1. Clive

    Dispatches - Red Tractor

    Tonight Chanel 4 I’m told it’s not great news for Red Tractor about chicken / food standards but surely can’t be long until they get their teeth into the combinable crop protection racket !
  2. A

    rspb hedge campaign looks like the rspb is going to start campaigning to convert bps cross compliance rules into legislation. so much for opting out of elms and being able to do what you think is best. not a suprise though.
  3. R

    Drilling seed and Fert together?

    We have been using DAP down the spout with seed to good effect but with current prices and reasonable fertility is CAN an option? Or will it gather too much moisture and block the seed spouts? Having asked that, what is the most reliable DAP product for drilling with seed? Certain DAP products...
  4. AHDB Cereals and Oilseeds

    Argentine wheat improving as harvest advances

    There are positive yield reports from central Argentina as the wheat harvest advances. The better yields in the central region are offsetting poorer results from the north of the country. The 2021/22 wheat harvest is now 33% complete, and there is optimism about yields from the southern areas...
  5. AHDB Cereals and Oilseeds

    Supply and demand estimates show wheat picture tightening

    The first official 2021/22 supply and demand estimates have been released today. This includes insights into wheat, barley, oats, and maize. The UK wheat supply and demand picture remains tight. Total 2021/22 wheat availability is estimated at 16.89Mt. This is 2.36Mt higher than in 2020/21, but...
  6. Matt77

    New drill grant

    Maybe a daft question, can’t see the answer on Defra website, can you use a part exchange in the deal without causing a problem with the grant.
  7. B

    Muckspreading insanity

    Environment Agency seeks to uphold autumn muckspreading ban © Tim Scrivener The Environment Agency (EA) is showing no signs of softening its approach towards spreading farmyard manure and slurry in the autumn, despite pressure from MPs on the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Efra) committee...
  8. bobk

    Red tractor statement on level playing field
  9. J

    Cows gorging cake

    So in the latest antics of why I've had a f**king enough, a portion of the milkers (25ish) escaped last night and have broken through my gates (and of course bent them in the process) ans then helped themselves to a tonne of dry cow rolls, 1-2 t of calf cake and half a tonne of grass seed Do I...
  10. I

    Am I a twit

    Put my name down for sludge to go on my linseed ground Will it mean I will be combining on Christmas day?
  11. D

    EU aims to curb deforestation with beef and coffee import ban

    I don't normally post stuff from the Gruniad cos 99.9% is beyond help. Can we have another referendum please?
  12. M-J-G

    Grazing Barley With Lambs

    A neighbour has a couple of stubble fields that have a lot of barley growing on them, he has offered them to me to graze off for him with sheep. I know grazing wheat is safe enough and I've grazed stubble with some barley on them before and I've had barley come up in reseeds, but these have...
  13. icanshootwell

    Best farm all round dump trailer.

    Basically i,m looking for a trailer that can carry 16 ton of stone,soil etc but can also be used for carting farm muck. A lot of trailers i have looked at look ok but sides are to low when using for muck, not seen many with greedy boards fitted, another factor is bed height of trailer, lower the...
  14. KW Alternative Feeds

    KW Feedcast Episode 20 - 17 November 2021

    The latest episode of KW Feedcast gives you an overview of the soya, wheat and mid-proteins markets as we move towards Christmas. Brought to you once again by KW raw material expert Chris Davidson. The soya market, which has been relatively static recently, has started to rise over the last few...
  15. AHDB Cereals and Oilseeds

    Northern and Scottish ex-farm wheat basis rising

    Ex-farm feed wheat prices in the North East of England and Scotland are historically high, compared to UK futures prices. The relationship between ex-farm feed wheat prices and UK feed wheat futures is known as the basis. It represents, in part, the local supply of, and demand for, grain. A...
  16. Y

    Corn/grain maize in uk?

    Fascinates me how corn is now grown for grain in so many areas it never used to be, Just curious how much is grown in Uk for dry grain? In my area in Ontario(canada) corn for grain wasn't even a popular thing before 2000ish neither was soybeans but now they make up a big chunk of the crops in...
  17. Hooch

    Strip till

    Does anyone strip till for maize and if so what does it cost ?
  18. Seth470

    Diet Feeding Beef Cattle.

    Starting to use our diet feeder a bit more, just want to know what people are putting in. Haven access to Silage, Straw, Hay ,barley, brewers grain and spuds.
  19. G

    Russia ups tax on wheat exports

  20. Jerry

    Drill and Price Comparisons

    Just been speaking to a few people over the last couple weeks about a 3m drill to work across a mixed farm, so cereal, cover crops, fodder crops, stewardship and a bit of grass. Now the grant numbers are out, if I am right, its £12,054 contribution toearsd the drill.. Net prices are as...