1. Quaddog


    Just had a lovely letter from the RPA saying that they have finished their checks for 2017 and 2018 and I have to pay back almost £1000. No details, just that they overpaid me. Even when the money is in the bank it’s not always yours.
  2. G

    England's first wild beavers for 400 years allowed to live on River Otter
  3. CPM RSS

    Slug management – Trap and map

    Written by cpm Download PDF While oilseed rape crops are more than likely to be besieged by ‘the beetle’, given the right conditions slugs can be just as dangerous during establishment. CPM looks at balancing risk with IPM. Nobody wants prophylactic applications of molluscicides. By Lucy de la...
  4. G

    Claas Yield Mapping to Memory Card

    Hi, I bought a generic CF memory card in the hope to do some yield mapping this year but the combine isn't recognising it. I'm pretty sure this is because it needs the correct structure of folders in place first. Would anybody with a working setup mind posting on here what the folder names...
  5. F

    "Three crop rule" removed for 2021 BPS year I assume that means planting from this autumn onwards does not need to follow the three crop rule? Or does it need to be in place until the 2020 BPS has been paid (i.e. December)? Either way, a...
  6. Deepseaman

    6930 / 6630 / 6430

    Ok advice sought . Looking at second hand tractor for us . Will mostly do hay and silage work , but needs to be versatile and will have a loader . We would like the option to put a combi baler behind it later ( if we can afford one ) also be able to run our conventional baler if required. A lot...
  7. B

    John deere brown box yield monitor

    I have one of these but seem to have managed to get the settings wrong (by fiddling with the buttons) and now can’t get back It used to show farm field yield and moisture on the ‚run‘ page ie whilst combining Now it just shows the speed And nothing else When i go into setup - runpages they are...
  8. Chae1

    Trailed sprayers stability?

    How stable are trailed sprayers? Particularly Chafers. Currently running a demount and have managed everything with it. Tank sits up pretty high behind cab on fastrac. Obviously plan loads so tank nearly empty when spraying across steep bits.
  9. Cmoran

    JD 6150r engine parts

    Hi I’m wondering where is the best place to buy an engine kit for my 6150r need 3 pistons and liners but probably easier buy full kit. Anyone know where it can be bought reasonably??TIA
  10. MX7

    Combine telematics???

    How much extra approximately is a telematics package on a combine? How do combine telematics pay for themselves??? :scratchhead: :scratchhead: How do they increase the bottom line enough to just the cost of the telematics option?
  11. C

    Farmers weekly yield reports 17t/ha wheat

    What a bunch of dicks
  12. R

    Help with 3 min videos, pppplllleeeeaasssse! (-: We are trying to help you.

    I am so sorry to be a pain but we at Regenerative Food & Farming are desperate for videos of regen farmers throughout the UK standing up and explaining what they are doing that's regenerative and how it is affecting the food, the environment and maybe your bottom line. We are customer facing...
  13. Phil P

    Land Tender and Entitlement value?

    I’m looking at putting a tender together for a 5 year FBT, it’s a decent size block of land but will need some tidying up in the first year. It’s a mixture of soil types grade 1-3 but after having a dig this morning I’d say predominantly grad 2, will be fine for what we grow If I’m successful...
  14. Hilly

    Variable rate

    Silly question but how does it work ?
  15. S


    Closed my eyes, crossed me fingers and sent €7000 (around £6300) to a Dutch bank account! This should get me a complete RTK retrofit autosteer setup and an L1/L2 base station to use across the farm with LoRa to avoid setting up Ntrip. It should also get me extra brackets and harnesses to move...
  16. TFF

    Your chance to help design ELMS

    Environmental Land Management - Defra Director answers Farming Forum members questions about the new scheme
  17. S

    Anyone using variable rate p and k through an amazone ultra profi s

    As title...any advice on whether it can....presume I need another box or new box.will ring amazone themselves but thought someone on here will know a bit maybe.
  18. unlacedgecko

    Broadcast Turnips in Standing Maize

    Is it possible? Anyone have any experience to share?
  19. D

    Can I end an email to a mobile phone number

    God I'm outdated. I don't have a mobile phone. Is it possible to send a text to a mobile phone number from my computer?
  20. Hutchinsons Updates

    Stand TerraMap & Omnia - Make the most of precision technology

    Welcome to the Omnia and TerraMap stand. The central idea behind Omnia was to create a platform which could host, manage and inform, rather than just store data, putting the user in control. As a result, we decided early on to adopt an open approach, developing Omnia to connect to other...