1. B

    Pregnant ewe

    Hi guys Iv only had sheep for the last couple of years and this is the first year breeding and lambing at home. Iv noticed we have a Ewell lamb that’s got roughly 3 weeks to go but she’s got a cough. does anyone have any suggestions? could it be lungworm if so am I able to give her a dose of...
  2. Hilly


    What you using on cows housed this winter ?
  3. NADIS News Feed

    November Parasite Forecast

    The November Parasite Forecast includes seasonal disease advice Autumn Fluke Forecast Sheep : PGE and Scab Cattle : Lungworm infection and treatment at housing Issue: November Figure 1: Egg count data shows the most recent counts for roundworms in sheep at each location between the...
  4. R

    Bunch of lambs with a cough?

    I have a small bunch (60) Welsh mule ewe lambs, they came in about 3/4 weeks ago and were given a fluke drench of combinex and dipped, they are looking well and are in good nick with no shitty arses, I have noticed that a few are coughing when under pressure ( when run to new grazing with the...
  5. johnspeehs

    suckler cows vacinations and bolusing.

    As above , what vaccinations and bolus's do people use on their suckler cows ?, I do very little but numbers are creeping up and I'm beginning to think it could be a :poop: storm if I do get an outbreak of something nasty.
  6. sjewart

    Closamectin pour on - when to apply?

    Easy question this one. I'm bringing inside in the next couple of days some in-calf heifers that have been at grass since June. When should they get the pour on? I always do it within a few days of housing but now I'm wondering if i should be leaving it 6/7 weeks?
  7. D

    Coughing lambs

    What can be the causes of coughing in lambs? This particular batch of lambs were bred from the hoggs. Due to being overun by potato customers just before lock down the hoggs did not receive heptav P vaccine. The lambs have been treated twice though. Grazing pretty much sheep sick, but lambs...
  8. I thats it

    Is coughing a symptom of IBR?

    As above, a fair bit of snot about, cows coughing and 1 or 2 dropping of milk.
  9. irish dom

    Ewes coughing

    Weaned a batch of ewes last week. Gathered them today to go through and take culls out. The amount of constant coughing going on in the yard worries me. Would it be lungworm? Reminds me of hoose in bucket reared calves. Just very unusual. Any thoughts on it?
  10. Sid

    Test for Lungworm

    Having had lungworm in cattle in past and had to treat, tried vaccination but that was an epic fail and still had to treat for symptoms. 1st year cattle aren't coughing or showing any symptoms yet but can a dung or blood be sampled to tested to see if its present and at a level that need...
  11. Greythundercloudys

    Hmrc, to claim back 100% of self employed grant,

    My accountant told me today that they will want all this grant back if you can show your business had be badly affected by the virus, l suppose wool is worthless because of virus. Can't believe they would try and get it back but there up for anything to screw you over.
  12. Headless chicken


    How many on here are using it? We normally do but R1’s haven’t gone out yet. Have some grass returning on their block so tempted to boot them out. Huskvacing then would mean they d have to stay in for another 4 weeks and we’d dose them at whole herd test then turn out. it’s not the cheapest of...
  13. W

    Is it too early for lungworm ?

    Milked at weekend and this morning, a few cows are coughing, perhaps 1 in 15 ( a row) It seems too early to be thinking of lungworm , but is it ? We have been grazing since mid March, and had a bad attack last year, so I suppose could have a high burden of infection. We treated them 3 times in...
  14. johnspeehs

    Cattle coughing

    Hi all I dosed a batch of hfrs last weekend with Ivomec super and returned them to the same pasture but they are still coughing a fair bit, would they still be shedding worms?. They look pretty healthy and have done seriously since they were turned out.
  15. beardface

    Worm eggs

    Are these nemo or something else?
  16. T

    Cattle dropping weight

    I Let out 30 saler bullocks 2 months ago and ever since they have been dropping weight sides going in and rips very slightly visible I know cattle are set back for around 3 weeks after coming out of winter housing but I’m a bit concerned,grass quality is good,maybe a bit on the strong side but...
  17. NADIS News Feed

    Updated Blowfly Alert and the May Parasite Forecast

    The May Parasite Forecast includes seasonal disease advice Chronic liver fluke infection Sheep : Nematodirus, PGE, Coccidiosis and Blowfly strike Cattle : PGE, Lungworm and flies and ticks NADIS Parasite Forecast webinar: May 2020 • Chronic liver fluke infection • Sheep • Nematodirus...
  18. Still Farming

    Sheep Wormer cure?

    Any one think this may be accurate?
  19. Formatted

    Turn out treatments?

    Winter ends on our first year of suckler cows, calving is done with no issues. We're hoping to turn out this week. The cows got wormed and fluked before Christmas and they had a bolus in November. Is there anything else I should give them? Calves haven't had anything other than a tag, is it...
  20. G

    Lungworm in sheep - faecal samples needed!

    If your sheep have not been wormed recently and have signs of a dry unproductive cough then we require your samples! I work for a veterinary research company and we are trying to locate the lungworm Dictyocaulus filaria in sheep. We can collect this from faeces but it is proving hard even...