1. D

    Wrag or Protech post knocker?

    Looking at either a wrag basic xl or protech p230s. Both with 300kg weights and rock spikes, and pretty much identical in spec. But wrag is over a grand more than protech. What's people's thoughts. Apparently wrag is better built and the wrag supporter I've spoken too says that the protechs have...
  2. B

    Pre Calver blocks/licks

    Anyone use them? Trying to keep pre calvers on a simple system and thought the blocks would work quite well, anyone had experience with them?
  3. D

    4WD tractor with loader - 60-80hp - top half of the country - CHEAP please

    Initially will be shifting stuff about and using a back actor with a bit of light mowing,topping, baleing in the future. Will consider anything and I know it wont be the prettiest with my budget but would be nice if it has glass and not to much rust. Looked at JD 2140, case 785/885, marshal 704...
  4. FirlodgeFarm

    Lleyn tup for replacements?

    Has anyone here used a lleyn tup on suffolk/mule and/or texel/mule ewes to breed replacements? If so how did the resulting ewes turn out? Thinking about pulling out a few ewes this year to give it a go.
  5. MrsJ 177

    DB Agriculture

    For Quality beef and sheep protien concerntrates, Microbials Molasses Minerals Lick tubs Grass seed Silage addetives North east uk Message myself Caroline Gregory Below our own bulls grown and fattened on DB Agriculture protein, barley and molasses.
  6. B

    Sucklers on hay

    Usually feed cows ad lib baleage. Salt licks right through then lifeline crumb on feed about 2 weeks pre and right through calving. Looking at making more hay this time due to cost of wrap. Thinking hay until new year then switch to baleage. What would people feed with it? Would be medium to...
  7. B

    Certain Types, Breeds Of Dogs Should Be Banned?

    Why hasnt more been done? how many more people, young children are to be killed, mauled by dogs, a few years ago when this did come to light i thought laws were put into place to ban the keeping, breeding importing, sale of certain dogs, so why in the last couple of months do we here of two...
  8. C

    Biodiversity offsetting - Anyone done it?

    Looking for anyones experience, Ive been approached by two companies now regarding offsetting associated with nearby housing developments (on separate fields ) - One hasnt made any offer yet the other is offering £23k/ha upfront and £950/ha for 30 years linked to inflation - 0.5% with a 5% cap...
  9. B

    What Fly Repellant Do You Use On Cattle?

    Flies about now, ive tried a few types over the years, but have stuck with spoton, find that it needs repeating a few times through the season, more so in rainy weather, or thats what increases the flie burdon? I would love to see some sort of trial with all types of fly control from types you...
  10. HarryB97

    Cutting winter barley now, nutritional value?

    I have about 5 acres of winter barley that is full of blackgrass that I want to mow rather than let it seed. The barley is out in ear but no grain fill has occurred yet. What sort of nutritional value could I hope for from it? Top quality silage like grass or more gut fill?
  11. R

    Red Deer Nutrition/feed/supliments/licks

    Hello All. I manage a small flock of red deer and have recently noticed that they have stopped using the licks I was supplying them. Could anyone recommend a lick or supplement that they respond well to please? It's primarily to address low copper availability on our land. They are a fully...
  12. Aspiring Peasants


    I know disc mowers are more popular than drum mowers but I really dislike my Krone disc mower. It's on its fifth season, it's unreliable and is hard to get as tidy a job as with the vicon drum mower we used to have. Looking at alternatives, has anyone got a Weaving drum mower which I think are...
  13. T

    How to boost direct drilled spring barley

    I’ve got a problem with some spring barley drilled with a 750 into spring wheat stubble on March 30th. The barley has no go in it, it’s all got spindly leaves and no tillers and despite an 85% establishment it still hasn’t covered between the rows after emerging about a month ago. I’m not sure...
  14. JKG

    Ewe with bloody snot.

    Hello, I have a ewe with twins and 1 has orf and the ewe also has a tiny bit on her nipple. I have separated her from the other ewes and lambs...only 3 ewes and no other signs of it yet. she seem to be okay the first few days but she hasn't eaten the food I gave to her and she has had a snotty...
  15. gavd

    Calving disaster

    Just come in from the latest stillborn calf, so far 3 stillborn out of 6 calved. Only have 20 sucklers and this year making me question having them. Seems a lot of work and hassle for very little reward. Managed to get the second stillborn and placenta to the lab for a PM the other day. Still...
  16. S

    Organic sheep bolus

    Anyone found any that can be used? Always used agrimin but they have let their certification laspe with organic farmers and growers. Seems more important now I've just heard the rumenco place had a fire and can't get organic mineral blocks at the moment 😥 Thanks
  17. Wolds Beef

    Growing food in the Back Garden

    Who has decided to grow more in there garden and what are you growing? Salad crps are my first thought. WB
  18. Haythers

    Stirks licking timber

    I have some stirks inside and at the feed barrier they keep licking/chewing on the wood. Thinking there must be a deficiency of some kind, can anyone shed any light on what it might be or solutions cheers
  19. Greythundercloudys

    Finished lmbing, what to change for next year?

    Finished today, been pretty good, always problems but weather has been much better than last year, so thinks l, ll change or not, still lmb alot in march, normally get a spell of dryer weather then, not have as long a delay till the second lots starts, lmb the gimmers outside as apart from some...
  20. D

    Donkeys and mineral licks

    Any donkey experts out there? Are there any dangerous minerals for donkeys? We have a couple that are in a small field with some sucklers and wondering about putting a general purpose lick tub in the field for the cattle, which the donkeys will obv want to have a lick of.