1. G

    Wheat into orbit

    Up£3.75 today!!!
  2. Clive

    Red Tractor liars

    This is beyond belief, how can they get away with lying like this ? Can any farmer be in doubt that we need some serious action here where is their London office and who has a muck spreader ? they seem to like bulls**t !
  3. G

    Barley 300 euros

    In france so i am told
  4. Direct Driller Magazine

    Growers Dismayed at the Unlevel Playing Field of Grain

    Growers Dismayed at the Unlevel Playing Field of Grain By Steve Ridsdale Combinable crop direct drillers have found ways to cut establishment costs, whilst at the same time aiming to increase the resilience and productive capacity of their soils. At the other end of the production cycle, comes...
  5. B

    is it worth it

    spending 125/a on N fert for second wheat ?
  6. Janet Hughes Defra

    LIVE - DEFRA SFI Janet Hughes “ask me anything” 19:00-20:00 20th September (Today)

    Hello, I’m Janet Hughes. I’m the Programme Director for the Future Farming and Countryside Programme in Defra – the programme that’s phasing out the Common Agricultural Policy and introducing new schemes and services for farmers. Today (20 September) between 7pm-8pm, I and some of my...
  7. daveydiesel1

    Who is cleanin up?

    Recently priced some 9×3×20 timber and its more than doubled since we last bought it around year n half to 2 years ago. Only usin this as an example but the timber is already grown so no more expense there, harvestin it/transportin it to mill and cuttin it to size is mabe a bit more expensive...
  8. Sonoftheheir

    100,000 pigs to be destroyed

    A Couple of weeks ago the news was reporting that up to 100,000 Pigs would have to be destroyed due to foreign labour shortage. Has it happened yet?
  9. M

    Drilling barley

    Anyone done any yet ? What variety? Thinking we’ll start here this week
  10. David.

    Drier temp for seed.

    I expect i have asked before, but what is max safe air/grain temp for seed crop please. Run Mecmar at 98*C air 47*C grain to dry to 14% usually.
  11. Green oak

    How far out is your moisture metre out this year.

    Mine went away to martin lishman for calibration. Come back .01% out on barley. Loaded a lorry at 5pm. The barley had been in the shed around a hour. Next day I get claims for 15.2% when everyone is cutting wheat at 14%. So I take my sample to the local store just to check. And they make 13%...
  12. G

    Guy Smith's response to FW article on AIC rules.

    What's he talking about. I don't get his argument. We say we want AIC to allow UK grain to have same intake requirements as imports. Guy is waffling on about government, neonics, and watering down RT rules to lowest common denominator is bad. We're not talking about lowering RT rules, we're...
  13. G

    Malting barley

    What price are you southerners getting for malting barley?
  14. G

    Fair play to FW for tackling AIC issue head on.

    AIC and RT still haven't explained why UK grain growers are prevented from supplying UFAS mills under similar terms to imports.
  15. andybk

    Iceberg diseases like MV and Cla , is it time we need industry action ?

    Have heard of serious issues regarding MV problems in flocks this autumn down here in the south from bought in ewe lambs/ 2t from north , and in traditional uk commercial female breeds as well as crossbred rams (im not blaming the northern female breeders its just where they all came from )...
  16. J

    Splendor spring barley malting or not

    Anyone know if splendor spring barley is wanted for malting? n 1.65 germ 99%
  17. daveydiesel1

    Roundup onto cuttin ground

    Going today to put roundup onto some ground were cuttin silage off was wonderin what was the quickest i can cut it after sprayin as dont want to wait til its startin to change colour
  18. Bossfarmer

    New combine cost

    Can anyone tell me roughly the new on farm price after negotiaion for a new mid-decent sized claas/nh combine say 25ft, ive not looked at shifting mine yet but i thought 250k would be about right now or could an ex demo be got for nearer 200?
  19. F

    Sustainable Farming Incentive Deadline Looming

    Is anyone actually going to apply for this as the time to do so is now very short? I put in an initial application, but on looking through all the details for what will be a relatively small area of land that is not in CS and is grassland only, the amount of information required and admin time...
  20. Clive

    N prices end UK milling wheat production?

    Given current N prices my calculations say milling wheat is no longer viable vs feed unless premiums increase significantly anyone else thinking similar ? will everyone grow more feed ?