1. C

    Daily Checks / Maintenance Recording

    We are looking to improve our recording of machinery checks and maintenance. Does anyone have any experience/views on the available apps, such as MeritAgCheck or SmartFarmer? The later appears to be quite expensive.. Does anyone have any other systems they would recommend?
  2. CPM RSS

    Carbon farming – Measure, monitor, manage

    Written by cpm Download PDF As the importance of carbon accounting begins to come to light, Hutchinsons has unveiled a new service to help growers glean more accurate baseline measurements. CPM joined the recent launch event to find out more. The pressure to manage carbon is only going to...
  3. JohnGalway

    Drained peatland GHG emissions source

    I'm looking for specific information on GHG's emitted by drained peatlands. Namely, if a piece of peatland is, or has been in the past, drained where on the site do the emissions come from exactly. Are they mostly coming from open drains/ditches, and/or is it a result of general effect of the...
  4. P

    Access to home via farm track

    Hello all, new to the site. Hoping someone must have experienced this issue before and offer some advice. Access to our home is through a farm and along the farm's track. We are at the very end of the track. The track is only used by us, the farm (occasionally) and the shepherds who rent the...
  5. Agriland RSS

    North West floods: Applications for payments to open in August

    Written by Rachel Martin A long-awaited support package for farmers in the North West affected by floods in 2017 will open for applications in August 2021. However, one of the caveats have been met with concern, as only farmers who made a Force Majeure application at the time will be...
  6. Ruminant Health & Welfare

    Ruminant Health & Welfare identifies priority areas

    Ruminant Health & Welfare has announced four key areas it will be working on over the next two years to help improve cattle and sheep production in the UK. These are: Priority diseases and syndromes, high impact/low prevalence diseases, welfare opportunities and future farming systems. The...
  7. Ruminant Health & Welfare

    Identify ruminant disease to tackle health challenges

    The newly formed UK wide group Ruminant Health & Welfare (RH&W) has launched a survey to identify disease priorities across the ruminant sectors and inform efforts to tackle health challenges eroding performance and welfare on farms. RH&W has been formed from industry and government...
  8. Ruminant Health & Welfare

    Further appointees to new Ruminant Health and Welfare Group announced

    Two further leadership appointments have been made to the newly formed UK-wide Ruminant Health and Welfare Group (RHWG): Caroline Slay in the role of secretary general, and Gwyn Jones as the new vice chair. They join Berwickshire farmer and qualified vet Nigel Miller, who was appointed chair on...
  9. Direct Driller Magazine

    How to Create the most Effective Soil Sampling Program

    With harvest either underway or on the horizon for most growers in the U.S., now is a good time to prepare for your soil sampling program. Most universities and the NRCS recommend taking soil samples in the off-season, after the last crop harvest, and before the next cash crop is planted...
  10. Agriland RSS

    Househam sprayer operators to ‘travel in Claas’

    Written by Justin Roberts Househam, the UK based manufacturer of self-propelled sprayers, is to equip its mid-range machines with the X10 cab from Claas. This will be used on the Air-Ride and Harrier models, the former offering a tank capacity up to 4,000L while the latter can carry a...
  11. G

    Should AHDB charge a levy on imported grain?

    Was suggested earlier today in another thread. Thoughts?
  12. Agriland RSS

    Effective parasite control crucial for a successful grazing season

    Written by William Kellett As cattle are turned out to grass, farmers are being reminded of the crucial importance of an effective parasite control strategy. Matt Colston, Elanco ruminant technical consultant, explains that there are four key parasites beef and dairy producers should be...
  13. H

    Greenstar Flagging

    Hi guys, I’m running Greenstar 3 on an auxiliary monitor in a JD9560R and have been trying to flag rocks while seeding. I brought up the flag button and set it up in the mapping menu and it all works fine (point flagging). But I recall from harvesting last year that when you get closer to a flag...
  14. SIABOD50

    bps small error

    Made a small error on bps, omitted to enter land use code for wfo1, for an area of 0.0013 ha. Got a letter telling me I'd made error fill in form to correct. Was it really worth the effort ,postage time . ?????
  15. Agriland RSS

    Fluke-mapping research has the potential to revolutionise treatment

    Written by Rachel Martin Research underway at Aberystwyth University has the potential to revolutionise fluke control by reducing dependence on anthelmintic drugs. The two-year project hopes to use traces of DNA left in the environment by snails (known as eDNA or environmental DNA) to map the...
  16. C

    Adding fresh fields

    Cannot see how you add fresh fields online...can see all my land got everything in place but how do you add extra fields ...dont wish to have to use an agent Anyone any ideas..Thanks
  17. Banana Bar

    Field Track

    Just been told about this software. It does look very basic compared to Gatekeeper but GK is becoming very expensive. Does it allow different contract business or field groups to be allocated variable inputs in order to be invoiced? What is the mapping like? Is data entry as easy as suggested...
  18. Hutchinsons News

    TerraMap Carbon - the UK's first Carbon Mapping Service now available

    TerraMap Carbon - the UK's first Carbon Mapping Service now available Hutchinsons launches TerraMap Carbon the first ever carbon mapping service to provide the most accurate baseline measurement of both organic and active carbon in the soil and is now available to UK farmers. Despite growers...
  19. N

    Nitrogen on beans

    Anyone ever applied liquid N or N/Mg to beans to perk them up a bit? Look cold/pale/weevily.
  20. Farm Business RSS

    Terramap Carbon – the UK’s first Carbon Mapping Service now available

    Written by John Swire Hutchinsons launches Terramap Carbon the first ever carbon mapping service to provide the most accurate baseline measurement of both organic and active carbon in the soil and is now available to UK farmers. Despite growers coming under increasing pressure to look at...