to Bitcoin and more recently, Facebook’s Libra, according […] The post How Blockchain Opens New Markets for Caribbean Farmers appeared first on PrecisionAg. Continue reading on the Precision...
  11. H

    Standing Barley crop.

    Got someone interested in buying a patch of winter barley off me .... any thoughts on value? He combines it and takes the grain but leaves the straw .
  12. W

    Weigh bridge Advice??

    We're in the process of building an AD plant and are looking at putting in a weighbridge in at the same time. Have any members got good/bad experiences with different companies?? Are the standard 3m ones ok, or is it worth going wider for modern flotation tyres. Any advice would be great!!