1. Massey_3115

    Eastern Massey Dealers of the Past.

    Apologies if this is in the wrong area! I was only knee height in the mid 80’s and I’m interested in the history of some of the local dealers that have come and gone in the past. My grey gold was Boston tractors, the 135 was supplied by Oliver Rix, the 565 has a riches and a larkmans sticker on...
  2. N

    O/d interest rates

    Very small od secured ,has anyone else had the bomb shell of lloyds going to charge 10.85% from May.
  3. Greythundercloudys

    The end of subs mean the end of forms.

    Will this be the case, if your farms on going to get a grand why bother filling them in, l won't be filling in anything for very little in return. Unless they give me a 1000£an acre to plant half of the farm in trees.
  4. capfits

    Overdraft requirements for coming growing season.

    Getting to the time of year for the chat with bank manager. Not expecting any major surprises in terms of arrangement fees or rates. Think we could reduce our requirements but not so sure it will be wise to with the political stuff going on. Threats and opportunities and all that. So what are...
  5. Will 1594

    John Deere reducing dealerships

    Heard from a manufacturer rep today ,that sharmans have been given notice on their jd franchise , Dont know any more
  6. holly smoke


    Morning all I have the chance to purchase a block of land more or less next door where is the best place to get a mortgage ie bank or amc
  7. ffukedfarmer

    Lloyds Bank and paying in cheques

    If you are a Lloyds Bank Customer make sure that the payee name on the cheque exactly matches your account name when you pay it into their machine. I paid in a market cheque on Monday and noticed on Tuesday that it was showing on the account as being returned unpaid. When I queried it the...
  8. westwood

    Rent Per acre without BPS

    What do you think people would be willing to pay to rent bare arable land with no bps or countryside stewardship. ( landlord keeping both) Am playing with figures and was just wandering especially With this brexit thingy turning into an utter shambles and the threat of a Corbyn lead government...
  9. jon9000

    Land Values

    big question I'm asking myself at the moment do you think land values have dropped and if so do you think they will keep dropping
  10. FarmyStu

    What's your colour

    In another thread @Cowabunga suggested that one reason Claas tractors don't sell so well is that Claas colours don't suit tractors. Can this be true? Do people really make important business decisions based on the colour of the machine? I don't mind the colour of Claas tractors but I think...
  11. Steevo

    Xero - tips and tricks

    Just starting to use Xero for the new tax year onwards. Set up the bank account, can create rules ok, and starting to get the hang of it. What else should I know? Any tips and trick appreciated! I'm planning to watch some of the Xero Youtube videos before long too.
  12. jade35


    Must be doing something right(y) Arla Foods UK ‏@ArlaFoodsUK 3m3 minutes ago WIN - The @BestFactory2016 Supply Chain Award is presented to Arla's Aylesbury site #bfa2016
  13. O

    All change again in east of scotland

    Would appear that a m Phillips has taken Massey Ferguson from Alan Mackay who in turn has got Valtra.Also it would be that Phillips will have fergie at others depots.
  14. Nithsdale Farmer

    TexX ewes - which Tup to use?

    So, I went abit daft... I've got 50 TexX ewes standing in isolation :bag: Iv also got another 20 aged TexX ewes running amongst my commercials I bought one year I was short of numbers... so there's 70 in total! The gimmers need vaccinated for Enzi. Got the vaccine this afternoon, doing them...
  15. Friesianfan

    British friesian bulls

    I thought I would start an alternative thread to the Holstein bull thread. What are people's best Bulls? Mine would be Black Isle glen albyn and tittenser hylke.