1. teslacoils

    Spring ryegrass herbicide options

    I dont really pay much attention to ryegrass herbicides but will need some for this wheat after stewardship. Best option for ryegrass, ideally not Atlantis style, and what conditions and timings? Wheat had 0.6 liberator plus avadex preem. Do any of the mixes do blws too or better options for...
  2. S

    Trace elements/snake oil/biologics/N Inhibitors etc etc

    It's that time of year again, soon be time to start splashing about miniscule amounts of trace elements in the hope of hitting top yields. Over the last few years I've moved to using Combitop (Mn,S,Mg,Zn) on all the cereals, usually using 5kg/Ha in each pass which costs about £10-£13/ha...
  3. Farm Business RSS

    New KWS maize seed service

    Written by John Swire Maize growers are being offered a 50% discount towards the cost of re-sowing any Initio Bird Protect-treated KWS seed variety damaged by bird predation or frost in the 2021 sowing season. The leading seed breeding company has launched the service to underline its...
  4. Jerry

    State of your crops?

    Given the late drilling date and the amount of rain that’s gone on them I’m pleasantly pleased with the state of my crops. I do have two small fields that are below par but most are looking well. How are others looking? Wheat and barley below, no rape this year but locally it looks well.
  5. Sam myers

    Winter barley costings start to finish

    Good morning everybody, Currently looking for advice and anything anybody has to offer will be greatly appreciated! I’m currently a store cattle farmer with mixed arable and grass land but I’m looking to expand so I’m thinking about taking out some of our grasses and putting more winter barley...
  6. C

    Stopping rock / limescale in water heater: water softener?

    Mains water round here is from chalk source, so every year or two the hot water heater elements go, and have to get the rock out. Had over a wheelbarrow out of the 100 gallon heater! Now got grant for heat recovery system so worried about that rocking up too... Anybody use a water softener...
  7. Overby

    Borehole installation

    Anyone got any recommendations for a company to drill / install a borehole in The North East? Loads of companies about and I've had some wild variance on quotes. We know there's water here as there's an old, filled in well so looking for someone to redrill, and install pumps, pipework etc...
  8. Lucy @ Farm Marketplace

    5% off IBC Trace Elements on Farm Marketplace

    Latest promotion on Farm Marketplace is 5% off IBCs of Trace Elements. Offer valid on Manganese, Magnesium and Boron. See all offers here: Use discount code: IBC at checkout. Save an extra 5% off these prices:
  9. Lucy @ Farm Marketplace

    New Foliar Nutrients from Badger Nutrition

    Badger Crop Nutrition have added a number of products to Farm Marketplace. ZM Grow - Using unique technology developed by Tracegrow in Finland, Manganese and Zinc are extracted from used alkaline batteries and processed into premium-standard 100% Sulphate based liquid foliar fertiliser...
  10. Chris F

    Vegan Smoothie drink developed to counter malnutrition

    Saw this on Twitter and has been endorsed by NHS. Developed as vegans don’t drink milk and therefore miss out on some key nutrients. made with Mango, Sugar, Palm Oil and Soya. And they say milk is not sustainable!
  11. WRXppp

    Anyone use Moddus on spring barley?

    As the title says, has it been a success, pro’s and con’s please, I seem to always get lot’s of brackeling and a degree of root lodging.
  12. F

    Availability of Magnesium in FYM?

    Updating an RB209 here, section 3, P18 states if Mg is an indices 0 or 1 to top up with 50-100 kg/Ha MgO, referring back to p17 of section 2 it does not give the availability in FYM like it does p and k, does anybody know a commonly accepted/agreed percentage figure?
  13. D

    MF30 Fat Wheels

    As above. We have 11/12.4 x 28 tyres on 9" rim width. I really need the fatter tyres but can't remember if these also need wider rims. Anyway, if anybody has got a set to sell, i'd be interested.
  14. phr49

    Beet yields 2020

    How are we finding early yields did see some optimism on FWI site saying yields better than anticipated ........?!BS predicting 10-15% reduction in yields as an average . Had a colleague lift a fair tonnage Norfolk way with a disappointing 18 t acre adjusted . Not looking forward to lifting...
  15. Direct Driller Magazine

    Is Magnesium the Missing Link?

    Compelling reasons to take a good look at Mg levels in your soils and methods of raising them Written by Jon Williams from The result of over 700 detailed soil samples in West Wales has consistently shown a shortage of magnesium with 70 per cent of the soils depleted on...
  16. Chae1

    Sprayer problem.

    Went to spray off some barley for a neighbour snapper glyphosate, chaperone wetter. Used that mix for him several times already without problems. Yesterday started, most of nozzles blocked. Went home took them off unblocked them all and went to start again. Same again, most blocked within...
  17. D

    Farming from March to September Only

    We are thinking of giving this a try. Nothing but spring combinable crops. Alright we won’t make a fortune but might have less of a bad time all round and we can work off farm for a 6 months clear run. Change is as good as a rest and all that. At the moment the year just seems to drag on from...
  18. cowboysupper

    Variable rate lime

    We got some VR maps back this week for lime applications this autumn prior to drilling hybrid rye. A couple of fields missed getting lime last autumn due to poor weather conditions and as a result have an increased requirement this year. We've a few fields where sections require 3.5t/acre -...
  19. ZXR17

    Vibrance duo

    Anyone using it and getting results , good or bad ?
  20. Farmer-George

    Growing grain rye.

    Has anyone here grown rye for grain? Have been offered a buyback contract for feed rye that caught my attention. What is the yield like?