1. Stw88

    Soil analysis accuracy.

    Had some fields tested in August 2019 and applied lime @ 2t acre. just had the same fields retested and one that was ph5 has now lifted to 5.5 Which is just what I was expecting it to be. Now the field right next to it similar soil type but a hay field was 5.4 and has retested at 6.4. Is it...
  2. Farm Business RSS

    Make magnesium supplementation part of grass tetany prevention this spring

    Written by John Swire With the right management plan in place, grass tetany is preventable for beef, dairy and sheep farmers. Dr Alison Bond, nutritionist for Rumenco, outlines what to include. As grass growth begins to pick up, beef, dairy and sheep producers need to implement strategic...
  3. G

    Calcium vs. Mag Lime Based on Soil Test

    Hi folks, I have agreed in principle to the renewal of a 5 year lease on a 100ac block of land, mainly for sheep grazing with 20 suckler cows/calves and one cut of silage in the same field each year. Over the past 5 years I have managed to increase stocking density massively using rotational...
  4. Clive

    Bitersaltz vs liquid Magnesium ?

    Having seen decent results from Magnesium with fungicide applications here I'm pretty convinced that along with Manganese t's a micronutrient worth using routinely on our soil types. Bitersaltz has been our cheap go-to product but it's not the most users friendly when filling a 6000L sprayer...
  5. Farmdeals

    9% Magnesium Sulphate IBC Offer - From £463

    Good afternoon all, We have a new deal on Foliar Magnesium. Magnesium 9% is a foliar fertiliser for the correction of Magnesium deficiency based upon Magnesium Sulphate delivered in non returnable 1000 litre IBCs Prices start at £463.00 per IBC. Additional Delivery charges may apply depending...
  6. W

    Which copper product on wheat

    What are people using, I have for the last few years noticed pinched ears, and presumee it's copper deficiency. Whi h products are you using and when?
  7. Wynnstay

    Grassland Nutrition

    Modern grass varieties have the potential to deliver superior yields and excellent feed values if managed correctly, with soil nutrition and pH being prioritised and maintained throughout the year. Before drilling a new ley, you need to understand the nutritional picture of the field. Ensure...
  8. N

    New machine

    Don’t you just love it,new machine delivered .No number plate or details of ,no ag blue ,no service book .That’s without her in doors going over it moaning paint coming off .Please tell me it’s not April 1 st.🤔
  9. A

    Minerals and calving difficulties?

    Can a lack of any particular mineral be responsible for cows not opening up properly? I have had to assist both a heifer and a calved heifer in the last 24 hours despite not getting the calving jack dirty last year. Both calves had quite a bit of fluid in their lungs so don't think I was...
  10. Agriland RSS

    Mineral deficiencies can cause problems on livestock farms

    Written by Agriland Team According to College of Agriculture, Food and Rural Enterprise (CAFRE) livestock advisor Nigel Gould, mineral deficiencies can be an issue on a significant number of beef and sheep farms at this time of the year. “Farmers should consider mineral supplementation at...
  11. D

    Boer goats

    Not for me, too much fencing & parasite issues. But asking for my Brother who was wondering about sheep. Would Boers be less bother at lambing/kidding time no wool of course. His situation is quite good 14 acre of magnesium limestone land & about to build general purpose building. Big budget...
  12. Agriland RSS

    How can subclinical mineral deficiency occur post-calving?

    Written by Agriland Team The weeks of spring are a critical period for farms in Ireland aiming to get cows back in calf quickly to ensure a compact-calving interval. Teagasc research shows nationally only 58% of the dairy herd calves in the first six weeks of the calving season and a calving...
  13. CPM RSS

    Nutrient Nurture – Testing times for plant health

    Written by cpm Download PDF In-season tissue testing combined with targeted nutrition offers an effective way of improving crop resilience and maximising yield potential. CPM discovers how. Once you see deficiency symptoms in the crop, you’ve already lost half the battle. By Paul Spackman...
  14. W

    Bore hole water

    Hello, just drilled a new borehole and the water has a high magnesium, iron and manganese level. Cows not liking the bitter taste Is there any way of filtering these minerals out?
  15. M

    How much nitrogen?

    How much nitrogen do you apply to grass for grazing sheep and cattle?
  16. R

    Liquid digestate and poor growth rates with cows and calves

    For a couple of years now we have been using digestate for the obvious benefit of reduced fertiliser cost. However last summer was the first time we done a direct comparison between fertiliser and digestate. The cows and calves grazing the fields with digestate applied were noticeably not...
  17. MX7

    Why is the Uk agricultural industry becoming almost “obsessed by carbon free farming”???

    I ask the above as the island of the “Uk” is such a pinprick, relative to worldwide agriculture. Which other countries agricultural policies are so concerned with “carbon neutral farming “ as the Uk is??
  18. P

    When to apply fertiliser to grassland

    Hi All, This has likely been discussed ad infinitum but here we go again as I can't seem to find a relaxant thread on the subject. When to apply 20-10-10 to grassland now that T sum 200 is no longer published? OK conventional wisdom states "March time" but is there anything more scientific out...
  19. S

    Wheat rolling after freeze

    Hello, I have wheat at tillering stage and it got freeze injury. It has 3 tillers, sown october 5 2020 and got very extensive leaf necrosis. So it is in stress now and would be ok for rolling or i have to wait.
  20. Great In Grass

    Barenbrug more than a century of knowledge and experience in grass innovation

    With more than a century of knowledge and experience in grass innovation, meaning you'll be dealing with a company that understands grass, so you can rest easy with the knowledge that a quality product will be delivered for you. About Barenbrug UK HISTORY Established in the UK in 1983...