1. MX7

    Pros and cons of hydraulic tail gates on grain trailers?

    As above.
  2. Agriland RSS

    Union’s annual harvest survey goes live

    Written by Agriland Team As Scotland’s harvest stutters forward, NFU Scotland’s annual harvest survey has been launched. The broken weather has seen harvest stopping and starting. Heavy rain, wind and damp conditions in some parts have been slowing up both progress with harvest 2020 and...
  3. Goldilocks

    Yield losses using Terpal in Barley

    Historically have used high N inputs and comprehensive growth regulator programmes in winter Barley , targeting 10 t/ha malting barley crops. In last few seasons gut feel is that i am getting significant yield hits from the last terpal application ( last couple of seasons has coincided with hot...
  4. spin cycle

    home'n dry.....again

    so it's my annual dither as to if i try this or not :scratchhead: chewing it over it more/less boils down to will treated home'n dry barley.....assuming an uplift in protein to about 15%......fatten lambs as the sole concentrate part of the diet? + minerals + straw or pea haulm as...
  5. G

    Barley imports

    Has anyone else seen the story on swedish imports of malting barley?
  6. Syngenta UK

    Autumn Guide - How to get the most from your Winter Malting Barley

    Syngenta have a long standing reputation for high yielding varieties with excellent malting quality. CRAFT and FLAGON both have Full MBC Approval for brewing. The new variety ELECTRUM will be launched this autumn. Syngenta Winter Barley Varieties Here’s a reminder of the main features of the...
  7. Laggard

    Spring Barley Nitrogen content

    Anybody had their spring barley tested yet? RGT Planet N content averages 1.76 here.
  8. J

    How early can you drill winter wheat?

    Without worrying about disease and grassweeds. Theoretically how early could you drill winter wheat without it going to ear by Xmas? I understand the winter varieties need to go through the vernalisation period, but that most varieties don't require this as much now due to cross breeding with...
  9. G

    UK facing worst wheat harvest since 1980s, says farmers' union
  10. Badshot

    Milling proteins 2020

    How's the proteins held up? My Crusoe is fine at 12.5 + but Skyfall has fallen short at 11.6 to 12.25 ish. Just wondering how everyone else's has faired
  11. British Farming Awards

    The finalists for the 2020 British Farming Awards are announced

    The British Farming Awards 2020 has welcomed a record number of registrations this year, a testament to the incredible work being done on farms throughout Britain. Fifty-six individuals will now battle it out for the 14 categories up for grabs which highlight the innovation and diversity of UK...
  12. CRM AgriCommodities

    Graintab TV - Grain Contracts: Ask The Trader

    For more video's, visit Graintab TV Contracts and contract management are one of the most important areas for arable farm management. Keeping within contract specs, knowing your markets and contract T’s & C’c are crucial. In this video we discuss some key points and questions around grain...