1. Bigjon44

    Winter beans

    Anyone's beans come through the ground yet??!! Planted ours back at start of November and still not showing!
  2. B

    Red clover silage for cattle

    Got offered some red clover silage just wanted to know if there is any issues for cattle like there is with sheep.
  3. A

    The benefit of rolling

    Got rained off when rolling a field of newly drilled winter wheat and it never got finished. Took this 3 weeks later slugs have hammered it where it hadn’t been rolled. Won’t make that mistake again!
  4. Spudley

    hypochlorite in well water?

    We've been having intermittent bactoscan issues and are pretty sure the well water we're using to wash the parlour isn't clean enough despite having a UV filter on it. The place we had the water tested recomended putting hypochlorite into the water through a dosatron but very helpfully didn't...
  5. T

    Fruit Growers

    Hi all We planted an orchard a few years ago (North Yorkshire), have about 500 trees on some of our land, about 35 heritage varieties on MM106 rootstock. We are maybe 2 years from getting a good crop and our plan is to sell organic juice. Are there any members on here growing Apples? If so...
  6. C

    Landy drain jetter-how do you rate it?

    I have read all previous threads on this-just wondered if there were many more up-to-date comments. Have used normal low vol/high flow reel jetters, and industrial lower flow/high pressure on farms. Both do the job. Our problem is we are all herringbone systems, so we can only do the...
  7. EcoStim Limited

    Reduce your Fertiliser Costs by 20%

    One of the key aspects of using the EcoStim range of Biostimulants is the ability to reduce the use of fertilisers (up to 40%), in next Fridays (12 Nov) EcoStim Webinar on EcoCereal one of the things we'll look at will be the Cost Benefit of using EcoCereal. To join us book your (free) ticket...
  8. S

    Foliar nitrogen feeds

    Anybody used these before, Agri have one and 20litres/ha is 40kg/ha. Equivalent to around £400/ton fert price..
  9. U

    Yellow patches in winter barley

    Question from a dairy farmer for you corn men WB drilled 10th sept after plough & combination into cracking seed bed Very quick & even germination. Reasonable amount of rain since but ground still "sound" Last couple of weeks sporadic patches of yellow appearing. Probably worse at ends. What...
  10. Direct Driller Magazine

    A deeper insight into soil - gamma ray spectroscopy

    Over the last two years there has been an evolution in the way that soil nutrient mapping is carried out. This has been driven by the launch of TerraMap by Hutchinsons in 2019. Terramap came at the perfect timing for farmers looking for that next level of accuracy in understanding their soils in...
  11. Norfolk Hill Farmer

    Why are crops usually better along the line of removed hedgerows decades later ?

    As per title, often see it in fields decades after the hedge was removed.
  12. kiwi pom

    Crop Failure

    Just watched a YouTube video of Mike Mitchell in Canada starting his harvest. The drought has meant there's virtually no crop but he's out there with the combines trying to collect up enough lentils for some seed to plant next season. It sounds like its not a rare event either. Got me wondering...
  13. tr250

    Csfb in turnips

    Apologies if this is wrong section but thought cropping would get a better response. I drilled some turnip/forage rape mix direct into sprayed off pasture. Made sure I told him the risks with csfb. Anyway got a phone call asking my advice on weather he should spray for csfb I told him it would...
  14. C

    Wheat expectations?

    What are everyone's thoughts then? Heard 'massive' on a different thread from south of us. May just be us, but mid/later season wheats(altitude or drill date/variety) hit by cool & wet at flowering-michodochium 15-20% florets on some ears, despite very robust (+PTZ) head spray. Earlier...
  15. S

    Biostimulant Seed Treatments

    Hello all, Now this may be a cat among the pigeons post but looking ahead and having used SP seed dressings for many years now for our seed treatments for wheat and following on from discussions with the agronomist and Soil chap I wondered whether anyone has used and seen any noticeable benefit...
  16. Farmdeals

    Farmdeals is the buying group for all farmers

    We have started a buying group for TFF members and readers so we can group together and get deals. It does not matter if you are in another buying group already - this one is free to join and has zero commitments. If the traditional buying groups were too expensive or restrictive for the way...
  17. DairyGrazing

    Maize fertiliser plan.

    How are people doing with their maize fertiliser? Type timing and total please. Have done it differently the last few years due to circumstance not plan. Always drill 25 units with the seed but have been an additional 25-75 units either trop dressing at 18 inches high or working it into the...
  18. Bigjon44


    Anyone warrant doing a T3 this year? Growing skyfall and is a bit of yellow rust around so may do a cheapo one involving Tebuconazole
  19. An Gof

    Epso Bortop

    Been having some tissue tests done and it seems we are coming up short on Boron. Anyone on here using Epso BorTop? Might be an easy step for me to replace the planned EpsoTop with BorTop. Anyone any practical experience on their crops and have an idea of the price please.
  20. ridger

    Potato crop 2021

    How's everyone getting on? Finally finished planting here, last night was cold once more and earlies still aren't through the ground.