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    Maize trials – Trialing a route to better maize

    Written by cpm from CPM Magazine Download PDF The Hutchinsons maize trials in Cumbria are shedding new light on how to maximise the productivity of crops in more marginal maize-growing areas. CPM takes a look at the latest trials. Undersowing research is definitely still work in progress. By...
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    Forage harvesters – Go forth and forage

    Written by cpm from CPM Magazine Download PDF Grass and forage crops continue to gain popularity among arable farmers for their soil enhancing, weed suppressing and biodiversity encouraging properties, with many now using the cut as a fuel for anaerobic digesters. CPM looks at the latest trends...
  3. AHDB Cereals and Oilseeds

    Will US harvest cap recent wheat gains?

    The US harvest continues at pace. Last night, the USDA crop progress report showed that the US maize harvest was 29% complete as of 3 October. This is 7 percentage points (pp) ahead of average, and 5pp ahead of last year. The soybean harvest has also been progressing at speed, now 34% complete...
  4. J

    Has anyone planted Beans and Maize together?

    Interested in this concept. We only plant around 20ha a year for forage, and I saw something about inter cropping beans into maize and the beans climb up the maize stalk. Whether it would work or not would be the question, higher protein would be one good thing, something that Maize severely...
  5. J

    california weather

    i was having a gander as i chanel hopped at 1 of those 80-90's cop shows. they were flying micro-lights in crystal blue skies,perfect weather. i wondered if there was anywhere in europe or anywhere else besides the us that has such an agreable climate?
  6. Surgery

    Ad plants , you can’t make it up

    Local plant produced too much gas and having to burn it off even thou there’s a shortage
  7. Tarw Coch

    How much rolled wheat

    As title, how much rolled wheat can I put in my cow diet?
  8. C

    Grass reseed - roll after heavy rain?

    Hi TFF, Just put in 30 acres of grass, power harrow / seed box combination, scratched in by tines on the rear. Herbal ley, with grass, plantain, clovers. Straight into maize stubble, so clean seed bed. Normally I would ring roll twice immediately after, but heavy rain has stopped play. It'll...
  9. H

    Uk footprint on global biodiversity report

    Just launched today by the Environmental audit committee. My local mp Philip Dunne is the chair. Not had chance to read it yet, but not got high hopes!
  10. AHDB Cereals and Oilseeds

    UK harvest reviewed as US stock reports pushes global wheat higher

    As the harvest now ends around the UK, we have our final harvest report to round up yields and quality. For wheat, in our final report yields are forecast close to average at 8.0-8.2t/ha. However, the real issue in the UK lies in variable quality. Specific weights are reported generally lower...
  11. roscoe erf

    Is he correct?

  12. L

    shear grab replacment

    Currently have a 3 ram 6 ft (1.8m) Mchale shear grab , 11 yrs old never bent/snapped a tine no cracks or welds but starting to show some wear, now Mchale don't make these grabs anymore where do we turn for a replacement. Don't like the Prodig shear buckets as we set blocks out intact along a...
  13. J

    uk going gm

    no thread on this? it could be the biggest elephant the eu could restrict all your ag exports let alone the carry on here in irl with the border
  14. steveR

    FJD Autosteer in UK?

    I was interested enough in this system to drop a line to their sales chap and ask a few questions and been given an undoubtedly competitive quote. Not as versatile as other systems such as the Fieldbee, but appear to be more of a plug and play install. In the advertising bumph, there is a...
  15. G

    Starting to get worried about the wet weather ?

    Here in my part of Yorkshire it is raining every day, im starting to get worried about getting drilled up this autumn again .Hows everyone else doing ?
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    Genomic editing: Genetically modifying – what’s the difference?

    Written by Richard Halleron from Agriland Rothamsted Research is trying to make great play of the fact that genomic editing is not the same as genetic modification. In reality this is just a play on words: Genomic editing is, in fact, a form of genetic modification (GM) plus. I make this...
  17. AHDB Cereals and Oilseeds

    Markets await US stock figures

    As harvest progresses in the US, the price of both maize and soyabeans have waned. As of 26 September, the US maize harvest was 18% complete, three percentage points ahead of the five-year average. The soyabean harvest was 16% complete as of Sunday, also three percentage points ahead of the...
  18. C

    Profit - Maize Silage

    Hi everyone looking to move back to the UK to buy a small arable farm, just wondering what the current profit (average of course) is on maize silage per acre? just to get a bit of an idea, thanks!
  19. D

    160hp tractor and dump trailer hourly rates?

    Hi Guys, I wondered if anyone had any realistic prices for the above with good operator and diesel included? Based in South Wales as I know location has variables etc, I know there’s always someone who will do it for next to nothing, but I want to make sure that it’s a fair price and worth...
  20. U

    Stranraer area

    Turned off the A75 south heading towards the mod ground. Someone running big numbers of bulls outside. What's the story there @Thomas-milmain . Lots of good land down that peninsula. Looks like it grows grass and maize for fun.