1. R

    Building on dairy cross heifers

    I am wondering how many generations it is worthwhile breeding dairy cross cattle for as a suckler herd. As I understand it, one might use dairy cross heifers sired by a beef bull as mothers for a suckler herd, raising one quarter dairy animals for the hook, but generally it would be usual to...
  2. Short_Angus

    Odd Calf

    I was wondering if anyone has had a calf anything like the above oddity. Cow calved only 2 days before her due date. Calf has teeth and plenty hair just like a normal full term one. It's the smallest calf I've ever seen alive, 5 days old now and a whole 12kg heavy. Really didn't think it would...
  3. capfits

    Where is the Home Secretary?

    Getting on for 6 weeks of the daily briefings and only once has the Home Secretary done the presentation? Sure we get the PM and Health Secretary appearing regular and even The Chancellor, but you would have thought the home secretary may well have had more to add in terms of law order...
  4. W

    Maternal tup for Texels

    What are your thoughts on a maternal tup to put over mainly 3/4 texels for breeding replacement ewes? We are just finishing lambing and I’ve had to intervene with to many, what breeds are going to inject some maternal traits back into the flock. Thanks.
  5. Phil P

    Man killed by water buffalo

    Some sad news! Hopefully it’s not any forum members involved. @waterbuffalofarmer you ok?
  6. J

    Massey Ferguson 30 SNMY

    Hello. I have just brought a mf30. It is a French built tractor but must have been quite uncommon because finding parts is a struggle. Does anyone know if transmission parts from a 35, or any other masseys fit. I’m guessing they will be slightly similar? I specifically need the cup that houses...
  7. Optimus


    So today I was moving a cow down the road due to calve in a few days. 2 lads on bikes on bikes coming towards us.expecting them to stop an stay in the edge to let the cow pass as most folk do.but not these 2 Lycra clad heros. Head straight for the cow, its starts to spook.they start weaving...
  8. onthehoof

    Easy calving ebv’s

    What’s people’s experience of buying an ‘easy calving’ bull, while there is always going to be the odd difficult calving are figures generally accurate?
  9. F

    Pedigree Lleyns?

    Hello, I’ve just joined the site a few moments ago after lurking for quite a few months. Bit of info: I’m a teenager living on a farm in Sussex. I’m very keen on sheep and am looking to do more with them in the future. We currently have a flock of Texel x Romany. For a long time now I’ve been...
  10. icanshootwell

    Best bull for a suckler herd.

    At the moment I,m running a lim and although the heads on the calves are small we do get a lot stuck on the hips. Do people compromise on conformation do get easier calving s !!
  11. steveR

    A Novice and his Aitchison Grassfarmer.

    I have been mulling and exploring the possible use of a basic DD tine drill such as found in the Aitchison and Sim-Tec range for while now, to use initially on game and stewardship drilling, with an increase next year onwards, as ground comes out of my old Stewardship and transitions into other...
  12. fraz

    Bazadaise vs blonde bulls

    Hi I am looking for a young bull 14 to 18 months old and really fancy a blonde or a bazadaise I am just looking for other people's opinions on them nearly all my stock is wintered outside and currently run a nice Angus bull ( I will be keeping him as well) and can't fault him just wanting a bit...
  13. J

    Stabiliser bull?

    Got the chance of a stabiliser bull to put on some simx heifers, I’ve not seen any in the flesh, what are people’s thoughts on them? I haven’t got to have him it’s just a thought so what’s your experience of them, good/bad? Heard they aren’t the best sellers? Suppose to be easy calvers
  14. P

    Ohh to breed cattle like that
  15. T

    Starting a sucker herd

    I am planning to start a small suckler herd 10-20 cattle, I know that money is limited in this system but it is more of a hobby hopefully to breed high quality commercial cattle. The question I have is where would you start,what animal would you choose to start your herd. Would you choose well...
  16. S

    Spring time on the farm

    I cannot find anything here about 4 nights of spring time on the farm
  17. Chris F

    Cattle Breeds Emoji Quiz

  18. R

    Highways England Compound Rental

    Hi everyone, has anyone had any experience dealing with HIghways England renting your land for a compound to do with road maintenance? I'd like to know what the going rate for pasture land rent would be in this situation. I've been offered an insultive rental amount of £7/acre per month. Yes...
  19. Oldmacdonald

    Whats the stabiliser cow of the sheep world?

    Novelty of lambing ewes at 3am is wearing off somewhat.
  20. bob_01

    2x limousin bulls

    We had 2 limousin bulls entered into the cancelled Melton Mowbray bull sale. 17/18 months old. Staffordshire/Cheshire boarder. Easily born£3500 onopm for details if anyone is interested