1. Andy26

    Still waiting for WW seed?

    Are many others still waiting for seed? Skyfall, ordered months ago.
  2. B'o'B

    Buy a big pig.

    I, and I would guess many others on here, would be able to sort out an oversized pig or 2. These are strange times, is it time to try and come together and set up something that saves needless waste and gives some money to pig produces? I know it would likely be only a tiny fraction of the pork...
  3. Just because

    Fert prices and stocking rates

    Are people thinking of cutting back on stocking rates due to fertilize prices and other rising costs??
  4. Farfrae

    Zetor Major 80 Anyone got one?

    Hi Smallholder here but potentially about to get bigger as I'm hoping to buy another 30 acres. Will now need a 'real tractor' rather than my little compact. Will get most use topping grass and I have some fairly steep ground. I don't really need a loader Don't want to buy a load of trouble...
  5. GAM

    Massey Ferguson "Shuttles"

    Which Massey Ferguson shuttle is the least troublesome? Manual shuttle or Electric Power shuttle? I have the opportunity to purchase two almost identical tractors, one has a Manual 12x12 the other a 24 Power Shuttle, thoughts and advice please...
  6. A

    Dealer Change in N E Scotland

    Balgownie lost Case and now getting McCormick,
  7. B

    hose crimping machine

    looking to buy hand pump crimping machine many on the market any suggestions where to buy and how much and are they worth it any feed back would br good
  8. N

    British sugar contracts

    Well how is this going to work,if you grow sugar beet near the factory you will get a bonus because it’s classed green with less transport carbon footprint.So are we going to see 2 separate heaps of beet at the factory ,because I guess we won’t see 2 separate bags of sugar in the shops...
  9. F

    Free Flow Hydraulic Return John Deere 5090R

    Hi - this is my first post and the question has been asked before but not for this model. I am looking to run a free flow return for a timber trailer and log splitter - what is the correct port for this and what is the thread size to order. I have coloured for ease of response! I am surprised...
  10. Chris F

    How big a Battery to run a tractor?

    Cars are at 80kw and weight of extra batteries is stopping too much more. But the latest tech believe they can get this to 400 kw with the same weight. That's about a 1300 mile range. Half that is plenty for a car, so they could also save a load of weight too. But 1300 miles is only the same...
  11. Strungup52

    Valtra T151

    Looking at a Valtra T151e coming up in a farmsale. 1320 hours, loader, appearance clean and undamaged, owner deceased. Opinions on this model of Valtra. Various Valtras in this area of Canada, well liked, but they are no longer sold in Canada so its price might be right.
  12. Andrew1983

    Patching big 6 sheets

    Have a roof on a shed which is getting in a bad way, it’s 60s built asbestos cement sheets that has rotted though at nearly every skylight. Will eventually have to re roof it but has anyone found a successful way of patching the holes? How tricky is it to slide out a bad sheet an push a new one...
  13. devonbrion1998

    Ant Hills ?

    Hi All, Has anyone got any nifty way of dealing with ant hills in old pasture? I cant plough it as its conservation My thoughts were to drive up and down scooping them with the loader bucket, or a digger and maybe some kind of drag harrow with a leveling bar on the front, but really not sure...
  14. ED.D

    Low loader floor steel or wood?

    Looking to price a low loader for moving a 16 ton digger, machinery and occasionally carting square bales. What are peoples opinions on steel or wood for the floor? If fitted with air suspension will the drawbar need to be sprung? Seem to remember reading they will fight each other? That said...
  15. S

    Oban area to Kelso Area

    I have a small 10t low loader (bed length app 6m) that I want to get from near Oban down to near Kelso. Please PM for details if you might be able to help. Thanks
  16. Farm Classifieds

    TD00547A - 2016 Case 105C Tractor c/w Quicke Q46 Loader

    TD00547A - 2016 Case 105C Tractor c/w Quicke Q46 Loader Advert added by: Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd Machinery Details Category: Tractors Farm Tractors Price: £37500 Condition: Good Description 2016 Case 105C 4WD Tractor & Quicke Q46 Loader Front tyres...
  17. GAM

    New 100 hp Tractor with Loader

    Massey Ferguson 4710 vs New Holland T5.105 I have whittled it down to a two horse race, as we only do a few hours a year! Views and thoughts on each please
  18. GAM

    New Holland T5-105.

    Anyone have or know anyone who has a New Holland T5-105, thoughts please.
  19. D

    160hp tractor and dump trailer hourly rates?

    Hi Guys, I wondered if anyone had any realistic prices for the above with good operator and diesel included? Based in South Wales as I know location has variables etc, I know there’s always someone who will do it for next to nothing, but I want to make sure that it’s a fair price and worth...
  20. A

    2002 Valtra A95 Hydraulic Error Codes Help?

    Hi all, i'm new here but was put onto you guys from another group. A bit about my story - i bought this 2002 Valtra A95 at salvage auction. It was a bit of a punt but i've been so impressed by the quality of the machine as i've been fixing her up! The previous owner had dropped something from...