1. Suckndiesel

    Borehole water sample

    Got a borehole sample taken and showing slightly high ph, manganese and iron, will it be fine for cattle to drink without causing problems or would it need treated?
  2. PSQ

    Univoq / Iconiq drip stop issues?

    Anyone having issues with drip stop valve rubbers failing when spraying Corteva’s Univoq, Iconiq or similar? Seems to a bit of an issue among sprayer drivers having widespread DSV failure on FB.
  3. T

    How to boost direct drilled spring barley

    I’ve got a problem with some spring barley drilled with a 750 into spring wheat stubble on March 30th. The barley has no go in it, it’s all got spindly leaves and no tillers and despite an 85% establishment it still hasn’t covered between the rows after emerging about a month ago. I’m not sure...
  4. casemx 270

    Micro nutrients

    Working on the basis that a healthy crop is the best way forward I hear of people using mirco nutrients on their crops thinking mainly of wheat and osr what products do you use and can you actually see a difference between treated and non treated to justify the application ? Currently we do use...
  5. Sir loin

    Can you have too much clover in a ley?

    This is year 2 of a five year cutting/grazing ley. The clover seems to have taken off this year, but can you have too much clover for first cut haylage?
  6. will_mck

    Phosphate problems

    Hello, Spring Barley drilled one month ago, p&k indexes are 3. Got alot of wet weather 2 weeks after it was sown. I didn't put compound fertiliser on as I intended to try 3000 gallon of pigs slurry instead, which it got a week ago. This has been a bit of an 'experiment' this year which doesn't...
  7. Laggard

    Plant ID

    What plant is this please?
  8. Farmdeals

    Special Offer

    Special offer at Farmdeals Organic cattle - Minerals Bucket + 10% Seaweed - 10*100kg bucket: Protein, Ash, Sugars, Calcium, Phosphorous, Magnesium, Sodium Seaweed meal, Manganese, Zinc, Cobalt, Iodine, Selenium & Copper Do not feed to other animals 100kg bucket pack size, pallet weight 1t...
  9. W

    T1 winter wheat

    What are people using and when are you starting
  10. B

    12 months grass weed attack

    Like many others were thinking of reducing crops we plant for harvest 23. Our idea is to spend what we’d normally do on fertiliser and then plant less acres leaving our grass weed fields fallow for 12 months. If we did this we think that multiple chits and burn off would be the best plan of...
  11. R

    Sprayer tank cleaning between crops

    If you've been spraying su herbicides on cereals, then want to spray sugar beet. I use a tank cleaner such as All clear / tank cleaner Usually with the rinsings I have a stubble field which I would opt to spray on. If not, does All clear / tank cleaner have any effect spraying back onto...
  12. Farmdeals

    5 IBCs of 15% Foliar Manganese Available - £695 delivered Product details Highly compatible with most pesticides Reduced risk of crop scorch Effective on all soils Readily soluble Foliar Manganese fertiliser Delivered in non-returnable 1000litre IBCs Manganese 15 is a manganese concentrate for foliar...
  13. Agriland RSS

    Winter barley – it’s time to get moving on plant nutrition

    Written by Richard Halleron from Agriland April is the month when winter barley crops develop the fastest and the demand for plant nutrition is at its highest. Depending on the total amount of nitrogen (N) to be used, growers should make sure that they apply the last split before Growth Stage...
  14. Bigjon44

    Winter wheat

  15. bobk

    Which fungs for Septoria , T1 and T2

    Now Epoxi has joined CTL in the bin
  16. W

    Ibc adapters

    Any cute solutions for getting stuff out of ibc’s easily without wasteage? Got some with 2 inch openings. There’s an on/off tap and a screw on cover. In my experience these taps tend to leak once opened the first time. Anybody seen screw on adapters with secondry taps? Or any other methods...
  17. A

    T0 thoughts septoria control 2022

    What are peoples thoughts on what to use for septoria control at t0 this year? Didn't do a t0 for septoria last year, only teb on yellow rust susceptible varieties, but had too much septoria in may/june for my liking. What is there? Folpet? Can you get mancozeb this year? Triazole for the...
  18. Agriland RSS

    Nutritional requirements of maize crops

    Written by Richard Halleron from Agriland April is fast approaching, and with it the maize-sowing season, making now onwards a good time to create a planting plan. With this is mind, Agriland is looking at the properties that the crop needs to thrive, beyond the basics of good soil structure...
  19. Farmdeals

    15% Foliar Manganese available at Farmdeals

    15% Foliar Manganese available at Highly compatible with most pesticides Reduced risk of crop scorch Effective on all soils Readily soluble Foliar Manganese fertiliser Delivered in non-returnable 1000 litre IBCs Manganese 15 is a manganese concentrate for foliar application &...
  20. O

    High pH.

    We have tested our soils, all are high pH, high magnesium, low sulphur and manganese. Is there any product that could be used and make our 3 and 4 index P&k more available. All fields are temporary and permanent grass.