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  1. L

    Machinery maintenance

    Much as I am proud of the quality of care my cows receive I am ashamed at the lack of maintenance we do on our kit. it’s costing us money I can ill afford. Can the collective please point me in right direction to enable me to empower my staff to do this. It’s not an area I have any interest...
  2. C

    Best tractor rears

    Got to spend some cash on a pair of rear tyres for my Tractor..16.9/38 whats the best make to buy...do a bit of road work hauling bales etc etc...Klebers...my mate says ...any ideas ...Thanks
  3. W

    Small farmers - 100ish acres

    Hi Guys, Partners dad, a farmer, suggested that we get both a small-ish tractor and a handler for the jobs around the farm. More than likely get a JD6320 and then something like the handler in the link below...
  4. andybk

    New small drum mower ?

    Small farm here , been happy with our old PZ165 just one incident where we lost the saucer on a tree root , are all the new various copys , same design ie sealed gearbox bearings , removable cover (4 bolts ) or any to avoid for being cheaply made .thanks
  5. gavd

    Which part of forage making to take in-house first?

    Looking for a bit of advice on which bit of machinery to purchase first to do a bit more of our silage/hay/straw making in house. Just a small place so around 2-300 bales silage, 100-150 bales hay and 150 straw yearly. All done in 4 ft rounds. Currently we have a 120hp tractor and 70hp loader...
  6. Classichay

    4ft muck grab

    Looking for a 4ft muck grab for our loader tractor if anyone has one for sale? Or the remnants of one
  7. W

    Tractor hours

    How many hours is reasonable for a second hand tractor? I understand some is more then others but my understanding is limited to distance on cars, not hours on tractors unfortunately. Thanks.
  8. M

    DD an idiots guide please!

    Does such thing exists? I know all farms and soils are different but the 10 top critical points would be very helpful for many people. Where I’m struggling is that we’re a small mixed farm and getting straw off in a wet year always makes a mess (turning,baling,stacking and then loading) and...
  9. Agriland RSS

    Up to speed as New Holland supports Prince’s Countryside Fund

    Written by Justin Roberts New Holland, for the second year running, has lent its support to the Prince’s Countryside Fund (PCF) and its Up to Speed Scheme. The purpose of the PCF is to promote a “robust and sustainable rural community” and this element of its work aims to bring the latest...
  10. MJT

    Sensible reliable Telehandler

    Currently run a merlo 32.6 telehandler, after trading in our old 26.6 years ago . The newer machine has given so much more problems , mostly electrical or sensors etc, as well as stupid amount of pipes wearing through. So my question is what would you guys advise for a more basic telehandler...
  11. jacobl741

    Mf 5455 opinions

    Hi what are peoples opinions on massey 5455 dyna 4 tractors. There is one in at a local dealer, wouldn’t be getting used hard, round baler biggest thing it would need to run. Currently have a 5465 but wanting to swap it for a smaller 4cyl with a loader.
  12. M

    Loader for JXU

    I'm considering selling our 40-something year old 2wd loader tractor and instead getting a loader for our Case JX100U. Don't know much about loaders at all, wondering what the best options are - Quicke/Trima/Case/any other (maybe cheaper) makes worth considering? It won't be doing a massive...
  13. D

    4wd tractor with loader suggestions

    Hi all, New to the forum and wanted to get some feedback on best options for a 4wd tractor with a loader. I work FT but last few years have got back in to keeping a few cattle having grown up on a farm. Mostly bouncing between my father and father in laws farms when a pen or field is free...
  14. JWalker24

    Case JX1100U

    Considering purchasing a Case JX1100U, I've heard some good reports, but thought there's a wider audience on here for more opinions!! What's the difference between a JX1100U and and JXU110? The tractor also has a Quicke Q45 loader, are these reliable and well made? only had experience with...
  15. T

    Looking for Fermec 860, NH95 backhoe

    Hi I’m looking for advice on these models of backhoes. What are these like for farm work, ditching, digging etc? A lot cheaper than JCB3CX! Anybody selling?
  16. Juggler

    MF 3080 - Restore or change?

    My 1989 3080 is starting to look a bit tired, I'm only the third owner from new, it's original owner had it for 3 years, its been with me for last 6 years, and everything in between with someone who really looked after it, it was a credit to them when it came here, all still in good original...
  17. Foregoneconclusion

    Changing my Puma. For 140 hp with Loader recommendations!

    As title says. Its time to change out to fresher machine and would like to get a tractor with a loader. My puma is my front line tractor doing anything from trailer work through to primary and seconday cultivation and grass seeding. So don't want a big lump of a machine but would like to try...
  18. M

    Farms for sale

    As we enter into the busy time of year for farm sales, is everyone seeing an increase in farms in the local area or are people sitting tight? Recent years have seen a drop in farm sales with uncertainty surrounding Brexit and Farm support. Now with all this a lot more certain, will we see an...
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    Precision Lift & Load app takes front-loader control to a new level

    Written by John Swire Valtra’s extensive experience with factory-fitted front loaders culminates this year in a completely new front-loader control experience. Together with its fifth generation of tractors, Valtra is launching the completely new Precision Lift & Load app for G, N and T Series...
  20. pgk

    Finance costs.

    What sort of apr are finance houses doing on c£15k against a second hand loader tractor?