1. Bald Rick

    Bison to be reintroduced to Kent woodland

    A Kent Wildlife Trust initiative. One male, three female European Bison Going to be fenced in but meeting one of these would hurry up your dog walk.
  2. AGN76

    Lim Semen

    Neuf straws for sale, approx 15 straws. £35 per straw, ovno. Delivery at cost.
  3. F

    How to Beat the Criminals?

    We are forever increasing our defences against the night raiders. Last night we had a building broken into that we thought was very secure, the padlock was an ABUS High security closed shackle Granit plus that cost almost £120.00 and was supposed to be impossible to cut. However the bastar*s had...
  4. Agriland RSS

    ‘I want to continue raising the voices of women in agriculture’

    Written by Agriland Team “I want to continue raising the voices of women in agriculture.” That’s the perspective of 28-year-old Ruth Parkes from Armagh who is behind the hashtag #Agriwomen24. “Last August, I decided to set up my Instagram account to connect more with women in agriculture so I...
  5. Woolless

    Native x Kiwi suckler cows

    Anyone on here running them? Her/AA x sucklers from spring block-calving type herds? Thinking about putting a few sucklers on, thought this cross might be a good bet for the type of system I would have in place. Probably calve May, winter cows outside with calf at foot, bales and some deferred...
  6. P

    Coming soon to a Barbeque near you............

    This was supposed to be our new stock bull, for our pedigree herd, purchased via H&H online sale for 5200 gns. Actually quite a decent bull, apart from the void between his ears, even after being here for 3 weeks, he was still nowhere near being safe to go in the pen with, certainly not on your...