1. S

    Why should I stay..............

    Help me out please. Particularly those native Scots. I have spent half my life north of the border, but was born in the south. 20 plus years here. I am now after that time able to consider buying a small chunk for ourselves. However........ When I came north my lineage was not of much...
  2. Clive

    Are you all depressed ?

    I've been lucky enough to have a bit of a family holiday recently with lockdown restrictions ending and I've also spent a lot more time with none farming friends and reduced my time talking farming online a fair bit. After a period where that has been hard to do it's easy to forget just how...
  3. Wolds Beef

    Why o'Why

    The menu has so much foreign stuff on it for the G7 Why has not Boris that it is all British!! We have got fabulous food in this country and it is summer!! It is all available. James Martin et al should be serving the best of British, including S Devon Beef English Sparkling Wine, Mr Dysons...
  4. baaa

    Re-directing cattle farming advice/views

    Hi to everyone, I'm based in Brittany, France. I farm sheep over here. I have a farming friend with a 400 acre farm, who has recently sold his Montbeliarde milking cows, after 30 years of milking on the farm. He is now looking to redivert his farm business whilst keeping cows and cattle as...
  5. Kevtherev

    The Turnip Taliban?

  6. E

    Bull warranty.. Or not.

    Read the small print and be selective who you trust. Bought 5 Charollais bulls at borderway mart at the British Charollais spring show and sale on the 15th of may. One of which came with a vet certificate of fertility.. Ideal sensible vendor. The other four did not. Two of these bulls came from...
  7. Agriland RSS

    Royal Highland Showcase reveals livestock entry figures for 2021 show

    Written by William Kellett The Royal Highland Showcase, in Partnership with Royal Bank of Scotland, has revealed excellent livestock entry figures for its sheep, cattle and goat classes. Over 1,100 entries have been confirmed for the innovative hybrid event, which takes place at Ingliston...
  8. Cowabunga

    Farming going down with hardly a whimper...

    Worth the effort to listen to this sensible commentary to the end.
  9. H

    Feeding fields beans to finishing cattle

    Currently finishing Lim x cattle on maize silage, grass silage, brewers grains and 5.5kg of barley/wheat mixture. Beans grow well here and interested in if they would have a place in our finisher ration. Thanks in advance
  10. NADIS News Feed

    NADIS - Grass Staggers (Hypomagnesaemia)

    Milk Fever (Hypocalcaemia, Parturient Paresis) The average annual incidence of milk fever in UK dairy herds is estimated to be approximately 7-8 per cent but individual farms may have a much higher prevalence when calving at pasture. Milk fever is more common in older dairy cows but can also...
  11. Agriland RSS

    2 people arrested after dispute at Carlisle Limousin sale

    Written by William Kellett A man and a woman were arrested after a dispute broke out at a Limousin cattle sale at Borderway Mart in Carlisle. Police in Cumbria were called out to the dispute which occurred at around 8:50 last Thursday evening (May 6). A Cumbria Police spokesperson said: “A...
  12. Agriland RSS

    RHASS announce next generation judges for Royal Highland Showcase

    Written by William Kellett The Royal Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland (RHASS) has unveiled this year’s beef cattle judges for the forthcoming Royal Highland Showcase, taking place from June 14 – June 20, 2021. This year’s judges have all earned their place on the judging line up...
  13. Greythundercloudys

    Posh spice cow owner, in trouble.

    See the guy who sold that lim cow for all that cash is in trouble for headbutting love rival. The wife must be a hotties.
  14. A

    Luing x Lim

    Has anyone here tried a limmy bull onto Luing cows? Just a cross I’ve never really seen? Colours would be good and have a more valuable calf and can’t see too many downsides or is it just the Sim/luing is tried and tested so fowk stick with it?
  15. jacobl741

    Limousin bulls

    Selection of pedigree Limousin bulls for sale Buxton Derbyshire, 12-18 months old. Well bred and very quiet
  16. Chasingmytail

    CTS - register twins?

    I assume you cant enter twins on CTS ? Dont want to enter one calf to find I cant enter another to same dam. Or do I have the joy of phoning?
  17. Matthew Britton


    I guess you are in the same boat over there with a lack of large animal vets but if any of you know a large animal vet looking for a change of scene then my vet is looking. They would happily take on a vet couple. We are in the middle of French cattle Country with mainly charolais and limousin...
  18. F


    Have finally bought some pedigree cows and calves with a few more to come, i know its an expense but how much hassle is it register and keep these cattle pedigree and their next calves. This is only a small herd (25ish) cows to clear up fields a cannot cut for my haylage business,I’m not...
  19. Mr Jones

    Should i begin to get slightly worried

    Cow served on 21 July 2020 to a lim'young bull - hence the survey from a certain ai company's Still no closer to calving today, have put my arm in, all normal. Wouldn't be the first time said company has inseminated a cow to a different bull. And the endings never turned out great when it...
  20. L

    Wanted Pedigee bull

    Anyone thinking of selling a calm natured ,easy calving bull with good health status ? Or any thing coming up for auction ?