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    Video: Machinery Focus – changes to Valtra N Series and T Series

    Written by Agriland Team from Agriland Valtra launched its updated Series V range in April of this year and Agriland travelled to Doncaster in the UK this week, to test out the new models on offer as part of the Series V range of Valtra tractors. The N and T series ranges were part of the...
  2. F

    How much does a Cat 950m wheel loader fuel burn rate

    How much diesel fuel does a Cat 950m wheel loader use per hour if worked very hard ?
  3. J

    Filling fertiliser spreader with one tractor.

    Anyone on here have any genius ideas to efficiently fill a spreader with only one tractor? Have one tractor with a loader and nothing else. Thought about a platform that we could sit a bag on, which seems like a good idea. Or use a bag lifter, but tractor is only 90hp and a wee bit light by the...
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    McCormick launches its new X5 range of tractors

    Written by Agriland Team from Agriland McCormick has launched its new X5 range which it describe as “ideal for open field and round the farm work”. There are three models available: the X5.100; X5.110; and X5.120, which respectively deliver maximum power outputs of 95hp; 102hp; and 114hp...
  5. balerman

    Blending barley

    I have a big heap of feed barley cut in the heatwave at 12%,and some cut this week at 17%.Can I mix the two lots with a loader bucket to end up with it all at 14–15? Never done it before,but in theory it should work?
  6. Rossymons

    Fence post storage

    Having a tidy up and have plastic stakes everywhere. Going to gather it all together with and make it look something half professional. What are people using to keep the stakes together? Racks or just keep them in bundles?
  7. S

    Sub 15k, 200hr per year, 120hp - Renault?

    I'm looking for a suitable tractor with a fairly simple set of requirements. 1. Air conditioning 2. Some form of suspension (good air seat alone considered?) 3. Circa 110-120hp We have two A series Valtra tractors, both without air con, suspension, air seats, and have 12x12 gearboxes. Great...
  8. Av Gorritt

    JCB hydraulic pump

    We have an old JCB loadall 520/50 that we use as a standby loader . The hyd. pump has got quite tired and with the oil warmed up will only very reluctantly operate . The pump is off and I think the JCB no. is 20/908100 . Suggestions for the best place for a replacement/ service pump would be...
  9. 6

    John Deere 6920s tls problem

    I’ve got a 2004 6920s with tls, I recently got the accumulators regassed to the pressure stamped on them because I noticed it slam down on axle a lot when I’d drop the plough. Now that I’ve had that done it’s become very uncomfortable to drive without either the loader or weight block on the...
  10. Cows 'n grass

    TFL letter

    It looks like I'm going to have to rethink my holiday plans, because apparently I'm no longer allowed to drive my old MX 110 on the North circular and I was planning on a long distance urban cruise from Devon soon. Did anyone else get one of these. It has to be strong competition for the...
  11. N

    Fitting Lewis 220 backactor to 17hp compact tractor

    So I'm looking at the (discontinued) Lewis 220 backactor. There doesn't seem to be a manual or any definitive information about it online. It seems to sit between their 1xx and 3xx range, but it'd not exactly clear where. I've variously seen it advertised as suitable for 15hp+ 20hp+ 25hp+ I...
  12. C

    Help before husband finds out!

    Accidently knocked hose off wear hydraulic hose connects to ram to activate pin on headstock, should these be the same height or do i need to screw something out the thread???
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    The new 7 Series TTV ahead of the competition

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business The new 7-Series TTV by Deutz-Fahr includes the 7250 TTV and 7250 TTV HD, which offer greater comfort and higher traction force paired with highest efficiency through the new SDF TTV Compound Transmission. So confident is Deutz-Fahr of the 7-Series high...
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    5M002472 - Tomlin Veg Planter

    5M002472 - Tomlin Veg Planter Advert added by: Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd Machinery Details Category: Potato Equipment Planters Price: £14950 Condition: Good Description Used Tomlin Veg Planter, 10/12 Row, C/w Low Loader Trailer How to make contact with the Dealer...
  15. D

    Mounting diagram like this for mf 7718

    Does anyone have a diagram like this to compare loader mounts of a 7718, 76 series and a 6480 tier 3 they look the same to me?
  16. P

    tyre height profiles front to back

    In need of some new boots before winter for ploughing with naud that has 14"share and board working width. New to me tractor on 600/65r38 and 480/65r28. The rears are michelins and seem to measure close to 530 actual width. Currently plough with different tractor on 420/85r34 and get along fine...
  17. Cmoran

    Treating barley with maximum?

    I’ve just purchased 30 tons of barley I usually treat it with maximum to feed to lambs but it’s only 15% is that to dry to treat? Or is there other options
  18. Turnip

    Autonomous bale mover.

    Thought it was an interesting concept.