1. Limagrain News


    DEEP ROOTED NEWER FODDER BEET VARIETIES SHINE IN DRIER CONDITIONS The hot, dry summer in 2018 suppressed yields in fodder beet crops compared with 2017, but the results of trials, carried out by Limagrain UK, showed up the variation in performance between varieties. “We saw a reduction in...
  2. James

    Putting front weight on and off

    Have a set of wafer weights that I put on the mf 5713. Iirc theres 11 × 45kg which is a pain in the back literally to do as I take them off and on as required. Is there a way of doing that as one using the front suspension raising and lowering? Near sure I've heard of it being done before.
  3. W

    Whats your machinery line up.

    These are my 3 tractors for 2500 acre arable and a few sheep. I love the simplicity and yet have enough tech to do everything I need. 8530 7930 6930 Lowest hours 4400 highest has 6500. but I will keep rebuilding them as nothing else really floats my boat.
  4. Cmoran

    John Deere powershift

    Anyone here any experience of a 7700 powershift mate looking at 1 but I’ve never seen many around here what should he look out for?? TIA
  5. W

    Reliable Horse Power

    Whats everybodys views on a good uncomplicated 2nd hand 150-180hp tractor? Needs to be able to pick her feet up on the roads, pull a flatlift but also be handy enough around the buildings etc . Reliable, easy to fix/maintain and drive too, no vario's need apply. What will it cost ?
  6. L

    7220 magnum hydraulics

    Is there any way to adjust hydraulic flow on these had a new pump just bit low on flow
  7. W

    Alliance Tyres

    Just got a quote for new tractor tyres 480/70/38. & 420/70/24 alliance we’re £300 cheaper for the set than Bkt will they be false economy
  8. D

    Drainage implement for tractor.

    I have a bit of drainage to do on the farm. Usually hire a digger and do it that way. I have been thinking about making a sub spoiler/ mole styles pipe layer. Similar to the one in the picture. I have seen them for water pipe but not for normal 100mm land drainage pipe. I’d normal use gravel...
  9. casemx 270

    Topcon x30

    How can I get the x30 to paint automatically when auto steer is engaged . Thanks
  10. ColinV6

    Alternatives to Sawdust

    So we got the call we were expecting today, mill is closing tomorrow. I’d say we have 4 weeks worth if we cut it back as much as possible. Is there a similar alternative? Not overly keen on going to sand. I also assume alternatives may not be available at this moment either.
  11. C

    Resorted to the “Nettles” Drag harra

    Well we have every bit of kit imaginable in the shed...and today we decided to get the pigtail drag Harrow out of the nettles. Luckily we had some points and tines in the back of the shed So it’s ready to go tommorrow !!! Sumo will bring too much wet st!te up, carrier will just compact it ...
  12. M

    Anyone here ever built their own tractor?

    Was whiling away some lockdown time last night by leafing through some old magazines, and I came by this old issue of Power Farming. Has anyone else here ever built their own tractor? Does anyone know the farmer in the feature? I’m sure someone told me a long while ago that they knew him, and...
  13. Rob5150

    What make and model is this seat?

    Does anyone what seat this is this fitted to the case magnums? I’d like to try and get hold of one to put in my puma as I’m not at all a fan of the Grammer that’s in it already.
  14. G

    New toy day

    New toy
  15. M

    Tractor road speed

    While out today on the A134 road in west Norfolk I followed a New Holland T7 Blue Power - presumably a T7.270 or T7.315 - and a high-sided Smyth trailer. I know there are plenty of 50k tractors around, but my car speedo was reading 43mph when I was behind it, which by my maths is 70k. Is it...
  16. Rob5150

    Kverneland ctc can I pull it?

    Will I my puma 160 cvx manage a 5m kverneland ctc with the tines set to about 3-4”? Rolling ground not stupidly steep though.
  17. Bald Rick

    Silage 2020

    Airedale in first cut .... 100kgN/ha plus 140kg/ha sulphur on yesterday with a bosh of slurry on Monday should see us reet for cutting in 5 weeks Gods willing
  18. sheep&cows&stuff

    Cidr Programme - Cow Synchronization

    I am going to put in 6 cidrs tonight - going to try a new programme: Day 0 – Cidr in & 2.5cc Receptal Day 7 – 2cc Estrumate – PM Day 8 – Cidr out – PM Day 10 – 2.5cc Receptal – 4pm Day 11 – 10am AI Day 15 – Cidr back in for 2 weeks Has anyone used a similar programme where by the...
  19. Andy Warriner

    6 furrow Dowdeswel Dp1 help

    Will I be able to pull a old 6 furrow DP1 behind a standard wheeled tractor (NH T7 210) on land without slipping into the furrow all the time. I believe the DP1’s were made for tracked tractors?
  20. doyleys

    GPS system for Countryside Productivity Small Grant Scheme SG40 and R2-SG77

    I really need a GPS for drilling with Case Magnum 7120 (M reg) pulling a 4m Great Plains direct drill. The drill is over 8m long, so not really an act of war to turn back on myself on the headland! Ideally could do with a system that could be switched to my other tractor (Case Maxxum MXM 120...