loader tractor

  1. J

    Front wheel hubs breaking

    Morning, just wondering how common it is to have a hub break and wheel come off on a tractor. Got one here that I'm losing faith in. Thank you
  2. B

    Older fastrac and loader

    Has anybody got or used an older fastrac such as at 1135/1170 4ws model with a front end loader? On paper looks like a good straw haulage setup? But having never really driven one in anger I have little experience? I’ve seen a nice 1135 on farm locally with 9000 hours. One owner who’s retiring...
  3. Boomerang

    Are fendts really that good ??

    Or are they living on past glories.? A big outfit down the road runs several, including crawlers and heard that they have got through 11 new engines .two other farmers both had new engines 8n more than one that they own all these are In tractors no more than couple of years old . If this is...
  4. Mark C

    CFS UK machinery

    Anyone heard of this outfit? Allegedly based in Witney but companies house lists the same name as a Diahatsu Dealer in Wales?? Brother in law (landscape gardener is looking for a loader tractor and saw this https://www.cfsukltd.co.uk/machinery/detail/538/new-holland-ts100
  5. james ds

    Opinions on the best farm loader .

    A neighbour with 1000 cattle is looking for a new loader to do the yard work, fill a diet feeder as quick as possible . He’s looking at a bobcat tl38.70hf. Anyone any experience of these loaders or other options .
  6. G

    Trelleborg tyres very disappointed

    FARMING FRIENDS PLEASE TAKE A LOOK AND CONSIDER MAKE SURE WHEN BUYING TYRES YOU CONSIDER THE BACK UP YOU WANT WHEN SPENDING THOUSANDS OF POUNDS ON A SET OF TYRES!!! Had a terrible experience with these tyres and feel really let down by Trelleborg there backup and support is disgraceful after...
  7. jamesy89

    130hp tractor costs

    Does anyone have costs per clock hour for a 130hp tractor to include: depreciation Insurance Tyres Servicing Maintenance not including diesel/operator. Thanks
  8. Fragonard

    Nh vs Case. DC vs AC / A8 vs CVX

    We have 4 options, Case or New Holland, and Active 8 vs CVX, or Dynamic Command vs Auto Command. Mixed work, including small bit of loader work. Which colour and which box please? Thanks, any advice is, Much appreciated.
  9. Hesstondriver

    Difference between MF 265 and 565

    Can any MF enthusiasts explain the differences between the 200 and 500 series. these two look to have similar hp and could have been built at the same time . ? thanks
  10. C


    Looking for a pair of Radial Tyres for my loader Tractor....14.9 /28 loose sale to an EX14 postcode...any prices please
  11. C

    John Deere 6200

    Evening last year we bought a 1996 6200 as a spare loader tractor come girl Friday to do those jobs that don't need 100hp to do them. Anyway we seem to have a oil leak from the transmission oil cooler in front of the radiator 😐 has anyone had this before? The air con radiator and the...
  12. F

    Jcb 4220 or fendt 722/724.

    Right! How are people getting on with the Jcb 4220 Lots of the problems sorted out? Both run the same gear box. Is the many out there doing mixed work on a day to day basic. Umbilical trailers loader work putting stuff on and off all day. Sumo plough drill ect. I have had a demo of Jcb a few...
  13. J

    Why I hate electrics

    Not sure if I'm missing something obvious or this is just the black magic that is electric having a laugh at me. Spent yesterday afternoon trying to sort out the 3rd sevice on the old loader tractor, got as far as replacing most of the botched and corroded wiring as far as the 7 pin plug which...
  14. S

    Straw spreading options for loader tractor

    Just wondering what people’s thoughts are on straw spreaders/choppers when we just have the one loader tractor. The warthog loader mounted spreader looks spot on but they aren’t currently making the round bale model, we’re on all round bales here. I think Malgar used to make them as well but...
  15. Fergieman

    LED worklight ID

    Anyone ID these led worklights fitted to a Renault. I am presuming not original equipment. As you can see 1 has failed.
  16. cousinjack

    Telehandler vs tractor for daily chores ?

    I have lately been wondering whether feeding up our cows every day with a telehandler is as efficient as it appears?? telehandlers by their very nature are fuel hungry with big engines, torque converters and heavy weights? With diesel going up as it is - I’m going to experiment with running...
  17. cows sh#t me to tears

    You know Christmas falls on a Saturday when...........

    You find this Saturday morning and it's 4 days minimum before the tire shop opens.....maybe. Had to park mixer tractor within easy reach of air compressor.....hopefully only tomorrow morning to go...
  18. G

    Tyre wear

    I wondered if others with more experience could advise..will wider front tyres will last any longer than my usual 13.6x24 on a loader tractor? Obviously more rubber to wear, but presumably more scrubbing and more ££? 50/50 grassland work and road/yard work Tia
  19. G

    Which size front tyres loader tractor?

    Was wondering if fatter fronts last any longer than narrower? 50/50 grassland and yard/road work Obs more rubber, but more scrubbing? And more cost ?
  20. M

    What should I buy

    Same lamborghini zetor case or jd. Just for the fun. What's best... Of a bad bunch😂