1. SIABOD50

    bps small error

    Made a small error on bps, omitted to enter land use code for wfo1, for an area of 0.0013 ha. Got a letter telling me I'd made error fill in form to correct. Was it really worth the effort ,postage time . ?????
  2. Agriland RSS

    Fluke-mapping research has the potential to revolutionise treatment

    Written by Rachel Martin Research underway at Aberystwyth University has the potential to revolutionise fluke control by reducing dependence on anthelmintic drugs. The two-year project hopes to use traces of DNA left in the environment by snails (known as eDNA or environmental DNA) to map the...
  3. C

    Adding fresh fields

    Cannot see how you add fresh fields online...can see all my land got everything in place but how do you add extra fields ...dont wish to have to use an agent Anyone any ideas..Thanks
  4. Banana Bar

    Field Track

    Just been told about this software. It does look very basic compared to Gatekeeper but GK is becoming very expensive. Does it allow different contract business or field groups to be allocated variable inputs in order to be invoiced? What is the mapping like? Is data entry as easy as suggested...
  5. Hutchinsons News

    TerraMap Carbon - the UK's first Carbon Mapping Service now available

    TerraMap Carbon - the UK's first Carbon Mapping Service now available Hutchinsons launches TerraMap Carbon the first ever carbon mapping service to provide the most accurate baseline measurement of both organic and active carbon in the soil and is now available to UK farmers. Despite growers...
  6. N

    Nitrogen on beans

    Anyone ever applied liquid N or N/Mg to beans to perk them up a bit? Look cold/pale/weevily.
  7. Farm Business RSS

    Terramap Carbon – the UK’s first Carbon Mapping Service now available

    Written by John Swire Hutchinsons launches Terramap Carbon the first ever carbon mapping service to provide the most accurate baseline measurement of both organic and active carbon in the soil and is now available to UK farmers. Despite growers coming under increasing pressure to look at...
  8. Macsky

    Lifting pH without lime?

    Can soil pH be lifted by cultural methods, without the addition of lime or the likes? Drainage? Cultivation?...
  9. T

    BPS Q’S

    Hi two quick BPS questions. 1. do we leave hedges/buffer etc on our claim form or delete them? 2. I get field names when I print out my form but how can I edit them as never see them online? ( using iPhone to make claim if this makes any difference) Thanks
  10. Massey 6470

    Trimble GFX 750

    I’m led to believe that the round pin on the back of the 750 will do external switch coverage mapping, GPS speed output and rs 232 port/ nmea output. Can anyone verify this and point me in the direction of the cable required
  11. Highland Mule

    Largest land parcel?

    Just for fun, I've been playing with the BPS mapping feature and found a land parcel of 11,490.80ha, located at NH/23402/38786. I'm sure that there are larger, so what's the biggest one in the UK? By my reckoning, that one is worth over £100k on its own, plus LFA as an extra. Edit - parcel...
  12. Cowabunga

    The squeeze on milk and meat continues...

    From today. Radical new climate change commitments will set the UK on course to cut carbon emissions by 78% by 2035, Boris Johnson will announce this week. Hitting the targets would require more electric cars, low-carbon heating, renewable...
  13. DairyGrazing

    Fertiliser record spread sheet or program

    Does anyone have something for recording fertiliser and slurry applications that produces a running total?
  14. Romeogolf

    Claas arion 650 disappointing performance

    I took my new low loader and excavator on a trip today which was within, but close, to the legal limit. I found that the weight didn’t boss the tractor, but the performance on hills was dreadful. I haven’t done much heavy hauling with it, but couldn’t believe how gutless it was, down to 12k on...
  15. solo

    Suspicious Drone.

    Just had a suspicious car down the private farm drive full of Asians. Turns round outside the house and proceeds to drives back out again. Didn’t manage to get the number plate,, but noticed a drone hovering about head height 15’ from the house window. Followed on foot but lost it. Couldn’t see...
  16. M

    Lump Sum Exit Scheme

    With the consultation due out on the exit scheme next week, is anyone interested in taking this payment and what would it need to be to incentivise you?
  17. Bald Rick

    Boat Race, Great Ouse, Cambridgeshire

    Just been watching the women’s race .. Very flat, pretty boring and wet looking albeit likely fertile And respect to the man watching off the roof of his combine.
  18. Hutchinsons News

    Omnia management system of choice for award-winning farmer

    Omnia management system of choice for award-winning farmer For award-winning Worcestershire arable farmer Jonathan Boaz using farmyard manure to improve organic matter in his soils is key. Mr Boaz won the 2016 British Farming Innovator of the Year award. Farming a total of 243ha, soils...
  19. J

    Drone software/tech for crop inspection

    Hi, Does anyone have any experience with drones for mapping and inspecting crops on a large scale. Any good software or companies to look at? cheers
  20. jonnieboy

    Mapping Drainage runs with X30

    Is this possible I'm running N trip RTK I would like to drive over a new drain mapping the distance and junctions then export to gatekeeper has anyone done this. Cant seem to get trace onto GK whereas it comes in fine from the claas combine ? Is it because I'm importing as shape files rather...