loader tractor

  1. M

    What should I buy

    Same lamborghini zetor case or jd. Just for the fun. What's best... Of a bad bunch😂
  2. jerseycowsman

    Feeding out grass silage

    Currently dig out grass silage into a pile with a grab, then use a large Emily bucket to pick it up and feed it along troughs. Simple and little to go wrong. Only needs one tractor. Stupidly thinking out loud now, can I fill a mixer wagon with loader tractor and then hitch loader tractor up to...
  3. M

    John Deere 6430 premium

    Looking at swapping wheels on for bigger ones anybody know if you can edit the size under the command centre to fit new wheels
  4. AngusLad

    Used CAT telehandler. Yay/nay?

    Looking at buying a used telehandler and I've seen a couple of Cat forklifts at fairly handy money, one TH406c with5500 hours that I really like the look of. Any recommendations? Always thought cat had a fairly good reputation for build quality?
  5. paul&mandy

    Backhoe diggers

    It's only a thought at the moment. I see one that was sold that had a jcb q fit carriage. Would be handy for loading bales and muck spreader to keep it busy in the summer then ditching/fence clearing in the winter etc. I don't really want a 360 as I'm keen to use the machine for far greater...
  6. mar

    Rear Tractor weight for trailer work

    Has anyone ever made a weight for the back of a tractor so that you can hook a trailer on at the same time, can it be done. Has anyone any photos or ideas how it could be done.
  7. S

    John Deere 6030 terrible kick on reverser ! JD guys help

    As with almost every 6030 4 cyl I have a terrible kick on reverser on 6230 Standard. I do gearbox calibration and it is still kicking. Wth is wrong with those softwares on 6030 series ? I have installed latest gearbox payload and same problem. Can someone explain in plain english what do fill...
  8. Matt77

    Clamp v big bale silage cost

    Being lazy here, anyone done the rough cost of each, got the kit to do both, clamp tieing up two good barns that could house young stock or straw, have to find an extra set of hands to run trailers for clamp. Use thick side sheet and double top sheet in clamp, use 6 layers of wrap on the 6...
  9. A

    rspb hedge campaign

    https://www.standard.co.uk/news/uk/rspb-english-government-england-defra-b968384.html looks like the rspb is going to start campaigning to convert bps cross compliance rules into legislation. so much for opting out of elms and being able to do what you think is best. not a suprise though.
  10. wdah/him

    Handier way to fill top fill tanker.

    For the past couple of years i have been using an old top fill tanker to start spreading slurry in spring, it is 1300gallon with 28.1r26, floats. only reason i dont use it in summer is the pipe from the slurry mixer to the tanker is to hard for one man to put up. Tow farms are away from home...
  11. Lakes Nash

    Tyres, ply rating? 8 ply or 12 ply?

    On the front of a tractor no loader etc, 8 ply or 12 ply! 40k box no 4wd braking,
  12. Agriland RSS

    Transport and loader specialists in John Deere 6R line up

    Written by Justin Roberts from Agriland A study back in the seventies found that, although tractors were designed for field work they spent a large part of their life on transport duties. This finding was something of a revelation in Britain but on the continent, where tractors were always...
  13. Mccormick 94

    New Mccormick Tractors

    Hi all Noticed quite a few people have questions about the newer McCormick Tractors as they're gaining market share. If you'd like to know anything about them then please just ask and I'll do my best to answer. Please don't ask for prices as that's a job for your local dealer! Also please...
  14. D

    Load it yourself!

    More and more I hear from lorry drivers that they are asked to load their own lorries using the farmers equipment as often there is nobody around. Some are rightly not very happy about it. I wouldn’t have thought this was acceptable in terms of putting the driver’s true working hours over the...
  15. N

    Loader for Ford 7840

    Hi all, Im after a loader for my Ford 7840 and nothing second hand seems to fit a 6 cylinder machine or sells too fast for me to make my mind up. Couple of new options, border plant can supply me a Metal Te loader for around £5k + VAT but never heard of this make? Other option is I go full in...
  16. PuG

    Massey 5545 gearbox control cable from the cab part number?

    Good morning, I've borrowed a tractor from a neighbor to load a few bales, almost promptly and typically the cable/rod for first and second gear has either broken or disassembled itself. Third and fourth work fine. I've been looking online struggling to find anything relating to the 5545 and I...
  17. FendtRunner86

    Michelin vs. Trelleborg

    Which tire comes out on top for roading in your experience?
  18. V

    Silage pusher

    I’m looking to make a silage pusher , I have things lying about to construct one either from an old axle with wheel or a yard scraper. Either way I ideally want to not have to uncouple shear grab to put in something, just something I can slot tines into and push along then just drive out and...
  19. P

    Massey Ferguson 5711, how much new price

    This could be a good deal for someone, only 67 hours, good loader tractor, would the price be about right ?
  20. Cows 'n grass

    How to feed cows?

    Seven years into my CFA and we finally have some decent infrastructure. For this winter I will get by with the machinery I have but looking forward to next winter I'm still struggling to work out the best way to physically feed silages to the cows. This is the layout we nearly have now...