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    Limousin bulls average over £3,200 at Welsh sale

    Written by Agriland Team The British Limousin Cattle Society hosted its autumn male and female sale at Brecon Livestock Market last Saturday (November 14). Of the 22 bulls sold on the day, the average amounted to a total of £3,202. In the female section, although numbers were small, a 100%...
  2. Brisel

    Keeping geese off crops

    Any tips? I've got a 2 acre lake in one stubble field that has a few hundred greylags and Canadas on & I don't want them stripping off the osr half a mile away. I hate gas bangers and want to keep them for pigeons later on. Rockets? Day + night rope bangers? Luckily there's a chap living on that...
  3. Farm Xport

    Are water drainage solutions hard to come by?

    Hello there, We're an export company located in the United States and are wanting to help provide farmers in the UK with water drainage solutions. I'm doing some information gathering and would love to get opinions on water drainage in the UK. We currently carry Soil-Max plows that allow you...
  4. Scholsey

    Best powerharrow

    Looking at changing 22 year old 3m maschio DM, lives in front of a Amazone D8 with a piggy back linkage which is absolutely fine for what I do drilling wise and not currently looking at changing the drill. Sounds like price is similar on all the major brands, what is there to look out...
  5. M

    Workshop compressor

    Looking for a new workshop compressor wanting something with a fairly big tank as using it to seat tyres. Can only be single phase unfortunately. what makes should we be looking at. Thanks
  6. bluegreen

    USA Election...………..Fallout!!

    I was reliably informed yesterday that both the Democrats and Republicans have are armed to the teeth with huge legal teams with over 500 Lawyers ready and awaiting the aftermath of this coming election results. Both camps have one remit, under any circumstances DO NOT CONCEDE!!!!!! What this...
  7. A

    Lynx/Zuidberg linkages not up to much?

    Wasn’t expecting this in a 3 year old 5 ton linkage that was carrying a 2 ton front weight. They want £600 for a new one including the carriage. Anyone had similar?
  8. A

    Question for mechanics

    If you are fitting a manifold and a new turbo do you use new bolts or reuse the old ones, a good mechanic I know will only use the proper new bolts , says the old ones can be pulled and might not stay tight.
  9. J

    Knackered T7 gearbox

    One of the T7 260 has suddenly, whilst ploughing lost drive in all but the very lowest gears. It works hard in 12th and 13th gear and to me it sounds like the clutch packs have gone - although I have not actually seen it. The error code I am told is 2385. What are my options? Are these boxes...
  10. KB6930

    Fendt 700 series

    Got a tractor for a demo it was dropped off when I was busy so haven't been shown what to do my fault not the dealer before anyone says anything. Is there an easier way to change the cruise speeds other than going through the screen??
  11. copse


    How much hp would I need to pull a 4.6 m cultipress on ploughed land on with fairy steep hills? Thanks
  12. Cab-over Pete

    Ultra Reliable Tractor?

    Aye-up, This could be the shortest thread ever and let’s not get into waffling on about preferred colours. I might be looking for a tractor soon. 150-180 hp ish. Maybe 5-10 years old, up to 5000 hrs. I know, they are rare. More than the colour I’m interested in the reliability. I don’t...
  13. fiat 9090

    250 hp plus

    here is a question,im wondering about buying a tractor 250hp to 300 hp to pull a forage wagon the budget is max 30,000 40kor 50k yearand make not important,a bit of weight would be needed any replies and discussion would be appreciated
  14. P

    Massey 6170 turbo kit

    Does anyone have a Massey 6170 fitted with a turbo kit that has exhaust coming out of bonnet? Going to turbo mine and just trying to work out how to route exhaust using existing hole in top of bonnet. @masseybreaker @Massey mad @massey man
  15. Henery

    MB trac gearbox repair

    I have an MB1000 that won’t stay in high range, jumps out, the splitter doesn’t work either. Is there someone who can repair / overhaul them ? Thanks.
  16. MX7

    Case Magnum 7200 series tractor

    Was the above tractor a very reliable tractor when it got pass 5000hrs +.?
  17. David.

    Bombproof old bus to pull 6 furrows.

    Just a discussion that arose from the tedium of lugging 4 furrows along at 4.5mph with 100hp in a biggish field. Hypothetically 20k ish budget, comfortable cab, realistically 150hp plus, any non exotic mainstream badge, not as old as TW 25 era. Just idly batting thoughts around, over lunch. No...
  18. D

    What baler?

    Always used a contractor but got a bigger tractor now, and fed up of shifting 120cm rounds all day, so looking for a baler to bale straw (bought off the field), hay and poss silage (light cuts or if i cant get silage contractor at the right time) Leaning towards a 120x90 baler but thinking i may...
  19. miniconnect

    staff smoking in cabs

    what do you do? full time staff member, had many a telling off for cab smelling of smoke over the 2 years he's been here, but has always denied it. I've always been suspicious he either smokes with the back window open and hopes I don't notice, or stands in the doorway on a rainy day to save...
  20. MX7

    Which tractor is the most driver friendly for a 14hr + day?

    As above I only ask as a machinery “geek” as opposed to having to buy the tractor or drive it !!!