1. G

    Winter wheat yields

    Whats the opinion on wheat crops? 80% or 60% of normal
  2. E

    Any soft fruit growers out there?

    Cant seem to find any soft fruit forums. Just wondered if there are any strawb or rasp growers out there in enough numbers to be worth setting a forum group up for.?
  3. shakerator

    Manganese deficiencies worse than usual ?

    Has anyone noticed worse than usual mn deficiencies in crops coming into spring ? Especially in the concrete like soils
  4. Mrs Brown

    Very high PH

    I have a field with a very high PH and has in the past had quite a few heads that never matured into viable grain, was goin to spray with copper sulphate and was just wondering if its advisable to spray the field now before the barley emerges, been sown two days so isn't going to contact the...
  5. MX7

    Are their any other zero till drills (with a similar tine as used on the Amazone Condor drill) available in the uk?

    I ask, as the above tine is a superb tool for zero till seeding, in stony soil conditions as long as drill is driven slowly, tines pushes stones to one side allowing seed to be planted in to soil,rather than a disc coulter "RIDDING OVER THE STONE LEAVING SEED ON THE SURFACE!!!!". Have...
  6. J

    Ewe down 5 days after lambing

    I have a ewe down the past 24 hours. Brought to the vet who gave antibiotic, glycerine, calcium and magnesium. Big fit healthy single lamb and she has plenty of milk. She’s stable, eating (mad for nuts) and drinking but no strength in legs. Any advice to get her going?
  7. MX7

    Anyone rolling spring barley a 2nd time now it’s rained?

    As above , the idea is that it will crush some clods in bare patches ,thereby creating seed to soil contact? I say that as looks to have been a job to conserve moisture where crops have been planted conventionally.
  8. cotswoldcs

    Anyone use Mag flakes in water troughs?

    We have had some welcome rain today after a prolonged dry spell and as we suffer from Hypermagnesemia in our sheep flock I'm expecting problems any day now. We've been using mag flakes for a couple of seasons now with success but there are no guidelines for how much to add to water. I'm aware...