1. llamedos

    Sheep Control of Sheep Scab

    Sheep scab is caused by the host-specific mite Psoroptes ovis. Sheep scab can be transmitted by direct contact when sheep are gathered and held tightly together such as during sales or contact with infested scab material on fenceposts or vehicles used for animal transport etc. Sheep scab was...
  2. llamedos

    Sheep Ectoparasitic Infestations (excluding Sheep Scab)

    While sheep scab is the most important skin infestation affecting sheep, farmers must also be aware of the other ectoparasite infestations that can affect their-flocks causing both financial loss and welfare concerns. Control of all ectoparasites infestations can be achieved by strategic...
  3. llamedos

    Poultry External and Internal Parasites of Chickens

    All animals carry parasites which have evolved to live on or in certain species, each species having their own type of parasite which may or may not live briefly on say, a human. Some of the parasites are benign and some are pathological. Keeping all parasites at a low level should be the aim of...