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    Looking For New Permissions

    Looking for new permissions within the Greater Manchester & West Yorkshire area I offer a professional and free pest control service, helping to remove vermin discretely and quietly, usually using silenced air rifles. But I also have the disposal of ferrets and hawks, References from current...
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    Saddleworth Moor is on fire

    Saddleworth moor and the surrounding moorlands are currently on fire and have been for the last few days. They have just evacuated the first homes in Carrybrook, Stalybridge, as the fire is starting to reach some residential areas. The fire fighters are struggling to get it under control due to...
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    David Brown Museum - Other Attractions?

    Hello Guys, Heading over to Huddersfield the weekend of the 23rd September to the David Brown Tractor Club open day. Will have two days outside of this to see engineering/building attractions and Tractor/Machinery Dealers within 100 miles or so. What do you guys recommend? Any big breakers or...